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Training Templates
Top 10 Training Agenda Templates With Examples And Samples

Top 10 Training Agenda Templates With Examples And Samples

Jatin Gupta

Jatin Gupta

February 6 2023

What do you understand when you hear the word ‘training’? Skill development sessions that we attend to enhance our competencies, right? But why do we need to enhance our skills when we are moving ahead in our professional journey?


Let us give you the answer! The answer to this question is so simple: We love technology, innovation, and progress, and this leads to the necessity of learning and adding new skills on a regular basis. 


Everyone can be replaced and we don’t know when technology will replace us. For instance, ChatGPT is posing a similar challenge to us writers.


Training allows us to stay abreast of the times. Technology is synonymous with growth and demands training and skills. 


In this article, we delve deep into how our trainer and training templates will help you improve the 3 Ps of Persistence, Performance, and Productivity in your professional lives.   


Now, without further ado, let’s discuss the Top 10 training agenda templates with examples and samples. We understand tech training is of numerous types and that’s why we have tried to cover as much as possible; marketing, sales, cybersecurity, aka, everything that an employer and employee need to give their workplace journey a boost.


The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the desired flexibility to edit your presentations. The content ready slides give you the much-needed structure.  


Template 1: Training Agenda Evaluation Marketing Communications Management

This PPT Template is designed for training goals and objectives for marketing subjects to bring more traffic, search, and queries to your website. Using this template you will have access to a bird’s eye view of topics that go into minute details on every subject and keep your audience engaged. This means a better understanding of concepts leading to improved business productivity. 


Training Agenda


Download Now!


Template 2: Recruitment Training Agenda With Session Details

Hello HR professionals, try your hand at this PowerPoint Template now! Trust us, if you are struggling to train your recruiters, use this template to share your training experience and requirements. In this competitive era in the tech business, train your recruiters using this template and hire the best available talent.


Recruitment Training Agenda with Session Details


Download Now!


Template 3: Training Agenda Business PPT

If you are struggling with client meetings and calls, and you are left with no time to discuss major issues with your team, then this slide is for you. This pre-made, customizable PPT Template will assist you in creating an outstanding presentation in no time. You can even use this PPT Layout when you are in hurry to present your business ideas to your prospects.




Download Now!


Template 4: Key Steps To Creating an Effective Training Agenda

Use this PPT Template to make professional discussions with your team and boss easier. Usually, the presentation of ideas to a larger audience seems difficult, but this layout will make your presentation life easier. Create the training agenda using the steps outlined and make an impression that wins clients. Download, edit, and present!


Key Steps to Create an Effective TRAINING AGENDA


Download Now!


Template 5: Training Agenda of Key Account Management 

Do you understand your business well? Of course, you will say “yes”. But what perhaps, not as well as you believe? This Key Account Management PPT Layout will let you know of the retention and repetition rate of your customers while you maintain this slide. This slide will help you understand customer behavior and buying nature.


Training Agenda of Key Account Management with Topic Details


Download Now!


Template 6: One-week Induction Training Agenda for New Employees

This layout is as important as an induction session for a new employee. Nobody other than you understands how much impact induction sessions make on employee retention rates and the company’s image. Use this PPT Layout to present your induction and give your new hire a clear view of your productive office culture.


One Week Induction Training Agenda for New Employees


Download Now!


Template 7: Exhibiting Employee Training Agendas

Every company cares about its people, and so do you! Using this PowerPoint Layout you will be able to showcase the empathy you have toward your employees. This Venn diagram-like PPT Template will help your employees balance their professional and personal lives without hampering their productivity. Showcase your mastery of the four critical domains of managing time, finances, psychology and information technology. 


Four Hexagon Venn Diagram exhibiting Employee Training Agendas


Download Now!


Template 8: Volunteer Training Agenda with Estimated Time and Method

Give your employees an all-new working experience with this Volunteer Training PPT which will update them on plans, including learning objectives, and delegating, rationalizing, and prioritizing of tasks. Apart from these, it will also add value to their skill-sees and help them manage conflicts to create leadership that can handle crisis and make team realize potential.


Volunteer Training Agenda with Estimate Time and Method


Download Now!


Template 9: Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Cybersecurity Awareness Training PPT Graphics

One of the most common issues that every third enterprise/business faces today is online theft. Hence, a cybersecurity awareness training program is important. Interestingly, this PPT Theme is not limited to the tech or private sector but includes the public sector too. This easy-to-understand PPT Template will help your team understand what cybersecurity with its dedicated agenda for Cybersecurity Awareness Training. Learn the best-practices with a download now.


Agenda for Cybersecurity Awareness Training


Download Now!


Template 10: Agenda For Workforce Training Playbook

Managing data is difficult, especially so if you are running a mid- or big-sized company. This PPT Layout is designed in a way that you can handle all working employees in your organization effortlessly. Plan out your day-to-day managing activities with this layout to avoid. Download this training guidline for employees at the workplace now! 


Agenda for Workforce Training Playbook


Download Now!


Template 11: Agenda for Online Training

Post Covid-19, almost half of the businesses are shifting to remote hiring and remote working, and if your business is one of them, then why wait?! You know that training is crucial when you hire your talent online. That’s why you are here reading this content piece. So, it’s our since recommendation that you download this template and start giving training to your online employees.


Agenda for Online Training


Download Now!


Template 12: Agenda for Social Media Marketing Training

What’s in boom nowadays? Social media, obviously! Having no or inactive social media presence will affect your business. They say that almost half of the business comes from social media. Using this Media Marketing Training PPT Layout becomes important for you to train your social media team for an impactful presence.


Agenda for Social Media Marketing Training


Download Now!




In the above paragraphs, we learnt a lot about the benefits of training in the public and private sector. We also shared some best-in-class training agenda templates with you to help you train your employees on the themes of your choice. We hope you liked the information that we presented and that these life-changing, easy-to-use templates make your work culture more productive. 


You can also read our Top 10 Hourly Agenda Template With Samples and Examples to give your day a professional kickstart!



FAQs on Training Agendas



How do you plan a training agenda?


A training session plan, also known as a learning plan, is a detailed description of the activities and resources that will be used to guide a group toward a specific learning goal.


It details the subject matter you'll teach, the length of each section, the methods of instruction for each topic covered, and the steps you'll adopt to ensure that people have learned what you expected them to. It can be as simple as a brief outline or as complex as scripts, prompts, and lists of questions to be asked.


How do you write an agenda?


When running a business meeting, you will have to manage a number of tasks and people. A successful meeting agenda can help you discuss the necessary content while keeping the meeting on track. You can use the following steps to write an agenda for a one-hour meeting or even one that lasts several hours:


  1. Determine the purpose of the meeting.
  2. Gather feedback from participants.
  3. Create a list of questions to address. 
  4. Gather feedback from participants.
  5. Decide how much time you will dedicate to each task.
  6. Include documents.
  7. Decide the in-charge for each topic.
  8. Wrap up each meeting with a review.


What are the 5 phases of training?


The majority of training design models comprise five steps and follow the ADDIE model, which stands for:


  1. Analysis
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Implementation
  5. Evaluation

The term analysis refers to the process of defining the need for training. The design phase comes in when the training program is outlined and planned. Development is the process by which training is delivered to the field in whichever form the design phase dictates. The process is completed with evaluation, which explains how effective the training program was in achieving its goals.

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