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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 4

This slide depicts an activity that assists customer service representatives in understanding the value of customer service.

Instructor Notes:

Inquire with the trainees about some of the reasons they can think of-

Some of the sample consequences are:

  • Reputation Damage
  • Loss of Customer
  • Reduced Profits
  • Reduced Employee Morale

Slide 6

This slide highlights the five major levels of customer service such as basic, expected, desired, supervising, and unbelievable. It also contains details of what does the customer support team covers at each level.

Slide 8

This slide covers information regarding reasons why customer service is important to businesses. The reasons are customer service helps in increasing revenue, to build a better reputation, customer retention, and satisfaction etc. 

Instructor notes:

Ways to provide excellent customer service:

  • Work as a Team- Customer service is believed to be a team sport
  • Listen to Customers- The more the customer care agents know about its customers and their needs, the more of an asset those customer agents are to both the company and customers
  • Friendly, Empathetic Support- Although robots are fascinating, few people would prefer to interact with one. Show to customers that you are not a machine. At the end of the day, it's all about how you make customers feel
  • Be Honest- Nobody likes being deceived. A customer won’t expect anything more than trust
  • Be Empathetic- Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, especially in difficult scenario. Customers will appreciate it, and the empathy will become a competitive advantage for the company
  • Deep product knowledge- “Training is the key”. The more customer support team knows about the product, the better they’ll be at servicing it 
  • Timeliness- Customers dislike to wait. When the customer service agents reply promptly and permanently fix customer's problems, they acquire confidence and are more likely to have a long-term relationship with the company
  • Identify ways to improve processes- A business must examine what is unclear and update its knowledge base or FAQs. A company can reduce contacts for repetitive issues and improve customer satisfaction by improving communications

Slide 9

This slide covers an example of how important a good customer care service is and the importance of resolving customers’ complaints as quickly as possible for a long-term relationship.

Slide 10

This slide covers an example of the importance of compensating a customer for his/her poor customer experience.

Slide 12

This slide covers information regarding the importance of customer service in businesses. The reasons are that customer service helps increase revenue, build a better reputation, satisfy, retain customers, etc. 

Instructor notes:

Reasons why customer service is important are discussed below:

  • Revenue increases with good customer service: Customer service is important as it correlates with revenue
  • Happy customers build a better reputation: Positive reputation leads to higher growth
  • Retention correlates with customer satisfaction: Customer retention carves the clearest path to business success
  • Churn decreases with more customer care: Customers churn when they’re unhappy
  • CLTV improves with better customer service: A highly engaged customer tends to buy more as compared to others
  • Company culture strengthens with improved customer sentiment: By valuing customers and tirelessly working to serve them, a company creates a culture of helpfulness
  • Brand awareness soars with positive customer experiences: Positive customer support is important for brand awareness, as it leads to “word of mouth” marketing
  • Marketing spend lessens with more customer advocates: Customer marketing involves turning existing customers into advocates
  • Business longevity relies on satisfied customers: Satisfied customers tend to provide stable revenue to the business

Slide 13

This slide covers information regarding the power of great customer service, i.e., enhancing repeat customers and driving customer’s loyalty towards a brand.

Slide 14

This slide covers information regarding the importance of customer service, i.e., how customer service increases sales and brand equity of the company’s product/service.

Slide 15

This slide covers information regarding the cost of poor customer service to a company, such as shifting to another competitor and withdrawing their purchase from the company.

Slide 16

This slide covers statistics regarding the customer service channels that customers use and their reactions to receiving unsatisfactory customer service.

Slide 17

This slide covers the most important aspects of customer service according to customers, such as friendly and knowledgeable customer support agents, resolving the issue in a single transaction, etc.

Slide 18

This slide covers information regarding the most used customer service channels worldwide.

Slide 20

This slide covers information regarding how a customer can attain a positive perception of a brand even after encountering a bad experiences. 

Slide 22

This slide covers information regarding how a well-designed customer experience can be considered as marketing strategy in any business.

Slide 23

This slide covers information regarding how customer services can be used as an acquisition channel by the companies.

Slide 24

This slide covers information regarding how a company can make it easy for its customer/potential customers to get in touch with the customer support executive.

Slide 25

This slide covers information regarding the benefits of highlighting a company’s customer support as a benefit to its customers.

Instructor notes:

Following are the indicators of excellent customer service that can be used to differentiate a company’s brand from its competitors

  • 24/7 customer support
  • A guaranteed response within a specific amount of time
  • The customer support team’s exceptionally high CSAT score

Slide 26

This slide covers information regarding how a company can use customer reviews as its marketing strategy.

Slide 28

This slide highlights the major factors impacting customer service excellence: timeliness, attitude, empathy, ownership, active listening, dependability, expertise, and follow-up.

Instructor’s Notes:

The key factors that should be focused upon to provide exceptional customer service are as follows:

  • Timeliness: Every customer wants their problem to be resolved quickly. If a timeline is committed, ensure that the customer issue gets resolved within it
  • Attitude: Always offer the best customer service by treating the complaining customer with respect, courtesy, and professionalism
  • Empathy: Have an empathetic approach towards the aggressive customer as it will immediately calm them. It will also make it easy to handle them
  • Ownership: Take complete ownership of resolving the issue. Even if one can't resolve the issue themself, ensure that the right employee approaches the customer to resolve their concern
  • Active Listening: Let the customer speak first, only after that offer a solution to their problem. Remember, listen first, act second
  • Expertise: Have complete knowledge about the product. If one doesn't know the answer, don't wait but introduce the customer to the concerned person who can resolve their concern
  • Follow up: Always follow up and check with customers if their issue is resolved or they still need assistance

Slide 30

This slide depicts an activity that helps the customer service representatives in knowing the importance of customer service. 

Instructor Notes:

  • Ask the trainees to choose a situation and tell their best or worst experience with customer service

Slide 32

This slide depicts the summary of importance of customer service session.

Slide 54 to 68

These slides depict energizer activities to engage the audience of the training session.

Slide 70

This slide highlights the cover letter for the training proposal. It includes details regarding what the company providing corporate training can accomplish for the client.

Slide 73

The purpose of this slide is to showcase the multiple types of courses offered by the training company.

Slide 75

This slide indicates the major deliverables that the corporate training firm will provide to the client. The key deliverables highlighted are session plans, PowerPoint deck, evaluation material, and training handouts.

Slide 77

This slide represents the multiple additional services offered by the training firm to the client, such as webinars, planning journals, and e-learning design solutions.

Slide 79

This slide tabulates the major deliverables offered by the training company to the client along with their associated costs.

Slide 80

The purpose of this slide is to highlight the multiple additional services offered by the training firm along with their cost details.

Slide 82

This slide provides an overview of the corporate training firm's vision and mission statements, core values, and key clients.

Slide 84

This slide highlights the major awards and recognition won by the training firm for their exceptional service to clients.

Slide 86

The slide provides information regarding the team members that would be providing the training services to the client. It includes details of the trainer and their respective designations.

Slide 87

The slide provides information regarding the team members that would be providing the training services to the client. It includes details of the employees’ names and their respective designations.

Slide 89

This slide provides information pertaining to testimonials given by satisfied clients of the training firm.

Slide 90

This slide highlights the testimonials from multiple satisfied clients of the training firm providing information regarding congratulatory messages, client name, and company details.

Slide 92

This slide showcases the case study for the training proposal. It includes information regarding the problem faced by the client and solutions offered by the training firm. It also covers details of the results and client testimonial.

Slide 94

This slide provides information regarding the contract terms and conditions of the training proposal. It also includes details of deliverables that the training company will provide to the client.

Slide 96

The purpose of this slide is to provide the contact information of the corporate training firm. It includes the firm’s official address, contact number, and email address.

Slide 97

This slide highlights the training evaluation form for instructor assessment. It also includes sections to fill details of training information and attendee details.

Slide 98

This slide showcases the questions for the assessment of the training content by the attendees.

Slide 99

The slide indicates the evaluation form for course assessment. It also includes questions pertaining to the future actions of the attendees.

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