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5 Tips for Creating a Stunning Travel Brochure
Deepali Khatri

Deepali Khatri

March 27 2023
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All of us have some places to go. Yet it's not always simple to identify one that's genuinely worth travelling to.


It must be!


Travel is exciting. It's an opportunity to travel, meet new people, and make lifelong memories. People feel glad when companies or travel agents make the procedure simpler for them.


It all begins with a travel brochure.


Now, what is that?


Travel Brochure


Travel brochures are promotional materials that feature advertisements for certain locations, accommodations, tours, getaway packages, or exotic areas.


Any company or agency which provides public services associated to tourism, such as businesses, brokers, lodging providers, and tour guides can use it.


Importance of Travel Agency Brochure


Travel agency brochures are crucial because they enable customers to discover and reserve great vacations. And occasionally, everyone needs a relaxing getaway. They contain all the information travelers require to make the most of their vacations and are jam-packed with useful details. Initiating points of contact between agents and potential clients are also served by these documents.


An effective brochure marketing strategy may benefit hotels and travel agencies in a number of ways, including relationship building, increasing traffic and reservations, showcasing expertise, gaining customers' loyalty, boosting SEO ranks, and telling compelling stories.

Nobody will visit the location you're attempting to market if, the brochure is uninteresting. A creative one will lure people to a location by promoting its best attributes.


What is the Purpose of a Travel Brochure?


Travel brochures are intended to educate tourists about a specific location or tour operator. Brochures can inform visitors on things to do once they arrive as well as motivate them to plan a trip.


To tell visitors about your experiences, you would make a booklet as a tour guide. Your booklet would showcase your top experiences along with descriptions that encourage visitors to make reservations, much like the tour listings page on your website.


It is intended that visitors scan through these listings when they visit your tour office, and that the details offered will assist them in selecting a tour.


Travel Brochure

Download this Brochure Template Now 


How to Create a Travel Brochure?


Creating a tri fold travel brochure from scratch is a tedious task and to help you market the services your travel agency provides, SlideTeam comes into the picture that makes available pre-made brochure templates.


  1. Choose the Proper Image to Engage Readers


The most crucial component of any holiday brochure is definitely the pictures. The reader will be drawn in by the images and be able to envision themselves at the travel destination. Don't cut corners; if the images are cheap, the location will also appear cheap. Also, knowing what to highlight is crucial.


Try to include a diversity of the many locations you provide to visitors when selecting the imagery for your brochure. All the local museums will be a must-see for some tourists, while others will be interested in checking out the area's parks and gardens. Include images of your most well-liked dishes or exhibit objects if your business is a tourist destination, such as a café or museum.


  1. Employ complementary colour schemes


Your visuals and Text colours are crucial in establishing the mood of your trip brochure. If your brochure is about a tropical locale, accent the photographs with vivid blue, green, and yellow hues.


If you run a museum, make your brochure simpler to read by using soothing, pastel colours. You understand, don't you?


Knowing the psychological effects that colours have on humans will be helpful because the colour scheme is probably what people will notice first about the brochure. The tone of your brochure should reflect the location you are promoting. Also take into account how the colours you choose work with the images in your brochure. To create a cohesive sense, the colour scheme and the images should go together.


  1. Develop descriptive text


Write compelling copy that describes the photos to draw readers in even more. Just make sure your writing is warm, sincere, and enthusiastic.


However, keep it brief and to the point so that your readers can quickly understand the most important information; add several subtitles, bullet

points, and other design elements for visitors who prefer to scan the text. Here are some suggestions for what to put in your copy:


Share local knowledge: Including local knowledge in a vacation brochure is a wonderful approach to increase engagement. It is difficult to acquire this kind of knowledge, which increases its value. Ask locals for recommendations on their favourite restaurants, boutiques, or picnic spots. Also, you can offer tips for finding inexpensive buses, flights, and taxis. Your readers will value how unique your information is.


Incorporate reviews: Visitors prefer to read reviews from other travelers before making travel plans rather than official guidebooks, and they are much more likely to believe content produced by their peers. In order to collect customer feedback, ask for their consent to share it online. By doing this, you'll improve bookings by fostering a sense of trust.


Emphasize your advantages: There is fierce rivalry in the travel industry, and tourists read a variety of travel brochures and pamphlets before deciding where to go. Include your advantages in an engaging and succinct manner, such as price and discounts, distinctive locations, premium entertainment, etc., to distinguish out from the competition. Explain to your readers why they should pick you above other travel agencies.


  1. Add geographic information and contact details


Include your attraction's address and phone number right on the cover. Remember to offer thorough justifications and information on how to reach your location inside the brochure. Make it simple for readers to get in touch with you by phone, email, or by visiting your website.


Another essential component of any vacation brochure is a map. To serve as a reference point and to provide the necessary local information, include a general map in the start of your brochure. Then, add more particular maps in the following sections.


  1. Use templates to save time


A template can save you a tonne of time and effort while still producing a travel brochure that looks quite professional if you're in a rush or don't have much design knowledge. By using SlideTeam's services, you can choose a template that corresponds to your goal and then modify it however you like.


Making a digital trip brochure to share online and post on various social media platforms is an additional benefit.


Travel Brochure

Download this Brochure Template Now 


How Can SlideTeam Help You Make Your Travel Brochure Stand Out?


The trained professionals at SlideTeam equip you with amazing pre-designed brochure templates that you can modify as per your travel agency services.


To ensure that your travel brochure stands out from the rivals, SlideTeam’s experts consider the three most important elements while designing the perfect brochure for your travel agency.


  • Avoiding Lengthy Text


Consumers only want to know the highlights of your company, not an essay on it. People should be able to scan your brochure quickly and easily and should understand what services your company provides right away. Keeping the font size large enough to read easily, and small paragraphs aids us in engaging the readers. We incorporate appropriate subheadings and bullet points to make the brochure look neat and tidy and consider this element while creating the brochures.


  • Describe Your Strengths


You can do this by making a clear list of the advantages you have over your rivals. Reduced prices, top-notch lodging, live entertainment, extended happy hours, and many other things are examples of this. You must conduct your due diligence, identify the needs in your community, and be the first to fill them. Our experts strive together to put together the services you provide to your users, making your brochure more captivating.


  • Clearly State Your Call to Action


The third and the most important element that we consider while creating a perfect brochure for your travel agency is, giving a CTA. The goal of your brochure is to increase sales, thus the icing on the cake should be a strong call to action (CTA). Finding the right amount of natural presentation of your CTA without making it seem forced or "salesy" is the key in this situation, and this is what SlideTeam excels at.


If you are a travel agency looking to create a perfect brochure that completely outbeats your rivals, get in touch with us at  +1-408-659-4170.


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