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Top 10 Templates To Build A Sales Playbook

Top 10 Templates To Build A Sales Playbook

Parul Arya

Parul Arya

August 31 2021

Increase revenue - check.

Close more deals - check.

Attract new customers - check.

Exceed sales goals - check.


The above checklist is from the journal of an enthusiastic businessperson who wants to optimize their sales process from start to finish. You can select any (or all) of the above and fit your sales strategy into the bigger picture for inspiration. Once you do that, you have the reason a sales playbook exists!


Every manager wants their sales team to perform at their peak potential, drawing high numbers and cloning it over and over. There’s no magic wand for it, but there's a sales playbook, the ultimate toolkit to make your sales team a better version of themselves. A sales playbook instils a hive-mind mentality in your team that strengthens their sales game.


A practical sales playbook sorts out all the common and not-so-common issues salespeople face while closing the deals. It provides the sales team a guardrail while uplifting them to reach their goals. 


What goes into a sales playbook?


A sales playbook is a guide inclusive of a tried and tested collection of various sales methodologies that a company can use to maximize its revenue or target. If the sales playbook is created properly, it can make the team’s selling strategies efficient, enhance the revenue, evaluate business performance, and make your team the top performer in the market!


According to Harvard Business Review, companies with a streamlined sales process have 15% higher average sales than those with inconsistent approach to selling. But creating a sales playbook is an overwhelming errand. It broadly covers 5 elements  of the whole sales process. Let’s explore these elements with the help of our top 10 sales playbook templates. 


  • Company information

Before you create the ‘meat’ for your playbook, make sure you start with your company information. Include company mission, sales strategy, and organizational structure. Keep this section of your sales playbook as thorough as possible. 

Template 1

Grab this professionally designed deck of 19 editable slides and create a sales playbook as per your requirements. With the aid of this template, you can illustrate your sales objectives and share them with your team. This deck helps you build your sales playbook in a crisp and precise format.


Sales PlaybookDownload Sales Playbook PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 2

Pick this intuitively designed template and structure your sales playbook on your terms. This slide allows you to share your company information systematically. There are high-grade icons in this slide that help you make your content more attractive. Tap on the template and download it in a few minutes.


Sales Playbook RequirementDownload Sales Playbook Requirement PowerPoint Shapes

  • Products

Another important element that you need to include in your sales playbook is your product. By storing this information, your sales team will know which products they need to sell and market to the potential customers. 

Template 1

We have crafted this eye-catching template for you to jot down your product’s unique selling points. Use this slide to create a presentation on the products that need to be sold. Share the presentation with your employees and let them know about all the product details.


Sales Playbook TemplateDownload Sales Playbook Template PowerPoint Slide

Template 2

Check out this appealing template and provide comprehensive training to your employees on sales criteria. With the aid of this slide, you can set your sales goals and achieve them quickly. Utilize this slide and tweak the content as per your needs.


Sales Playbook Contents
Download Sales Playbook Contents Example PPT Presentation

  • Target personas

Target personas focus on your ideal prospects and customers. It paints a picture of your potential clients to whom you want to sell your products. Target personas include common challenges and buyer preferences that help your sales team move in the right direction.

Template 1

Take the help of this slide to list your target customer requirements. The template includes an engaging diagram that is fully editable and adjustable, so you can modify it with ease. Get access to this template and close your deals more efficiently.


Sales LayoutDownload Sales Playbook Layout PowerPoint Presentation

Template 2

Utilize our slide to design a standard sales methodology and share it with your team without any hassle. The template comes with ample space to write the relevant information related to your fool-proof sales plan.


Sales Diagram
Download Sales Playbook Diagram PowerPoint Guide

  • Sales tools

The sales tools are most important to acquire the sales goals. Therefore, the sales playbook should include the info of your company’s chosen sales tools. This component includes instructions for your team to use sales tools and track performance. 

Template 1

Incorporate this creatively designed template in your presentation and talk about the tools that measure sales performance. With the aid of this slide, you can showcase the key responsibility areas of each team member that help them know their sales tasks. 


Sales Template
Download Sales Playbook Template PowerPoint Slide Background

Template 2

Employ this template and outline all the steps in your sales roadmap that help you attain the goals. Use this slide to explain to your team various sales tactics to win more deals. With the aid of this slide, you can keep track of your sales performance.


Sales Components

Download Sales Playbook Components Sample Of PPT

  • Specialized strategies

It is the quintessential element of your sales playbook that should include the strategies your team needs to follow to attain the sales target. It should be the ‘meat’ of your sales playbook containing the plan for all the sales activities. 

Template 1

Take the assistance of this ready-to-use slide and emphasize the marketing automation system that boosts sales performance. By using this template, you can explain to your employees how to increase website traffic.  


Digital Sales Playbook ExampleDownload Digital Sales Playbook Example Of PPT

Template 2

Grab this awesome template to showcase your sales methodologies that help you engage with your prospective customers. This template allows you to create a strong sales plan that helps you target potential buyers based on demographic search.


Social Sales Playbook
Download Social Sales Playbook Elements PowerPoint Slide Clipart


A sales playbook helps you drive big productivity gains. So without any further ado, utilize our templates and put plans into action!


To supercharge your sales process for better results, check out our actionable templates featured in this comprehensive guide

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