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Presenting this set of slides with name - Venture Capital Powerpoint Presentation Slides. This is a one stage process. The stages in this process are Investment, Venture Capital, Funding, Private Equity.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces Venture Capital. State Your Company Name and begin.
Slide 2: This slide presents Table of Contents showcasing- Executive Summary, Key Highlights, Organizational Structure, Milestones Achieved, The Problem, The Solution, Geographical Footprint, Product / Services, Strong Customer Retention, Market Leader in a Segment, U.S.P Slide, Competitive Landscape, Technology Trend, Business Model, Revenue Model, Growth Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Market Size, Financial Summary, Financial Projection, Financing, Use of Funds, Shareholding Pattern, Exit Strategy, Geographical Expansion, Benefits of Funding.
Slide 3: This slide presents Executive Summary displaying Company Overview, Financials and Transaction aspects to be shown.
Slide 4: This is a Key Highlights slide to represent company highlights etc.
Slide 5: This is The Problem slide to present the current challenges faced. To better illustrate your problem, as well as convey the problem statement to someone who’s less immersed in it than you, consider adding some components like 1. What do you need? 2. Reason behind the need. This will provide a better understanding to the investor for your funding requirement.
Slide 6: This slide displays The Solution such as- Save Time, Save Money, Save Energy. If the investor has no clue what the product does even after getting deep into a pitch; now is the time for a short explanation or demo.
Slide 7: This slide shows XX has a Well Planned Growth Strategy displaying- Industry footprint, End product, Target geographies, Customer segment, Product mix, Qualifications /Accreditations. This slide will make the investor understand that you have a clear vision for growth. We have added the most commonly used growth strategies which can be altered by you as per your requirement.
Slide 8: This slide shows Growth Strategy Summarized displaying- Present areas of Focus, Future areas of Focus, Accreditations, Product Mix, Customer Segments, Target Geographies, End Products, Industry Footprint, Future Capabilities, Current Capabilities. This slide is divided into two segments: inside one will focus on present capability areas of your company; while outside area will focus on Future capabilities.
Slide 9: This is a slide on Financial Projections – Income Statement in tabular form.
Slide 10: This is a Financial Projections – Balance Sheet slide in tabular form.
Slide 11: This slide shows Financing displaying- Investment Terms, Valuation of the company as examples. You need to have a clear idea on the valuation of company, and how much equity are you willing to dilute before going to any investor.
Slide 12: This slide presents Use of Funds showcasing- New Hires, Operational Cost, Marketing, Product Development.
Slide 13: This slide displays Goals of Funding. State your funding goals etc. here.
Slide 14: This slide showcases Shareholding Pattern in tabular form.
Slide 15: This slide presents the Exit Strategy categorized into- Financial Buyer, Acquisition, IPO.
Slide 16: This slide displays an Organization Chart to present structure of the proposed organization.
Slide 17: This slide presents Milestones Achieved so far. Adding few success stories with the investors will grab their eyeballs and further support your pitch.
Slide 18: This slide presents Milestones Achieved so far. Adding few success stories with the investors will grab their eyeballs and further support your pitch.
Slide 19: This slide showcases Geographical Footprint in world map image form. State- Global Presence, Company XX Facilities, Engineering Facilities, Business Development and Customer Support Facilities, Offshore Facility (Proposed) etc. here.
Slide 20: This slide presents Geographic Expansion – Inorganic Opportunity displaying- Location, Infrastructure, Key Points, Overview, Benefits, Current Status and Process Going Forward.
Slide 21: This slide shows Emphasis on Geographic & Product Expansion displaying- Diversification, Investment Benefits, Location Benefits, Cultural Benefits, Financial Benefits, Stable Infrastructure, Better Logistics. Adding few success stories with the investors will grab their eyeballs and further support your pitch.
Slide 22: This slide shows Company XX Has Wide Range Of Products/Services displaying- Product Segment, Customers preferring Segment, Product mix by Customer Segments. Adding few success stories with the investors will grab their eyeballs and further support your pitch.
Slide 23: This is …along with Superior Technical Capabilities slide displaying Capabilities.
Slide 24: This is …and state of the Art Infrastructure/ Manufacturing slide showcasing relative imagery to display.
Slide 25: This slide shows Strong Customer Retention displaying- Prospective Customers, Customer, Relationship Duration, Last 5 yrs Avg. Rev. ($MM), Key Customer Relationship. Comments to be added about client experiences, relationship with particular client, special events Snapshots of client feedback could also be added in this space.
Slide 26: This slide showcases Market Leader in a Segment displaying- Parameters: High quality standards, Past experience, Sizable, state of the art facility required, Highly skilled workforce required, Stringent vendor approvals and pre-Qs required AND. Capabilities: List of all the accreditations and quality standard certifications, Details on past experience with the customers / production etc. Details on company infrastructure, production size etc. Information on company workforce, contractual labors erc. List of all approvals required by customers. Add the key parameters in which your company is a market leader. We have shortlisted some of them for your reference.
Slide 27: This slide shows Competitive Cost Advantage in tabular form displaying- Parameter, Remarks, Comparison Between XX and Competitors. This slide will highlight your competitive advantage in different parameters. Try to be as realistic as possible.
Slide 28: This slide showcases Competitive Landscape showing- Industry Segment, Direct Competitors, and Indirect Competitors.
Slide 29: This slide showcases Product Comparison in tabular form showing- Indirect Competitor, Company and Features.
Slide 30: This slide showcases SWOT Analysis.
Slide 31: This side presents Technology Trend showcasing- Advantages of using technology XYZ over other players, Parameters. Show the pattern in which technology has changed in this industry and how you adapted yourself with this change. Conclusion of using this technology can also be stated here.
Slide 32: This is a Business Model slide displaying- User Acquisition Gather User information Intelligent Suggestions User switches = Referral fee with Future Potential: Advertising aspects to state.
Slide 33: This is a Revenue Model slide showing- Pricing, Recurring Revenue Frequency, Expected ARPU, Life-time value of a customer, Cost to Acquire a customer. We have considered 6 most important and commonly considered factors which are expected by the investors to be a part of their revenue model.
Slide 34: This slide presents Marketing Strategy consisting of- Website design, Analytics and reporting, Email marketing, Social media, Paid advertising, Collaboration, Blog, Search engine optimization.
Slide 35: This slide presents Addressable Market In Sector 1 in chart and graph forms. Show the market potential in each of your segment and try to be as realistic as possible. You can use two approaches: 1. Bottom-up approach where you calculate and show the working or 2. direct approach where do you do some secondary research for the market size.
Slide 36: This slide presents Xx is Targeting a large Addressable Market in tabular box form.
Slide 37: This slide shows Financial Summary divided into- Summary Financials: Revenue and Gross Profit, EBITDA and EBITDA Margin, PAT and PAT Margin, WC Analysis, ROCE and ROE. Revenue Split: Quarterly Revenue Split, Revenue Spilt By Geography, Revenue Split By Product Mix, Revenue split by Segment/Sector.
Slide 38: This slide showcases Summary financials – Revenue, EBITDA, PAT in graph form.
Slide 39: This slide showcases Summary financials – WC Analysis, ROCE, ROE in graph form.
Slide 40: This slide showcases Revenue Split – By Quarter & Geography in two graph forms stating- Revenue Split by Quarter, Revenue Split by Geography.
Slide 41: This slide showcases Revenue Split – By Product And Segment in graph form.
Slide 42: This is a Client Testimonials slide with name, designation and text boxes to state information.
Slide 43: This is a Coffee Break slide to halt and proceed . You may change the slide content as per need.
Slide 44: This slide is titled Our charts & graphs. You may change/alter the slide content as per need.
Slide 45: This slide shows Column Chart with two products comparison.
Slide 46: This slide presents Line Chart with two products comparison.
Slide 47: This slide displays Donut Pie Chart with data in percentage.
Slide 48: This slide represents Bar Chart.
Slide 49: This slide showcases Area Chart with two products comparison.
Slide 50: This slide shows Radar Chart to compare products.
Slide 51: This slide presents Combo Chart with three products comparison.
Slide 52: This slide displays Stacked Line chart with three products comparison.
Slide 53: This slide represents Stacked Column chart with two products comparison.
Slide 54: This slide is titled Additional slides to proceed forward. You may change the slide content as per need.
Slide 55: This slide contains Our Mission with imagery. State it here.
Slide 56: This is Our Team slide with names and designation.
Slide 57: This is About Our Company slide to show company specifications etc.
Slide 58: This slide showcases Comparison of two entities in imagery form.
Slide 59: This slide is titled Financial. Show finance related stuff, stats etc. here.
Slide 60: This is a Quotes slide. Present company beliefs, messages etc. here.
Slide 61: This is a Dashboard slide to state Low, medium and High aspects, kpis, metrics etc.
Slide 62: This is Location slide of world map image to show global growth, presence etc.
Slide 63: This is a Post It Notes slide to flash company event, news or anything to highlight.
Slide 64: This slide presents a Timeline to show growth, milestones, journey, evolution etc.
Slide 65: This is a Puzzle image slide to state information, specifications etc.
Slide 66: This is a Circular image slide to present information, specifications etc.
Slide 67: This is a Target image slide. State them here.
Slide 68: This is a Venn diagram image slide to present information, specifications etc.
Slide 69: This is a Mind map image slide to show information, segregation, specifications etc.
Slide 70: This is a Matrix slide to show information, segregation, comparison, specifications etc.
Slide 71: This is a Lego image slide. State information, specifications etc. here.
Slide 72: This slide shows Silhouettes with text boxes. State people related information, specifications etc. here.
Slide 73: This is a Hierarchy Chart slide to show team information, organizational specifications etc.
Slide 74: This is a Bulb or Idea image slide to state information, specifications etc.
Slide 75: This is a Funnel image slide to show information, specifications , funneling aspects etc.
Slide 76: This is Contact Us slide with address, contact numbers and email address.

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