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Presenting quality assurance strategy and testing methods ppt slides. This is a quality assurance strategy and testing methods ppt slides. This is a ten stage process. The stages in this process are determine test strategy, obtain test resources, develop test plans, develop test cases, setup the environment, execute test, obtain test resources, track resolve issue, execute,retest,regression, sign off and assist with on going test activities.

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The image is a PowerPoint slide titled "Quality Assurance Strategy And Testing Methods PPT Slides" with a structured layout of testing methodology steps. Each box represents a phase in the quality assurance (QA) process:

1. Determine Test Strategy: 

Establishing the approach for testing.

2. Obtain Test Resources: 

Gathering necessary materials and tools for testing.

3. Develop Test Plans: 

Creating detailed plans for how testing will be conducted.

4. Develop Test Cases: 

Writing specific cases to be tested against.

5. Setup The Environment: 

Preparing the necessary hardware and software environment for testing.

6. Execute Test: 

Running the tests as per the test cases.

7. Track Resolve Issue: 

Identifying and solving any issues found during testing.

8. Execute, retest, regression: 

Repeating tests after fixes to ensure quality.

9. Sign-off & Assist With Ongoing Test Activities: 

Final approval and support for continuous testing efforts.

Each step is essential in ensuring that a product meets its quality standards before release. The layout suggests a sequential flow from strategy to execution and follow-up, which is typical in QA processes.

Use Cases:

This QA methodology slide can be adapted for use in various industries that require systematic testing and quality assurance:

1. Software Development:

Use: Ensuring software products meet quality standards.

Presenter: QA Engineer

Audience: Development team, product managers

2. Manufacturing:

Use: Quality control in the production process.

Presenter: Quality Manager

Audience: Production staff, management

3. Pharmaceuticals:

Use: Testing and validating pharmaceutical products.

Presenter: QA Specialist

Audience: R&D team, regulatory bodies

4. Automotive:

Use: Ensuring vehicle components and systems pass safety tests.

Presenter: Test Engineer

Audience: Design team, safety regulators

5. Consumer Electronics:

Use: QA for devices like smartphones and appliances.

Presenter: QA Analyst

Audience: Engineering team, product designers

6. Food and Beverage:

Use: Quality assurance of food products for safety and compliance.

Presenter: Food Safety Officer

Audience: Production team, regulatory compliance officers

7. Aerospace:

Use: Testing aircraft components and systems for reliability and safety.

Presenter: QA/Test Manager

Audience: Engineers, aviation authorities

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