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Top 10 Progress Status Report Templates with Samples and Examples (Free PDF Attached)

Top 10 Progress Status Report Templates with Samples and Examples (Free PDF Attached)

Hanisha Kapoor

Hanisha Kapoor

September 30 2022

It is that dreaded time of the week again when you need to dig through spreadsheets and cajole or coerce team members to send across their (correctly) formatted work reports. You skim through emails, skype messages and, god knows what, to collect information on goals accomplished and pending.


And, Heaven forbid! If you miss any important detail in your progress report, you run the risk of being branded careless or not diligent enough.


Progress! we all love it. Yet, reporting on progress is not that easy, as you will have guessed by now, we hope! It is such a chore to place and patch every piece of relevant information scattered around at the workplace in a meaningful project progress status report.


Prioritize the delivery of dependencies in a project that need your immediate attention using our ready-made project dependency matrix PPT templates.


All of this leaves you exhausted and wishing that you will have been better-off taking that leave, than dealing with preparing progress status reports.

Yet, despite its surface difficulty, preparing progress status report is a happy task, as it signals the management’s trust in you.


All you need is a comprehensive progress report to add and compile your data in one sheet.


Is it possible?


Yes, it is!


A project progress status report provides your clients and team members with a snapshot of where you are in a project, issues plaguing execution, and where you are projected to reach, based on past and present trends. A well-written project report helps the audience understand whether the project is on track, at risk, or is off to a tangent. Thus, create a project progress status report to make you (and everyone else around you) feel confident.


Want a detailed snapshot of project status reports? Read this exclusive blog featuring project status reports templates to provide your management with regular updates on tasks.


With SlideTeam’s actionable PowerPoint Templates, you can keep tabs on tasks and outline an extensive project progress status report for your management and seniors. These PPT slides are customizable and ready to use. All you need to do is download and add data to the templates for a comprehensive project progress status report.


Without further ado, let us walk you through a fantastic collection of progress status report PPT Templates!


Let’s dig in!

Template 1: Project Key Phases Progress Status Report PPT Template

Provide your seniors and team leads a snapshot of the project progress report with this content-ready PowerPoint Template. This well-designed PPT Design helps you showcase the project summary along with project phases, progress, status, and completion date. It also comprises a section to highlight delayed tasks. Deploy this actionable PowerPoint Diagram to monitor project execution. Download now!


Progress Status Report PowerPoint Slide


Download this template

Template 2: Weekly Progress Status Report PowerPoint Slide

This is a ready-made PowerPoint Template to consolidate your weekly work reports in one sheet. Use this content-ready PPT Design and add tasks on the left mapped to their progress graph on the right side of the template. This illustration eases your work and lets you communicate accomplished and pending goals. Download now!


Weekly Progress Report PPT Template


Grab this slide


Template 3: Task Status Report PowerPoint Template

Here is another ready-to-use PowerPoint Template to project work progress report. Incorporate this well-structured PPT design and list all tasks in the sheet to showcase their progress. You can also add employee names in the template to provide clarity to your seniors. Showcase their priority level, completion rate, and more to inform your stakeholders and clients about their project journey. You can add additional notes to the presentation template. Download now!


Task Status Report PowerPoint Slide


Download this template

Template 4: Project Status Report PPT Diagram

Wish to compile project growth data in one sheet? Use this polished and appealing PPT template to update your management on project progress. This PPT Slide comprises sections to help you present milestones, overall status, risks, and more. You can also pen down the program name, project scope, and benefits to help your clients comprehend the task. This PowerPoint Slide gives you the capability to highlight project status in vibrant colors to grab your team members’ attention. Download now!


Progress Status Report PowerPoint Template


Grab this slide


Template 5: Project Progress Report PowerPoint Template

It’s time to stop struggling with skimming through emails, text messages, and spreadsheets to create a project progress report. Get access to this actionable PowerPoint Template and draft a comprehensive progress status report highlighting the project summary, budget, delivery date, etc. Showcase tasks on track and those running off-track with this PPT template to speed up the process. Click the link below to download this template.


Project Progress Report PPT Template


Download this template

Template 6: Progress Status Report with Task Status PowerPoint Slide

This PowerPoint Diagram comprises in-built charts, graphs, and a timeline to exhibit project stages: Showcase project tasks status and reasons for delay with this PPT design. Discuss risks, threats, and gaps and provide solutions to combat the issues using this PowerPoint diagram. This flexible presentation template will provide your management with an accurate progress status report. Download now!


Project Progress Report Template


Download this template


Template 7: Project Status Report PPT Template

Here is another PowerPoint Template to help you outline an extensive project progress summary report. Use this PPT slide to walk your client through the project journey from initiation to accomplishment. Highlight tasks that are on priority, the risk associated, and the cost. Download this ready-made PowerPoint Template, update your management with the overall progress status report, and grab their attention towards processes that require their intervention.


Progress Report PowerPoint Slide


Grab this slide


Template 8: Work Progress Status Report PowerPoint Diagram

Nothing is more frustrating than consolidating work reports to showcase accomplished or pending tasks. To save you time and effort, bringing you a content-ready PowerPoint Template to outline an exclusive progress status report that highlights processes, their priority level, status, completion rate, slippage, etc. Customize this ready-made presentation template and create a professional progress status report that will give you great recall value. Download now!


Work Progress Status Chart PPT Template


Download this template


Template 9: One-page Job Progress Status Report PPT Template

This content-ready one-pager PowerPoint Template is a top-notch choice to compile your work reports in one sheet and showcase project growth. It helps you highlight targets, tasks completed, progress per department, etc. This PowerPoint slide also comprises a section to help you, present top performers. Grab this presentation template that meets all your professional needs and goals. Download now!


Job Progress Report PowerPoint Slide


Download this template

Template 10: One-page Project Progress Status Report PowerPoint Template

Deploy this well-structured one-page PowerPoint Template to inform your clients and stakeholders of project progress. This PPT Slide draws the management’s attention to urgent issues. Showcase progress made during the previous week and planned future deliverables using this content-ready presentation template. Download now!


One-page Progress Status Report PPT Slide


Grab this template


Reporting has always been a vital process in project management. Supporting your work reports with relevant data and progress status is essential. You cannot just convey mission-critical information verbally or on a piece of paper. They need to be written down, secure and presented in an impactful way to help management take important decisions. Collate all critical data and give an update on how your project is doing with SlideTeam’s ready-made PPT Templates. You can access these custom-made, premium PowerPoint Slides from our monthly, semi-annual, annual, annual + custom design subscriptions here.


PS: Keep your customers pleased with the on-time delivery of your projects with our project schedule PPT Templates.


FAQs on Progress Status Report


What should be in a progress status report?


A progress status report summarizes the details of a project as it progresses along the timeline. It includes critical milestones and goals with defined deadlines. Project managers pen down the report with input from team leads and other team members. The project manager is expected to comprehend the project and be prepared to showcase progress on regular intervals. A comprehensive, written project status report must include:

• A summary of project details, including program and project name, launch date
• A list of team members, stakeholders, and project owners
• The status and completion dates
• A summary of project scope and budget
• Cross-project dependencies
• Key issues, risks, and solutions


What are the essential aspects of a good progress status report?


A professional and appealing progress status report should showcase major work products and phases of a project to gauge progress. It should also consist of a critical milestone achieved over six-eight weeks with accomplished targets. A well-written project status report should be able to communicate project status to management and seniors. Below are some of the points that need to be taken care of while drafting an engaging project status report:

• Measuring status
• Overall project status
• Milestone status
• Risk and Issues
• Accomplishments
• Key objectives and action items
• Key decisions


What are the types of progress status reports?


Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly are types of progress status reports. These work reports simplify the process of collecting and consolidating essential information and data on the project. Remember, each type of project report has a specific purpose and aim. Only projects that are mission-critical to the company will see a daily progress report being prepared. Some of these progress reports could also be linked to compliances that business rules mandate, though this is not their main role. especially in a bullish work environment. These progress report templates are meant to ensure that business owners are able to see and respond to bad news (if at all it comes) with alacrity and effective action.


Download the free Progress Status Report Templates PDF.

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