Market share research methodology with six pentagonal steps


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Presenting market share research methodology with six pentagonal steps. This is a market share research methodology with six pentagonal steps. This is a six stage process. The stages in this process are research methodology, research method, research techniques.

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This image showcases a PowerPoint slide with the title "Market Share Research Methodology with Six Pentagon Steps." The slide is designed to illustrate a methodology process using a central hexagon shape with six surrounding pentagon-shaped steps, each depicting a different phase of research. Starting from the top, moving clockwise, the steps included are: Market analysis, Data validation, Market share by provider, Service launch, Market share by location, and Market share by industry. Each step is connected to the central hexagon that contains the main title "Research Methodology".

Use Cases:

This slide can be tailored to various industries that focus on evaluating market shares and conducting market research. Here are seven industries and their respective uses:

1. Pharmaceutical:

Use: Evaluating competitive landscape for drug manufacturing

Presenter: Market Research Analyst

Audience: Pharmaceutical Company Executives

2. Technology:

Use: Assessing market distribution of software or hardware products

Presenter: Business Development Manager

Audience: Technology Firm Stakeholders

3. Automotive:

Use: Analyzing vehicle market segmentation and consumer trends

Presenter: Marketing Strategist

Audience: Auto Manufacturers and Dealers

4. Retail:

Use: Understanding the market share of different retail chains or products

Presenter: Retail Consultant

Audience: Retail Business Owners and Management

5. Telecommunications:

Use: Measuring provider market share amidst new service launches

Presenter: Telecom Market Analyst

Audience: Communication Service Providers

6. Banking and Finance:

Use: Determining market position among financial services or institutions

Presenter: Financial Analyst

Audience: Banking Executives and Investors

7. Consumer Electronics:

Use: Tracking market performance of electronic devices by location

Presenter: Product Manager

Audience: Consumer Electronics Companies

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