Distributed ledger powerpoint presentation slides

PowerPoint presentation slides

Presenting distributed ledger PowerPoint deck with slides. This deck is a set of 22 PowerPoint templates. Our PowerPoint professionals have incorporated appropriate diagrams, layouts, templates and icons related to the topic. The best part is that these templates are completely customizable. Edit the colour, text and icon as per your need. Click the download button below to get your hands-on distributed ledger PPT deck.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces Distributed Ledger. State Your Company Name and get started.
Slide 2: This slide presents Introduction for Distributed Ledger Technology with its definition showing- Customers, Underwriting, Mortgage, Providers, Legal services, Customers, International Bank, Internal Employees, Branch Site, ATM, Mobile Banking, Outsourced Service Providers, Services, 3rd Party Services, E-Banking, Corporate Clients, Business Treasury, Finance Deptt., Commercial, Finance, Payment Service Provider.
Slide 3: This slide presents Distributed Ledger divided into- Single Entity, Multiple Entities.
Slide 4: This slide showcases Working of a Distributed Ledger with the following points- Users Broadcast Their Transactions to Nodes, Consensus Protocol Used, Nodes Aggregate Validated Transactions Into Blocks, Users Initiate Transactions Using Their Digital Signatures, One or More Nodes Begin Validating Each Transaction, Nodes Broadcast Blocks to Each Other, Block Reflecting “True State” Is Chained to Prior Block.
Slide 5: This slide shows Use of Distributed Ledger such as- To Create Value or Issue Assets, To Record Those Transfers of Value or Ownership of Assets, To Transfer Value or the Ownership of Assets, To Allow Owners of Assets to Exercise Certain Rights Associated With Ownership, and to Record the Exercise of Those Rights, It can be used without a central authority by individuals or entities with no basis to trust each other.
Slide 6: This slide showcases Smart Contract showcasing- Business Rules Implied by the Contract Embedded in the Blockchain & Executed with the Transaction, Verifiable, Signed, Encoded in programming language.
Slide 7: This slide shows Privacy with the following points- Ledger is shared but participants require privacy, Transactions need to be authenticated, Cryptography central to these processes, Participants need: – Transactions to be private – Identity not linked to a transaction.
Slide 8: This slide presents Use Cases – Letter of Credit showcasing- Bank handling letters of credit(LOC) wants to offer them to a wider range of clients including startups, Currently constrained by costs & the time to execute, Blockchain provides common ledger for letters of credit, Allows bank and counter-parties to have the same validated record of transaction and fulfillment, Applicant, Beneficiary, Issuing Letter of Credit, Advising Letter of Credit, Presentation of documents, Advising Bank, BANK Document control, payment release, Document release, Letter of Credit Application, Sale Contract, Shipment, Presentation of documents, Increase speed of execution (less than 1 day), Vastly reduced cost, Increased Trust, Basic Letter of Credit Transactions, Issuing Bank.
Slide 9: This slide presents Use Case - Corporate Debt (or Bond) showcasing- Pay vendors quickly for transactions validated by the client, Allow the corporate client to see the payment is made, Provide government with oversight of the process, Blockchain provides a common ledger for recording the corporate debt/bond, Available to bank, corporate client, vendors & government, Speeds up vendor payments bigger net discounts, Eliminates risk and accelerates decision making, Owning bank can spread the cost across each market.
Slide 10: This slide shows Industrial Blockchain Benefits such as- Reduce Costs and Complexity, Trusted Recordkeeping, Improve Discoverability, Share Trusted Processes.
Slide 11: This slide presents Blockchain Limitations such as- Need High Performance (Millisecond) Transactions, Looking For a Database Replacement, Looking For a Messaging Solution, Looking For Transaction Processing Replacement, Small Organization (No Business Network).
Slide 12: This is a Distributed Ledger Icon Slide. Use them as per need.
Slide 13: This slide is titled Additional Slides to move forward. You can change the slide content as per need.
Slide 14: This is a Clustered Column graph slide. State specifications, comparison of products/entities here.
Slide 15: This is an Area Stacked graph slide. State specifications, comparison of products/entities here.
Slide 16: This is a Bubble Graph slide. State specifications, comparison of products/entities here.
Slide 17: This is a Clustered Bar graph slide. State specifications, comparison of products/entities here.
Slide 18: This is a Comparison slide in creative imagery of males and females. State comparison, specifications etc. here.
Slide 19: This is an Idea or Bulb image slide to show ideas, innovative information etc.
Slide 20: This is a Mind Map image slide to show segmentation, information, specifications etc.
Slide 21: This is a Venn diagram slide to show information, specifications etc.
Slide 22: This is a Thank You slide with Address# street number, city, state, Contact Numbers, Email Address.

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