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Complete Curriculum

  • What is Kaizen?
  • Kaizen Benefits for
    • Organization: Reduce Waste, Enhance Customer Satisfaction, Improve, Employee Productivity, Improve Product Quality, Cost Reduction
    • Employees: Improve Morale, Satisfaction, Involvement, Teamwork and Employee Retention
  • Kaizen Principles
    • Eliminate Excuses
    • If Something is Wrong, Correct it
    • See Waste as Opportunity
    • Be Transparent
    • Be Economical
    • No Limits for Improvement
    • Empower People
    • Make Decisions Based on Data
    • Maintain a Positive Attitude
    • Keep Mind Open to Change
  • Kaizen Duality
  • Kaizen Myths
    • It is About Cutting Cost
    • Kaizen Refers to only Small Improvements
    • Kaizen is a Tool
    • Kaizen Means Suggestions Scheme
    • Standard Work Takes Away Creativity
  • Kaizen vs Lean
  • Kaizen vs Six Sigma
  • Key Takeaways
  • Let’s Discuss
  • What is Value?
  • Types of Activities based on Value
    • Value Added Activity
    • Non-Value-Added Activity
    • Non-Value Added but Essential Activity
  • Value Added Activity vs Non-Value-Added Activity
  • Flowchart for Value Added, Sustaining and Non-Value-Added Activities
  • 3Ms of Kaizen
    • Muda (Waste)
    • Mura (Overburden)
    • Muri (Unevenness)
  • Example of Muda, Mura and Muri
  • Eight Wastes (Muda) – DOWNTIME
    • (D) Defects
    • (O) Overproduction
    • (W) Waiting
    • (N) Non-utilized Talent
    • (T) Transportation
    • (I) Inventory
    • (M) Motion
    • (E) Extra-processing
  • Key Takeaways
  • Let’s Discuss
  • Overview of Machine Learning
  • What is a Kaizen Event?
  • Types of Kaizen Event
    • Point Kaizen
    • Line Kaizen
    • Plane Kaizen
    • Cube Kaizen
  • Kaizen Ground Rules for Planning
  • 5Ws to Select Kaizen Event
    • Who
    • What
    • Where
    • When
    • Why
  • Kaizen Project Selection with AEIOU (Absolute Critical, Especially Important, Important, Unimportant, and Ordinary)
  • Kaizen Areas of Improvement Selection with QCDSM (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Morale)
  • Key Takeaways
  • Let’s Discuss
  • Kaizen Implementation Process
  • Guidelines for Kaizen Implementation
    • Discover Improvement Potential
    • Analyze Current Methods
    • Generate Original Ideas
    • Develop Implementation Plan
    • Implement the Plan
    • Evaluate the New Process
  • Roadmap for Kaizen Implementation
  • Challenges to Kaizen Implementation
    • Perceived as a Short-Term Project
    • Lack of Adequate Resources
    • Miscalculations in Goal Setting
    • Insufficient Management Support
    • Internal and External Resistance
    • Lack of Training on Kaizen
    • Inconsistent Efforts
  • Qualities of a Kaizen Leader
  • Key Takeaways
  • Let’s Discuss
  • PDCA – Plan Do Check Act
    • What is PDCA Cycle?
    • PDCA Cycle Stages: Plan, Do, Check and Act
    • How does PDCA Cycle Support Kaizen?
    • PDCA Cycle to Standardize Change
    • PDCA Sheet for Kaizen Event
  • Activity: The Standard Fish Game
  • 5S Framework
    • Seiri (Sort)
    • Seiton (Set in an Order)
    • Seisou (Shine)
    • Seiketsu (Standardize)
    • Shitsuke (Sustain)
    • 5S and Kaizen Interrelationship
    • Benefits of 5S Kaizen
    • 5S Kaizen Audit Checklist
  • Activity: 5S Numbers Game
  • Gemba Walk
    • What is Gemba Walk and its Rules?
    • Benefits of Gemba Walk for Organizations
    • How to Conduct Gemba Walk?
    • Tips to Improve Efficiency of Gemba Walk
    • Process Evaluation Checklist
    • Process Assessment Sheet
  • Activity: The Gemba Walk
  • Muda Elimination
    • What is Muda and its types?
    • Seven Forms of Muda
    • Why Eliminate Muda?
    • Identification and Elimination of Muda:
      • Defects
      • Overproduction
      • Waiting
      • Non-utilized Talent
      • Transportation
      • Inventory
      • Motion
      • Excessive Processing
    • Checklist for Kaizen Muda Inspection
  • Activity: The Ball Game
  • Cause and Effect Diagram
    • What is Cause and Effect Diagram and its Constituents?
    • Cause and Effect Diagram Benefits
    • How to Draw a Cause and Effect Diagram?
  • Five Whys
    • Steps and Example of 5 Whys Technique
    • Five Whys Root Cause Analysis Template
  • Case Study: IT Help Desk Process Improvement
  • Visual Factory
    • What and where to Display?
    • Usability of Multiple Visual Tools
    • Advantages of Visual Tools
  • Case Study: Cost Saving in Claims Warranty
  • Value Stream Mapping
    • Segments
    • Symbols
    • Metrics
    • Mapping Process
    • Benefits
  • Pareto Analysis
    • What is Pareto Analysis and its Benefits?
    • Example of Pareto Chart
  • Case Study: Transforming Airport Operations
  • What is Kanban?
  • Kanban Board Usability and its Features
  • Structure of Kanban Board
  • WIP Limit
    • Column
    • Card
    • Swimlane
  • Kanban Principles:
    • Change Management Principles
    • Service Delivery Principles
  • Benefits of Kanban
  • How Kaizen mindset leads to Kanban Practices?
  • Kanban Metrics for Tracking Progress
  • Kanban Dashboards and Matrix
  • Key Takeaways

Sample Instructor Notes

What is this slide for: Kaizen Implementation Process for Continuous Improvement

This slide covers: This slide illustrates steps in Kaizen implementation process such as discover improvement potential, analyze current methods, generate original ideas, develop implementation plan, implement the plan, and evaluate new methods.

Instructor’s Notes:

Steps for successful Kaizen implementation process are:

  • Discover Improvement Potential: Identify waste and improvement potential around work area
  • Analyze Current Methods: Analyze current methods of work-related processes
  • Generate Original Ideas: Stimulate original ideas and synthesize solutions using multiple Kaizen techniques
  • Develop Implementation Plan: Have an implementation plan for free communication and to track progress
  • Implement Plan: Implement Kaizen with a positive and open attitude to embrace the change
  • Evaluate New Methods: Evaluate results of new methods used for continuous improvement

What is this slide for: Benefits of Kaizen to an Organization

This slide covers: This slide showcases benefits of Kaizen such as reduced waste, improved customer satisfaction, improved employee productivity, improved product quality, and cost reduction.

Instructor’s Notes:

Benefits of Kaizen for continuous improvement are:

  • Reduce Waste: Implementation of Kaizen helps in the reduction of material waste and better utilization of resources that leads to better productivity of employees and the company
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: If a customer requires specific technology to solve its problems, the company concerned can work with its customers in developing it. This results in shared patents between the company and its customers
  • Improve Employee Productivity: When employees are involved in major decisions the company takes, it helps them gain confidence; with the enhanced motivation, productivity goes up
  • Improve Product Quality: Product quality can be improved with Kaizen , as it uses existing resources to get on the path of continuous improvement
  • Cost Reduction: Implementing low-quality re-design of the product or reducing waste costs is a feature of this philosophy that works wonders

What is this slide for: Brief Understanding of Value in Kaizen

This slide covers: This slide provides an overview of value in Kaizen for continuous improvement. It also explains that value is defined as the price customers are willing to pay for some product or service.

Instructor’s Notes:

Types of activities based on value are as follows:

  • Value-Added Activity: An action taken to increase the benefits of a good or service to a customer is considered as a value-added activity
  • Non-Value-Added Activity: An activity that does not increase the worth or value of product or service delivered to the customer
  • Non-Value-Added but Essential Activity: An Activity that is essential to running the business smoothly, but adds no value to the customer hence, the customer is not willing to pay any additional amount


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