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PowerPoint presentation slides

Enthrall your audience with this Retailing Strategies Powerpoint Presentation Slides. Increase your presentation threshold by deploying this well crafted template. It acts as a great communication tool due to its well researched content. It also contains stylized icons, graphics, visuals etc, which make it an immediate attention grabber. Comprising sixty seven slides, this complete deck is all you need to get noticed. All the slides and their content can be altered to suit your unique business setting. Not only that, other components and graphics can also be modified to add personal touches to this prefabricated set.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide displays title i.e. 'Retailing Strategies' and your Company Name.
Slide 2: This slide presents agenda.
Slide 3: This slide exhibits table of contents.
Slide 4: This slide shows title for first four topics to be covered in the template.
Slide 5: This slide covers an overview of revenue, gross profit net profit and earning per share of the company form FY 19 to FY 21.
Slide 6: This slide covers the five major milestones achieved by the company in last financial year’s.
Slide 7: This slide depicts title for next two topics.
Slide 8: This slide covers the Retail Market size was estimated at over USD 15 billion in 2016 and is predicted to grow at over 10% CAGR from 2017 to 2024.
Slide 9: This slide covers the market trends related to retail sector for convenience stores, etc.
Slide 10: This slide displays title for next three topics to be covered.
Slide 11: This slide covers the company details such as business introduction, mission, vision, etc.
Slide 12: This slide covers the product line of the company including product types, product names and series of the products.
Slide 13: This slide covers the challenges in retail management such as lack of space, changing customer lifestyle, etc.
Slide 14: This slide has covers the new retail start-up checklist which includes self assessment and business choice, etc.
Slide 15: This slide covers the types of retail stores, breadth and depth od assortment, price level and amount of customers services.
Slide 16: This slide presents title for next two topics to be covered.
Slide 17: This slide covers the business model including key partners, key activities, value proposition, etc.
Slide 18: This slide covers the market selection matrix which includes existing and new market forms such as market penetration, etc.
Slide 19: This slide shows the four retail markets type from where highlighted one is according to targeted market and products.
Slide 20: This slide exhibits title for next two topics.
Slide 21: This slide mentioned the criteria for that we have considered while targeting our market.
Slide 22: This slide covers target marketing strategies.
Slide 23: This slide shows title for next three topics to be covered.
Slide 24: This slide covers the analysis for retail store location such as market research, real estate planning, etc.
Slide 25: This slide covers the primary and secondary factors in different parameters that were kept in mind.
Slide 26: This slide signifies that a company can rate each site with a value from the range based on the costs and benefits.
Slide 27: This slide covers the retail location rating factors along with its weightage, score and, weighted score.
Slide 28: This slide depicts title for next four topics to be covered.
Slide 29: This slide covers the process of merchandising starting from understanding customer needs, identifying and sourcing, etc.
Slide 30: This slide covers the merchandising strategy such as placement of products in Z- pattern and horizontally.
Slide 31: This slide covers the visual merchandising strategies such as using catchy colours, creating focal point, etc.
Slide 32: This slide covers the classification of the merchandise at different levels based on consumer needs.
Slide 33: This slide highlights title for next three topics to be covered.
Slide 34: This slide covers the pricing strategy of the goods such as Price Skimming, odd even pricing, etc.
Slide 35: This slide covers the cost based pricing strategy of the products.
Slide 36: This slide covers the unified pricing effectiveness along the maturity level.
Slide 37: This slide displays title for next three topics.
Slide 38: This slide covers the retail store marketing and promotional strategies such as creating websites, etc.
Slide 39: This slide covers the instore marketing strategies such as free WIFI, upselling customers, experiential marketing, etc.
Slide 40: This slide covers the retail marketing strategies to make new customers through online mediums.
Slide 41: This slide presents title for next four topics to be covered in the template.
Slide 42: This slide covers the retail business organization chart where on the top there are stakeholders, etc.
Slide 43: This slide covers the retail store organization chart including controller, public manager, etc.
Slide 44: This slide covers the departmental store team flow starting from upper level which includes president, general manager, etc.
Slide 45: This slide covers the retail store management flow such as who will perform what activities.
Slide 46: This slide covers the division of retail activities among different departments such as floor staff, inventory department, etc.
Slide 47: This slide exhibits title for 'Financial Strategy'.
Slide 48: This slide covers the retailing financial strategies such as level of organization, outputs, inputs and productivity.
Slide 49: This slide shows title for next two topics to be covered.
Slide 50: This slide covers the distribution types such as exclusive distribution, intensive distribution and selective distribution.
Slide 51: This slide covers the relationship of the manufacturer wholesaler and retailer regarding the distribution of brands.
Slide 52: This slide depicts title for next two topics to be covered.
Slide 53: This slide covers the supply chain management system supporting information management system.
Slide 54: This slide covers the total cost to serving an omni-channel consumer which can be broken down into three parts.
Slide 55: This slide highlights title for next two topics to be covered.
Slide 56: This slide covers the framework customer relationship management in retailing including customer screening, etc.
Slide 57: This slide covers the dashboard for retail management with KPIs such as apparel purchase decision, etc.
Slide 58: This is the icons slide.
Slide 59: This slide presents title for additional slides.
Slide 60: This slide shows about your company, target audience and its client's values.
Slide 61: This slide presents your company's vision, mission and goals.
Slide 62: This slide depicts 30-60-90 days plan for projects.
Slide 63: This slide depicts posts for past experiences of clients.
Slide 64: This slide shows details of team members like name, designation, etc.
Slide 65: This slide exhibits yearly timeline.
Slide 66: This slide shows roadmap.
Slide 67: This is thank you slide & contains contact details of company like office address, phone no., etc.

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