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An Ultimate Guide to Effective B2B Marketing Strategies
Deepali Khatri

Deepali Khatri

March 28 2023
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As a business owner, one of your main goals is to grow your company.


How do you grow?


The best way to increase your revenue and get more customers is through marketing.


Marketing is one of the most effective ways for small businesses to attract more people and create new partnerships with brands.


Without a marketing campaign, you can end up being left behind as technology continues to evolve and change.


Business owners today face many challenges when it comes to B2B marketing strategies.


The entire process of bringing a new product or service to market, educating clients and gaining their trust is full of uncertainties that require great deal of effort and investment in human resources and time.


Before diving deep, let’s first understand what is B2B Marketing and B2B Marketing Strategies?


Business to business marketing refers to marketing your products and services to other businesses and organizations rather than just targeting it to consumers.  


So, is there any difference in marketing your product to a business and a consumer?


Definitely, you need to frame strategies as per your target audience.


Since your target audience happens to be other brands that may find your services useful, you must have a different set of plan that can help you communicate your existence to them.


So now, what do you think? Creating an effective B2B marketing strategy is easy?


It isn’t.


You need to focus on generating demand, find the right buyers, tracking them through the funnel and other stuff.


Now, how do you get the right buyers, target customers and reach your specific audience?


The only way out there is creating a robust marketing strategy keeping the specific customers in mind.


To help you with devising such tactful strategies our researchers at SlideTeam have come up with a complete set of slides that talk about different kinds of business to business marketing strategies.


Download this set of slides and acquaint your audience with all the types of marketing strategies that you as a business owner would adopt to ramp up the sales and know more about the marketplace.


Effective B2B and B2C Marketing Strategy


Cover Slide of Effective B2B Marketing Strategies

Download this PowerPoint Template Now 


Presenting to you precisely curated cover slide for the deck effective B2B Marketing strategies organization set. To put a strong case in front of your audience, this is a strategy deck you must be backed up with. This complete set will arm you formulate an organizational plan to cater to your customers’ needs.


We have covered all the essential types of B2B marketing strategies that organizations should cater to in order to survive the cut-throat competition and be a market leader.


Some of the B2B marketing strategies types that are talked about in the given deck are –


  • Account based Marketing
  • Industry event marketing strategy
  • Conversational marketing
  • Direct selling
  • Point of purchase
  • Affinity Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing

Let’s have a look at each such strategy one by one –


Account Based Marketing Strategy


Initiating with account based marketing strategy that will arm you reach and convert your target accounts and achieve considerable growth.

This marketing strategy is what you can put to use in your organization. It basically targets a select group of accounts that represents higher growth opportunities with tailored marketing strategies.


Having your hands on the editable strategy template can help you introduce the strategies formulated to your staff members and execute your plans in a succinct way.


Our perfectly designed deck includes all such templates from introduction to account based marketing’s framework and its elements.

We have got you covered with all the essential elements that can help an organization in developing effective B2B and B2C marketing strategies.

Some of the elements that you can highlight utilizing our slides are aligning market and sales goals, account qualification approach and go to market approach.


Each template has its own significance from developing aligned sales and marketing process to technology stack.


The complete set of slides from sales and marketing technology stack can help you analyze and understand various types of tools used during the marketing efforts.


To assess the development of account based marketing sales process, our account based maturity model slide will be of great assistance. All the templates at your disposal will together help you drive sales growth faster.


Let’s have a quick review of the account based marketing PowerPoint slides you can use to successfully execute your marketing strategy.


Introduction to Account Based Marketing           Elements of Account Based Marketing in B2B Marketing Strategies

Click Here                                                                                                               Click Here 


Sales and Marketing Technology Stack from Effective B2B Marketing Strategies           Account Based Marketing Maturity Model from B2B Marketing Strategies

 Click Here                                                                                                                Click Here 


Let’s have a look at the other strategies that an organization can go with for understanding the sales processes and increasing organizational productivity.


Industry Events


Talking about industry events as an effective marketing strategy, we have covered an overview of event marketing that you can use to highlight how event marketing can be used as a tool for promoting goods and services to B2B and B2C customers.


With our Types of event marketing slide, you can easily showcase your audience the various kinds event marketing that you are going to execute, namely –


  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Workshop
  • Pop-up shows
  • Seminars/webinars, etc.


Also, if you elucidate how by implementing event marketing strategies you have been able to increase your revenue and sales, it would be very useful. This purpose can be served by our readily-available templates that we provide you in the complete set.


Some of the impacts of putting event marketing strategy into use can be depicted using the slide, which are-

  • Increase in product sales by 41%
  • Increase in revenue by 12%
  • 35% increase in customer engagement
  • Rise in website visitors, etc.


Additionally, developing an effective event marketing plan is of utmost importance that can be done with your hands on our b2b marketing presentation.


In order to have a consistent pathway for all your marketing efforts you must have an event marketing planning canvas. To help you with that, we have also included a slide that covers all the essential elements for preparing an even marketing schedule.

From event type to its objectives, budget, and time for initiating, everything can be jotted down on a single slide for successful execution of the event.


With metrics for measuring event marketing effectiveness template in your hands you can easily acquaint your audience with the key metrics. These are total registrations, event check ins, revenue generated to evaluate your event’s performance.


Overview of Event Based Marketing           Types of Event Marketing

Click Here                                                                                                                Click Here


Event Marketing Planning Canvas          Metrics for Measuring Event Marketing Effectiveness

Click Here                                                                                                                Click Here 


Coming to the next effective strategy that can help you take your organization to heights is Conversational marketing.


Conversational Marketing


Before talking about how conversational marketing can help you build strong relations with your customers, let’s first understand what’s that?

Conversational Marketing is a technique that helps engage the website visitors and convert leads via dialogue driven activities.


Introducing this concept to your staff has now become easy, thanks to the well-researched PowerPoint templates, that does all the work for you.

From the overview slide along with the strategy framework to the process of B2b conversational Marketing, the complete deck includes everything you can put to use.


You can take the assistance of these slides to throw some light on how B2B marketing can foster customer relationships and improves online experience by communicating and customizing interactions online.


Also, by having a knowledge of the steps required to convert potential customer into lead you can stand out from your competitors. Talk about the benefits of conversational marketing along with the trends which will help in driving customer satisfaction and push the organization forward.


It also displays various stages of customer journey in the organization. Some stages mentioned here are –


  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight


Not only this, you can also talk about traditional and conversational marketing funnel that also helps you highlight the key stages in both the marketing systems.


When compared to traditional marketing funnel conversational marketing funnel just has 3 stages, whereas the earlier system had 5 stages.

Let’s study both the marketing system-


Traditional marketing funnel                                                                                    Conversational marketing funnel

It has 6 stages –                                                                                                          It only has 3 stages, namely-

  • Visitors                                        -                                                                      -  Visitors                                                                                         
  • Form/questionnaire                                                                                         - Lead qualification process
  • E-mail                                                                                                                  - Conversation process
  • CRM
  • Lead qualification process
  • Contact through call


Additionally, understanding and identifying the customer journey through website has now become easy. Thanks to the readily-available conversational marketing framework for E-commerce based website.


You can also acquaint your audience with the tools that can be used for conversational marketing strategy within an organization. There are different parameters on the basis of which these tools are analysed, these are –


  • Platforms
  • Cost
  • User rating, etc.


Overview- Conversational Marketing           Process of Conversational Marketing

Click Here                                                                                                                Click Here


Conversational Marketing Framework           Tools for Conversational Marketing

  Click Here                                                                                                               Click Here                                     



Email Marketing


Email marketing happens to be another strategy that can be adopted in an organization to create a plan that can help you cater to the customer needs.


Our complete deck includes an introduction slide, some stats related to email marketing, email marketing metrics and other essential topics.

With your hands on this customizable deck you can highlight a detailed process of developing an effective email marketing campaign.


From identifying the goals and targets and choosing the best platform to content creation, identifying leads and sending email you can give a clarity of the same to your audience.


In order to understand the impact of email marketing campaign you can access our well-researched email marketing metrics and benchmarking template.


Some of the metrics on which it lays emphasis are open rates, click-through rates, click to open rates, and unsubscribe rates. You can also add other metrics as per your requirements and assess the performance of your campaign.


Talking about the process of email marketing strategy has now become easy, because of the template provided in our thoughtful slide.


Introduction of Email Marketing           Develop Effective E-marketing Campaign

Click Here                                                                                                             Click Here 


Email Marketing Metrics          Email Marketing Templates

Click Here                                                                                                                Click Here


Direct Marketing


Direct marketing is another tool for promoting goods and services. Some of the benefits associated with direct marketing as another platform of marketing strategy are –


  • High response rate
  • Increased ROI
  • Low cost
  • High lead generation, etc.


The deck also highlights the essential marketing channels which are –

  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Direct selling
  • Broad faxing
  • Direct advertising
  • Couponing, etc.


You can also shed some light on the impact of direct marketing in an organization. Some of the benefits observed are increase in product sales, customer engagement, brand awareness, etc.


Introduction to Direct Marketing           Channels for Direct Marketing

Click Here                                                                                                              Click Here


Direct Advertisement Channel for Lead Generation           Impact of Direct Marketing

Click Here                                                                                                           Click Here


Point of Purchase


Point of purchase happens to be another strategy for B2C Organizations and B2B Organizations. Such kind of marketing technique is used by retailers in their stores to promote products.


Some of the key points of consideration are –

Customer expectations, Consumer demand, and competition.


You can also acquaint your audience with the benefits that you company gets by applying point of purchase strategy.


Some of the benefits mentioned are –

  • Reduction in advertisement cost
  • Cross selling opportunity for retail store
  • Increase sales by targeting impulsive buyers to purchase during checkout process


You can also conduct a comparative analysis of different marketing strategies and execute the one which is feasible –

  • Permanent display
  • Temporary display
  • Semi-permanent display
  • Signage, etc.


Introduction Point of Purchase           Point of Purchase Advertisement

Click Here                                                                                                               Click Here


Point of Purchase Advertisement Display           Comparing POP Strategies

Click Here                                                                                                                Click Here


Introducing another effective B2B and B2C marketing strategy that firms can implement to achieve success.


Affinity Marketing


Affinity marketing strategy is where 2 or more businesses partner together to grow their customer base.

Using our pre-designed template, you can make your audience aware of this strategy and increase your sales and revenue.


We bring to you the entire process of developing an effective b2b marketing strategies which includes, -

  • Establishing goals
  • Partner selection
  • Resource identification
  • Identifying metrics, and
  • Developing campaign


You also get access to a pie chart which you can utilize to showcase the application of affinity market industry wise.


The industries in which it has been applied are airline, hotel, banks, supermarkets, large closing outlets.


Some of the major benefits that you can display taking the assistance of this deck are –

  • Cost reduction in marketing efforts
  • Increase in customer base
  • Increase in sales and revenue
  • Increased network in industries
  • Increase in brand impressions


Introduction Affinity Marketing           Process of Developing Effective Marketing Strategies

Click Here                                                                                                              Click Here


Affinity Market Application by Industry       Benefits of Affinity Marketing

Click Here                                                                                                                Click Here




This deck also incorporates dashboards that compiles all the data to help people extract, analyse, measure and monitor different datasets of key businesses.


You can track your account based marketing efforts and highlight KPIs such as CTR, session by account, etc.


Using the email marketing dashboard you can help organizations to track email marketing efforts and track KPIs like subscribers, email sent, sessions through mail sent.


Conversational marketing dashboard showcases KPIs like leads, meetings booked, etc.


By incorporating the direct marketing dashboard you can showcase the direct marketing efforts that you have taken. Some of the KPIs are NPS, customer by location, growth rate, etc.


Account Based Marketing Dashboard           Measuring Email Marketing Efforts

Click Here                                                                                                                Click Here


Conversational Marketing Dashboard          Marketing Dashboard

Click Here                                                                                                               Click Here




Utilizing this competent and well-researched B2B marketing strategies deck, you can make other businesses familiar with your brand name. Not only this, using the strategy slides you can communicate the benefits of your business offerings to your target market.

Download these b2b marketing strategies templates now and acquaint your viewers with the different tactics that you can adopt to communicate your existence to other brands.


Call us at +1-408-659-4170 for any query. We would be happy to help you.


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