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Top 20 Video Marketing PowerPoint Templates to Boost Engagement

Top 20 Video Marketing PowerPoint Templates to Boost Engagement

Kritika Saini

Kritika Saini

November 17 2021

Suppose your company has a complex idea behind your product or service. 


How do you plan to deliver it to a broad audience? Here, only textual content might not be self-explanatory, and audio might lack a captivating representation.


These methods can lead to a whopping loss of audience, who are not willing to waste their time on minute details.


Instead, what if you try a dynamic, interactive, and informative video to promote this idea?




Reports state that in 2020, around 96% of consumers raised their online video consumption, and 9 out of 10 users wished to see more videos from businesses. In fact, Cisco reported that by 2022, online videos would make up more than 82% of all the internet traffic.


This signifies that brands realize the importance of a video, thereby investing in its creation and distribution. However, if video marketing is new to you, worry not. You can explore this guide and understand the critical pointers to create a unique and responsive video marketing plan. 


Let’s dive in!


Video marketing – the de facto content format online


Video marketing is a method of planning, creating, editing, publishing, and advertising video content to promote your product or service. This effort helps improve engagement, search engine optimization, conversations, traffic, revenue, and educate customers. You can use this versatile tool on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo, LinkedIn, and more. 


But will all videos help you succeed in your endeavors? 




That’s because just like commercials, digital video marketing also requires thorough research, strategy, and a plan of action. 


Therefore, to help you commence this tricky process, we have shared five actionable steps featuring our 20 stunning video marketing PowerPoint templates. These designs can be easily edited and customized according to your requirement. So you can incorporate these PPT graphics in your video marketing presentation and supercharge your campaign efforts. Scroll below to begin your video journey!

1. Formulate a video marketing strategy

In video marketing, it’s essential to set final goals by creating a funnel for attracting, engaging, nurturing, and delighting the customers. After selecting a particular funnel stage, you have to find your target audience, create an impressive brand story, stick to the timeline, and maintain a realistic budget. Our pre-designed video marketing PowerPoint templates will surely help you execute these steps accurately. 

Template 1: Video market launch proposal PowerPoint presentation

Marketing consultants can use this launch proposal template to help their clients create a robust video marketing strategy. This design includes value proposition, video production process, project breakdown, project timeframe, project budget, and more. So download it instantly!


Video Market Launch Proposal


Download this template

Template 2: Video advertisement proposal PowerPoint presentation

Business associates can utilize this video advertising proposal template to brand their product or service on the website. So you can select it and create a detailed value proposition. Download and share it with your team members using Google Slides.


Video Advertisements Proposal


Grab this template

Template 3: Video marketing business presentation 

You can increase the revenue growth of your business by examining crucial factors like video ideas, revenue, number of views, communication, video time, goal achieved, and more. So grab and include it in your video marketing presentation. 


Video Marketing Business


Download this template

Template 4: 3-step roadmap for video market launch

You can include this 3-step roadmap design in your video marketing proposal template. The text boxes in the graphic can be edited conveniently. Therefore, download and make the desired changes. 


3 Step Roadmap for Video Marketing


Grab this template

2. Select the correct video type for your brand

Once you have designed your video marketing strategy, select the type of video you want to create. You can choose from demo videos, brand videos, event videos, expert interviews, educational videos, explainer videos, animated videos, testimonials, product videos, and others. Our excellent presentation designs will help you illustrate the pros and cons of each video type. 

Template 1: Video marketing challenges PPT

You can use this template to highlight the challenges and solutions for multi-video content. This design already covers four pointers; however, you can add more as per your research. So download it now!


Video Marketing Challenges Template


Download this template

Template 2: Video marketing benefits presentation design

This invigorating template will help you connect with the user and create an impeccable brand image. You can incorporate it to emphasize the benefits of each video type. So download this layout to make the correct choice!


Video Marketing Benefits


Grab this template

Template 3: Video marketing strategy template 

You can follow the twelve steps given in this fantastic design to select the best video type. The template covers aspects such as writing, alignment, research, scheduling, creation, and more. Therefore, download it right away!


Video Marketing Strategy Template


Grab this template

Template 4: Video marketing strategy presentation

You can use this video marketing funnel diagram to achieve your final goals and objectives. The design encourages you to research different categories of videos, explore their benefits, consider them from a business perspective, and make the final decision. Download now!


Video Marketing Strategy PPT Design


Download this template

3. Stages of video production

After selecting the type of video, you need to initiate the video production process. First, you have to choose and approve the content for getting your video in motion. Second, you have to initiate creative brainstorming to finalize the video story, characters, plot, message, style, and length. Third, you have to script your video by setting the reading pace and booking professional voiceover artists. At last, you can begin your video production, set the audio and visual parameters, and insert a call to action. Choose from these PPT templates and create a crisp video content marketing presentation. 

Template 1: Visual marketing example presentation

You can include the various successful video production examples in this visually appealing presentation. This design will make your approach easy to understand. Therefore, download it right now!


Video Marketing Example


Grab this template

Template 2: Video marketing presentation idea

You can describe the stages of your video production process in this well-crafted template. The design can also be included in your video marketing presentation. So download it and begin your production activities.


Video Marketing Template


Grab this template

Template 3: Video marketing campaign presentation layout

This PPT design covers seven persuasive steps for creating a production video marketing campaign. So download it and start producing your short clips, brand videos, morale boosters, promotional videos, feature videos, training videos, and more. 


Video Marketing Campaign


Download this template

Template 4: Corporate video production services marketing PPT

High-quality videos are the best way to improve your company's engagement. Create a professional video on any topic with this unique PPT template. All you need to do is insert your production process in this filmmaker-friendly design. 


Corporate Video Production Services


Grab this template

4. Steps for SEO optimization

You can improve your website’s SEO by creating high-quality content that educates and benefits your viewer. Besides, you can index your videos by using them on your websites, embedding them in the quality content, publishing them consistently, or following the technical details. Our impressive video marketing PowerPoint templates will help you represent all the video marketing facts effectively. 

Template 1: Video marketing statistics template presentation

You can use this template to study your previous year’s video marketing statistics. This design will also help you make new SEO optimization decisions. Besides, you can highlight positive techniques, website views, video shares, downloads, and more. 


Video Marketing Statistics Template


Grab this template

Template 2: Video advertising campaign results for website

You can advertise your campaign videos with this intuitive PowerPoint design. The PPT template depicts your website’s performance, with or without video marketing. Therefore, download and use it to your advantage. 


Video Advertising Campaign Results for Website


Download this template

Template 3: Video marketing trends PPT

You can compare various SEO trends for your video marketing strategy with this PPT presentation. The design can be incorporated to discuss the traffic boost on different social media platforms. Download it now!


Video Marketing Trends


Grab this template

Template 4: Video marketing automation presentation

You can plan to completely automate your video posts and interactions with various SEO tools using this premium template. The PPT design can also be incorporated to attract, convert, close, and report your success. So download it and make the required changes. 


Video Marketing Automation


Download this template

5. Video distribution and success rate

By now, you must have an amazing video in your hand. But how do you get people to watch and share it? Distribute your videos by choosing the right channel – owned media, paid media, and earned media. A balance among all these channels will help your videos garner attention. Lastly, you have to set KPIs, pick data from the correct channel, measure ROI, and make the required adjustments. Our exclusive video marketing PowerPoint templates will help you strategize this information quickly. 

Template 1: Video marketing promotional diagram

You can use this PPT template to create a vigilant promotion strategy for your video marketing campaign. The design includes market goals, list creation, SEO optimization, and segment parameters. So download it to choose a profitable media. 


Video Marketing Promotional Strategy PPT


Download this template

Template 2: Video marketing tips PPT template

You can grab the attention of your prospective audience by promoting all videos on various media channels. This design will also help you share a few tips with your marketing team to create an influential video distribution strategy. Therefore, download it immediately!


Video Marketing Tips


Grab this template

Template 3: Video marketing statistics sample PPT

After integrating your video content on the website, you can use this statistics template to calculate the results. The design includes updates on views, conversion, sales, shares, likes, impressions, follower count, and more. Therefore, grab it instantly!


Video Marketing Statistics Design


Download this template

Template 4: Business development video marketing PPT

You can analyze your business activities with this video marketing template. The design includes a bar graph that can be used to represent the year-on-year increase in revenue, customers, and more. So download and use it to make critical business decisions. 


Business Development Video Marketing Plan PPT Slide


Download this template


Time to execute 


As devices like phones and tablets are more video-ready, consumers expect brands from different industries to connect with them using videos. Therefore, it becomes paramount to hire experienced freelancers or agencies to create a profitable video marketing strategy. And these exclusive video marketing PowerPoint templates will help you at every step. You can access the world’s largest collection of creative designs by purchasing an unlimited subscription here. So go ahead and test, analyze, and tweak your videos now! 


P.S: Now that you’ve got your videos and strategy ready, you can explore this all-inclusive guide to prepare an actionable YouTube marketing plan with PPT templates. 

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