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Presenting our Turkey maps flags landmarks monuments city and skyline deck PowerPoint template. This PPT layout holds a total of sixty-nine slides and each slide is accessible in standard as well as wide-screen formats. It is completely editable as per your requirements and preferences as well. You can use it with Microsoft Office, Google slides, and many other presentation software.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces Turkey Maps, Flags, Landmarks, Monuments, City & Skyline Deck.
Slide 2: This slide shows Table of Content for the presentation.
Slide 3: This slide presents Istanbul city skyline vector which is larger city in Turkey and the country's economic, cultural and historic center.
Slide 4: This slide covers skyline image of Istanbul city.
Slide 5: This slide displays Istanbul City Landmark Image of Sultan Ahmed Mosque.
Slide 6: This slide represents Istanbul city landmark vector Sultan Ahmed Mosque also known as Sultanahmet.
Slide 7: This slide shows Istanbul City Landmark Image of Anatolian Fortress.
Slide 8: This slide presents Istanbul Landmark Image of Dolmabahçe Palace.
Slide 9: This slide covers landmark vector of Dolmabahçe Palace which served as administrative centre during Ottoman empire.
Slide 10: This slide displays Galata neighborhood in Istanbul famous for Galata towers built by Genoese in 1348 AD at northern most part of city.
Slide 11: This slide represents Istanbul City Landmark Vector of Galata Tower.
Slide 12: This slide covers Hagia Sophia Holy Grand Mosque which was formerly known as Catholic Church and museum.
Slide 13: This slide presents Istanbul City Landmark Vector of Hagia Sophia.
Slide 14: This slide covers Obelisk of Theodosius a famous landmark in the Istanbul city.
Slide 15: This slide displays Istanbul Landmark Image of Taksim Square Republic Monument
Slide 16: This slide represents Istanbul landmark vector of Republic monument located at Taksim square.
Slide 17: This slide covers Topkapi Palace landmark, former administrative center of Ottoman empire and now converted to museum
Slide 18: This slide presents Istanbul Landmark Vector of Topkapi Palace.
Slide 19: This slide shows Istanbul City Landmark Image of Büyük Mecidiye Mosque.
Slide 20: This slide displays Büyük Mecidiye Mosque also known as Ortaköy MosqueLandmark Vector of Istanbul city.
Slide 21: This slide represents Maiden’s tower at Istanbul city also known as Leander's Tower built in 1725 AD with height of 18 meter.
Slide 22: This slide shows Istanbul Landmark Image of Çamlıca Mosque.
Slide 23: This slide presents Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque landmark image at Republic of Istanbul designed in neoclassical style.
Slide 24: This slide shows Istanbul City Landmark Vector of Martyr's Brider.
Slide 25: This slide displays landmark vector of Rumeli castle also known as Boğazkesen Castle in Istanbul city.
Slide 26: This template represents skyline vector of capital of Turkey Ankara city.
Slide 27: This slide covers landmark image of Ankara city mausoleum of former leader of Turkey named Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.
Slide 28: This slide presents landmark vector of Anitkabir which resting place for founding leader of Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. ‘
Slide 29: This template covers Ankara castle for fortification of city built in 8th century BC by Phrygians and rebuilt in 278 BC by Galatians.
Slide 30: This slide displays Atakule Tower Landmark Image of Ankara City.
Slide 31: This slide represents Atakule tower landmark vector which is 125 meter high communication and observational tower in Ankara city.
Slide 32: This slide shows Kocatepe Mosque Landmark Image of Ankara City.
Slide 33: This slide presents Kocatepe Mosque Landmark Vector of Ankara.
Slide 34: This slide shows Ankara City Landmark Vector of Haci Bayram Mosque.
Slide 35: This slide displays skyline vector of Izmir city known for contemporary culture located on Turkey’s Aegean coast.
Slide 36: This slide represents landmark image of a historic clock tower located at the Konak Square in the Konak district of İzmir.
Slide 37: This slide covers Izmir city clock tower landmark vector built in 1901 and renovated in 1928 AD.
Slide 38: This slide presents skyline of lone of argest city in northwest Turkey named Bursa.
Slide 39: This slide covers skyline vector of Adana city, situated on the Seyhan River.
Slide 40: This slide displays Adana City Landmark Image of Taş Köprü.
Slide 41: This slide represents Adana City Landmark Image of Sabanci Merkez Camii.
Slide 42: This slide shows Adana city landmark image of railway station build in 1912 located in Istasyon square.
Slide 43: This slide presents skyline vector of Gaziantep city informally known as Antep in Southeastern Anatolla
Slide 44: This slide covers landmark image of Gaziantep castle built during 2nd to 3rd century by Roman empire.
Slide 45: This slide displays skyline vector of Konya city located at southern west edge of central Analtolian Plateau and is famous for largest fresh water lake in Turkey.
Slide 46: This slide represents Konya City Landmark Image of Mevlana Museum.
Slide 47: This slide covers Selimiye mosque for Sunni Islam followers built in 1558 AD by Selim II and located in business center of city
Slide 48: This slide presents of Antalya city settled around 200 BC during Attalid dynasty located in Mediterranean region.
Slide 49: This slide covers skyline image of Antalya city located on turquoise coast and built in 130 AD to honor Roman emperor.
Slide 50: This slide displays Antalya Landmark Vector of Saat Kulesi Clock Tower.
Slide 51: This slide represents Hadrian Castle Gate Landmark Vector of Antalya City.
Slide 52: This slide shows Skyline Vector of Kayseri City.
Slide 53: This slide presents Antalya city landmark vector of Hunat Hatun Mosque built during 1228-1237 AD
Slide 54: This slide covers skyline vector of Diyarbakir city located in southern eastern Anatolia region near Tigris river
Slide 55: This slide displays Great Mosque of Diyarbakir built by Sultan Malik Shah I in 1092 AD over a old Mosque
Slide 56: This template represents landmark image of Dicle bridge completed in 1065 AD with total length of 178 meter
Slide 57: This template cover skyline vector of Denizli city located in alluvial valley near river Büyük Menderes.
Slide 58: This slide presents the ancient city of Laodicea also known as Laodicea on the Lycus located in Denizli city built in 3rd century BC
Slide 59: This slide shows Denizli Landmark Image Hierapolis Ancient Theatre.
Slide 60: This slide displays skyline vector of Sanliurfa city also known as Urfa city and land of prophets.
Slide 61: This slide represents Balıklıgöl lake which is known as pool of Abraham located in southwest of Sanliurfa city
Slide 62: This slide shows vector of Malatya city located in eastern Anatolia region.
Slide 63: This slide presents skyline vector of Van city located at eastern Anatolia and been inhabited from 5000 BC.
Slide 64: This slide shows Van City Landmark Image of Ahlat Bitlis.
Slide 65: This slide displays Hosap castle built in 1643 AD by Sarı Süleyman Bey chief of Kurdish Mahmudi tribe
Slide 66: This slide represents famous landmark sites of Republic of Turkey.
Slide 67: This slide shows Republic of Turkey National Flag.
Slide 68: This template presents Turkey map with details of provinces and cities with population density in millions
Slide 69: This is a Thank You slide with address, contact numbers and email address.

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