0914 cirrhosis of the liver and normal liver structure medical images for powerpoint


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We are proud to present our 0914 cirrhosis of the liver and normal liver structure medical images for powerpoint. This medical image has been designed with graphic of human liver structure. This medical image contains the normal and cirrhosis affected liver due to high level alcoholism. In disease of Cirrhosis of the liver, progressive scarring fibrosis of the liver causes scar tissue to replace normal liver tissue. Use this image for medical presentations.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation


The image provides a comparative visualization between a healthy liver and one affected by cirrhosis. On the top left, there's an illustration of a normal liver with a deep red color, indicative of a healthy organ. Adjacent to it is a microscopic representation of the liver tissue, highlighting the organized structure of liver lobules with central veins and portal triads, which are essential for blood supply and bile production.

Below, the image contrasts this with a liver suffering from cirrhosis, depicted in a mottled yellow-brown color, signifying damage and disease. The corresponding microscopic view shows disorganized liver architecture with fibrous septa, which are bands of scar tissue resulting from long-term inflammation and injury. Also evident are fatty cells, associated with conditions like fatty liver disease, and areas of necrosis, where liver cells have died.

This educational graphic is useful for medical professionals to explain the pathophysiology of liver diseases to students or patients, emphasizing the impact of conditions like alcohol abuse, hepatitis, or fatty liver disease on liver structure and function.

Use Cases:

Educational visuals like this liver diagram are invaluable across various sectors, particularly where health education and patient care are involved.

1. Medical Education:

Use: Teaching students about liver anatomy and pathology

Presenter: Medical professors

Audience: Medical students, residents

2. Healthcare:

Use: Explaining liver conditions to patients

Presenter: Physicians, nurses

Audience: Patients, family members

3. Pharmaceuticals:

Use: Discussing drug effects on liver health

Presenter: Medical science liaisons, researchers

Audience: Healthcare professionals, sales teams

4. Biotechnology:

Use: Illustrating research findings in hepatology

Presenter: Research scientists

Audience: Investors, regulatory agencies

5. Public Health:

Use: Educating on liver disease prevention

Presenter: Health educators

Audience: General public, community groups

6. Health Insurance:

Use: Informing about coverages for liver diseases

Presenter: Insurance agents

Audience: Policyholders, brokers

7. Corporate Wellness Programs:

Use: Promoting liver health in the workplace

Presenter: Wellness coordinators

Audience: Employees, HR managers


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