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This complete presentation has PPT slides on wide range of topics highlighting the core areas of your business needs. It has professionally designed templates with relevant visuals and subject driven content. This presentation deck has total of eighty three slides. Get access to the customizable templates. Our designers have created editable templates for your convenience. You can edit the color, text and font size as per your need. You can add or delete the content if required. You are just a click to away to have this ready-made presentation. Click the download button now.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide displays title i.e. 'Web Designing and Development'.
Slide 2: This slide presents agenda.
Slide 3: This slide exhibits table of contents.
Slide 4: This slide also shows continued table of contents.
Slide 5: This slide depicts title for 'Importance of web development in businesses'.
Slide 6: This slide depicts why web development is essential for the organization based on the number of internet users.
Slide 7: This slide describes why web development is vital for the organization.
Slide 8: This slide depicts the companies' problems and shows the content quality on the website.
Slide 9: This slide displays title for 'About us'.
Slide 10: This slide depicts the overview of the company.
Slide 11: This slide represents the history and continuous growth of the company by displaying the achievements.
Slide 12: This slide describes the values of the company.
Slide 13: This slide presents title for 'Web development company strengths'.
Slide 14: This slide describes the strengths of the company.
Slide 15: This slide exhibits title for 'Our web development team members'.
Slide 16: This slide represents the team members required in web development.
Slide 17: This slide depicts title for 'What services we offer as a web development company'.
Slide 18: This slide defines our services, including web development, software development, etc.
Slide 19: This slide shows title for 'Types of website services we provide'.
Slide 20: This slide describes the homepage of the website and the main elements it contains, such as logo, headline, etc.
Slide 21: This slide represents the meaning of the magazine website and how they are helpful for informative and educational institutions.
Slide 22: This slide depicts the e-commerce websites made for online shopping and how users can compare prices and make purchases through them.
Slide 23: This slide depicts a brief idea about the blogs and how they gained popularity over time.
Slide 24: This slide describes the portfolio websites and a huge platform for artists, writers, etc.
Slide 25: This slide represents the landing pages type of website, which is used for marketing purposes.
Slide 26: This slide describes the social media websites and how these platforms are beneficial for businesses.
Slide 27: This slide depicts the directory and contact pages type of websites used to find people, businesses, etc.
Slide 28: This slide displays title for 'Techniques we offer for web development'.
Slide 29: This slide represents the front-end development and the technologies used.
Slide 30: This slide describes the back-end web development and programming languages used in web development.
Slide 31: This slide represents the full-stack development and how these developers are responsible for maintaining both sides of the website.
Slide 32: This slide defines the meaning of website development and how website developers are stick to the development of websites only.
Slide 33: This slide represents the mobile application development and the stages of mobile app development.
Slide 34: This slide describes the desktop application development.
Slide 35: This slide depicts the game development and the stages of the game development.
Slide 36: This slide describes the embedded web development and systems and how they are helpful in different sectors.
Slide 37: This slide represents the security development and how developers act as ethical hackers.
Slide 38: This slide presents title for 'CMS, we offer'.
Slide 39: This slide represents the meaning of the content management system and how it is beneficial for businesses.
Slide 40: This slide represents the benefits of using a Content Management System in the organization.
Slide 41: This slide depicts the types of the content management system which includes WordPress, Drupal, etc.
Slide 42: This slide represents the content management system our organization will use, WordPress.
Slide 43: This slide represents the WordPress content management system's key features.
Slide 44: This slide presents title for 'Languages, tools and frameworks we offer'.
Slide 45: This slide describes the languages that are used in web development.
Slide 46: This slide represents the list of top web development tools.
Slide 47: This slide represents the most popular web development frameworks.
Slide 48: This slide exhibits title for '6 steps of website development process'.
Slide 49: This slide depicts the web development process, and it covers planning, wireframe, etc.
Slide 50: This slide displays title for 'Web development training program for IT department'.
Slide 51: This slide depicts the web development training program.
Slide 52: This slide presents title for 'Our checklist for effective web development'.
Slide 53: This slide depicts the checklist for effective web development.
Slide 54: This slide displays title for 'Our timeline for web development projects'.
Slide 55: This slide represents the timeline for the web development projects and a list of tasks performed each month.
Slide 56: This slide shows title for '30-60-90 days plan for web development'.
Slide 57: This slide represents the 30-60-90 days plan of the web development.
Slide 58: This slide depicts title for 'Our roadmap for web development projects'.
Slide 59: This slide shows the roadmap for web development setup in the organization and what actions to be made at each stage after some time.
Slide 60: This slide presents title for 'Dashboard for web development project performance'.
Slide 61: This slide depicts the dashboard for the web development, and it covers the details of yearly turnover, clients’ information, etc.
Slide 62: This slide exhibits title for 'Web development introduction'.
Slide 63: This slide represents the meaning of web development and the languages used to develop the website.
Slide 64: This slide represents the meaning of website and how these websites are accessed on the computer through web browsers.
Slide 65: This slide describes an IP address's meaning, how it forms, its two sizes, etc.
Slide 66: This slide depicts the meaning of HTTP and HTTPS, how data is transferred over the internet, etc.
Slide 67: This slide describes the meaning of coding, the purpose, etc.
Slide 68: This slide represents the meaning of front-end and programming languages that are used for front-end development.
Slide 69: This slide defines the meaning of the back-end and the programming languages used for back-end development.
Slide 70: This slide represents how data security keeps in mind while developing websites.
Slide 71: This slide defines the meaning and purpose of the libraries and frameworks in web development.
Slide 72: This slide represents the main differences between web pages, websites, web servers, etc.
Slide 73: This slide depicts title for 'The difference'.
Slide 74: This slide depicts the difference between web development and web design.
Slide 75: This slide represents the difference between a web developer and a web designer.
Slide 76: This slide presents title for 'Web developer'.
Slide 77: This slide represents the skills that need to become a web developer.
Slide 78: This slide represents the skills that need to become a web developer.
Slide 79: This is the icons slide.
Slide 80: This slide presents title for additional slides.
Slide 81: This slide shows about your company, target audience and its client's values.
Slide 82: This slide presents your company's vision, mission and goals.
Slide 83: This slide displays puzzle.
Slide 84: This slide showcases financials.
Slide 85: This slide exhibits ideas generated.
Slide 86: This slide presents circular process.
Slide 87: This slide depicts location of company in world map.
Slide 88: This slide displays Venn.
Slide 89: This is thank you slide & contains contact details of company like office address, phone no., etc.


Web development is crucial for businesses as it enables them to establish an online presence, reach a broader audience of Internet users, showcase their products and services, and facilitate seamless customer interactions through their websites.

The increasing number of internet users signifies the growing potential of online markets. Web development allows organizations to tap into this vast user base and connect with potential customers, resulting in increased brand visibility and potential sales.

Web development offers several benefits for organizations, including improved brand visibility, enhanced customer engagement, better lead generation, increased sales opportunities, and improved customer service through efficient website functionalities.

Web development offers various types of websites, including magazine websites for informative and educational institutions, e-commerce websites for online shopping, blogs for sharing valuable content, portfolio websites for artists and writers, landing pages for marketing purposes, social media websites, and directory and contact pages for finding people and businesses.

Companies often face challenges related to maintaining high-quality content on their websites. Outdated or irrelevant content can negatively impact user experience and search engine rankings. Regular content updates and optimization are essential for a successful website.

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