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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1

This slide showcases the definition of virtual meeting. It also provides information about the purpose of online meeting in business communication.

Slide 2

This slide illustrates the importance of the virtual meeting, such as improved communication ability, efficient interaction between participants, easy access for stakeholders, increased inclusion, and lower travel expenses.

Instructor’s Notes:

The significance of online meeting are as follows:

  • Improved Communication Ability:
    • A virtual meeting is an effective communication tool for businesses as they provide a reliable platform to communicate
    • An employee's business presentation can be shared across the globe, increasing the reach of businesses
  • Efficient Interaction between Participants:
    • All participants attending the virtual meeting can interact, which might not be achievable in physical sessions where some individuals dominate or hog the limelight
  • Easy Access for Stakeholders:
    • The virtual meetings made it easier to assemble all the stakeholders digitally as everyone can attend these meetings with comfort and convenience
  • Increased Inclusion:
    • The online meeting provides an opportunity for everyone to present their viewpoints resulting in enhanced inclusivity in discussions
  • Lower Travel Expenses:
    • Online meeting results in cost saving as travel expenses such as airline tickets, hotel accommodation, and food are lower and can be used in business activities

Slide 3

The purpose of this slide is to highlight major statistics of online business communication across the globe.

Slide 4

This slide illustrates major statistics for the online meeting signifying their importance in business communication.

Slide 5

This slide visually compares the usage of multiple online business meeting software.

Instructor’s Notes:

  • The graph shows the usage of online communication services of different companies around the world in 2021
  • Zoom is the most preferred tool for online communication, followed by Microsoft teams and Skype

Slide 6

The slide illustrates the pros and cons of online meetings in business communication. The multiple pros highlighted are low cost, shorter sessions, flexibility, easy documents sharing, not location-specific. The various cons listed are lower dynamism, technical challenges, limited personal interaction, communication issues, and different time zones.

Instructor’s Notes:

The multiple pros of online meeting are as follows:

  • Low Cost:
    • Online meeting helps reduce travel cost such as hotel bookings, air ticket expenses, car rental expenses, etc.
  • Shorter Sessions:
    • In a virtual meeting, sessions are shorter and end immediately as soon as the discussion is over so that the team members can get back to work
  • Flexibility:
    • Online meetings are flexible as they can be conducted from any place at any time. One can drop in and out of the meeting at will, without any hindrance
  • Ease of Sharing Documents:
    • In an online meeting, participants can see the required documents on their computer screen with a few clicks
  • Not Location Specific:
    • The best thing about the online meeting is that it can be conducted from anywhere globally, whether it’s Tokyo or Toronto, Melbourne or Manilla, or even sitting at home. Also, employees can join the meeting from any place without changing their schedules and location

The multiple cons of online meetings are as follows:

  • Lower Dynamism: 
    • It is challenging to keep track of every team member during online meetings, whether they are paying full attention to the discussion or not. There will always be just one person talking to the entire group, and the conversation becomes less productive if every member is not contributing
  • Technical Difficulties:
    • Even if a digital workspace is set up just for meeting purposes, there is always the possibility of technical errors such as display issues, connectivity issues, audio problems, etc.
  • Limited Personal Interaction:
    • Online meetings provide limited personal interaction due to lack of human touch
  • Communication Issues:
    • Noise disturbance and internet glitches can disturb the communication flow in online meetings
  • Time Zones Complexity:
    • People worldwide work remotely, so it is difficult to manage virtual meetings in different time zones as per each participants’ time preferences

Slide 7

The slide provides information regarding major communication software used in online meetings such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet, and Cisco WebEx.

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