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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces How to Manage Restaurant Business. State your Company name and begin.
Slide 2: This slide shows Objectives for Restaurant Management.
Slide 3: This slide displays Table of Contents of the presentation.
Slide 4: This slide displays Table of Contents.
Slide 5: This slide presents Current Challenges Faced by Restaurant.
Slide 6: This slide provides the information about the firm’s present situation in terms of financial performance, customer orders, employee attrition rate and workplace incidents reporting.
Slide 7: This slide depicts Restaurant Weekly Sales Report. This slide portrays the sales report with number of customers, food items sold on weekly basis. It provides information about how much sales are generated on per day basis. This helps the firm in segregating the days with minimum and maximum sales.
Slide 8: This slide showcases Competitive Analysis of Restaurant Industry
Slide 9: This slide shows Table of Contents.
Slide 10: This slide shows Possible Solutions for Managing Restaurant.
Slide 11: This slide displays Table of Contents.
Slide 12: This slide represents Restaurant Management System Solutions
Slide 13: This slide displays the Introduction of Restaurant Management System
Slide 14: This slide displays Table of Contents.
Slide 15: This slide provides information regarding the point of sale system that firm is going to implement in its current operations with all the features of the system. It is an effective tool for the business owner to assess and manage the business.
Slide 16: This slide presents the point of sale system showcasing total sales generated, purchase summary, pending orders, etc.
Slide 17: This slide is displaying the salient features of checkout counter and how it will help the cashier in handling orders and cash.
Slide 18: The kitchen display feature will help chef in handling orders so that no order get missed out and for efficient handling of orders.
Slide 19: This slide is about Choosing POS System for Effective Restaurant Management.
Slide 20: This slide showcases Table of Contents.
Slide 21: This slide presents information about the inventory management system which will help firm in handling inventory. It will help the firm in tracking inventory and stock usage, with real time updates on inventory in hand.
Slide 22: This slide showcases Inventory Management System.
Slide 23: This slide shows Inventory Management System.
Slide 24: This slide displays Table of Contents.
Slide 25: This slide is about Managing Employees Information. The firm will keep information about their staff in terms of their name, designation, contact details, etc.
Slide 26: This slide shows Online Attendance System for Restaurant.
Slide 27: This slide depicts Operational Checklist.
Slide 28: This slide presents the various strategies firm can use in order to retain its staff. Firm can retain its staff by offering them fair compensation, providing them training and support, and appreciating staff.
Slide 29: This slide shows Table of Contents.
Slide 30: This slide presents Daily Production Sheet. The daily production sheet will be used to keep track of the food item prepared in breakfast, lunch, dinner in terms of quantity of food prepared, preparation time, etc.
Slide 31: This slide showcases Dry Food Storage Record Maintenance.
Slide 32: This slide shows Product Cycle Checklist.
Slide 33: This slide represents Food Safety Checklist – Employee Orientation.
Slide 34: This slide is displaying Food Borne Illness Incidence Reporting. The restaurant should report incidents which are related to food in terms of stale or expiry food resulting illness.
Slide 35: This slide shows Possible Hazards in Restaurant.
Slide 36: This slide discusses about How to Handle Hazards. In order to avoid hazardous situation, the firm should take necessary steps. This slide displays various kinds of hazards and the preventive measures taken.
Slide 37: This slide displays Table of Contents.
Slide 38: This slide showcases Marketing Management for Customer Engagement.
Slide 39: This slide highlights the Ways to Increase Sales on Weekdays at Restaurant.
Slide 40: This slide shows Table of Contents.
Slide 41: This slide showcases Impact of Successful Implementation of Restaurant Management System.
Slide 42: This slide is continued with Impact of Successful Implementation of Restaurant Management System. This slide displays the positive impact of restaurant management system on firm’s overall performance.
Slide 43: This slide shows Cost Savings - Restaurant Staff Scheduling.
Slide 44: This slide shows Table of Contents of the presentation.
Slide 45: This slide shows Projected Income Statement. This slide provides glimpse about the projected profit and loss of the firm visualizing its financial performance for upcoming three years.
Slide 46: This slide shows Projected Cash Flow. This slide serves the purpose of displaying cash flow of the firm projected for upcoming three years.
Slide 47: This slide presents Projected Balance Sheet. The projected balance sheet of the firm is presented in this slide in order to visualize its financial performance for upcoming three years
Slide 48: This slide presents Monthly Sales Forecast. The purpose of this slide is to provide glimpse about sales and cost projections of the firm for next three months.
Slide 49: This is How to Manage Restaurant Business Icons Slide
Slide 50: This slide is titled as Additional Slides
Slide 51: This is 30 60 90 Days Plan
Slide 52: This is Weekly Timeline slide with Task Name
Slide 53: This is About Us slide to showcase Company specifications. This slide will provide brief description about the restaurant in terms of its background, mission, vision, etc.
Slide 54: This slide shows Roadmap process.
Slide 55: This slide showcases Restaurant Industry Overview.
Slide 56: This slide shows Global Market Trends. This slide is useful in presenting the market trends prevailing in restaurant industry across the globe. It also provides information about the market share of various fast food industry segments.
Slide 57: This slide presents the key people of restaurant with general manager who handle overall restaurant operations.
Slide 58: This is Financial slide. Showcase finance related stuff here.
Slide 59: This is Comparison slide.
Slide 60: This slide displays Our Mission, Vision and Values.
Slide 61: This is Thank You slide with Address, Email address and Contact number.

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