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Presenting Achieving Sales Target Sales Performance and Sales KPI Dashboard Snapshot PPT Icon. This presentation includes five stage processes with all the instructions to customize as per your needs and preferences. The stages in this process are sales objectives, sales goal, achieving sales target. You can add your brand’s name, logo or label for that extra impact. The Complete information and Enhanced Visuals are the strongest points of this Sales KPI Dashboard PPT.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation


The image is of a sales dashboard PowerPoint slide titled "Achieving Sales Target- Sales Performance & Sales KPI." It features a collection of graphical elements that provide an at-a-glance view of various sales-related metrics.

The top row shows three gauge charts:

1. YTD Sales VS Yr ($M):

This chart indicates Year-To-Date sales compared to the previous year, shown at 10%, suggesting a possible shortfall or just the beginning of the year.

2. Net Sales VS Last Yr ($M):

Reflecting net sales, this chart shows 50%, which could mean that sales are at half of the target or last year's figures.

3. Net Sales VS Last Yr ($M):

Another net sales gauge, marked at 65%, potentially indicating progress towards the target.

The bottom row has three different charts:

1. Product Inventory:

This gauge chart shows an inventory level at 200%, indicating a surplus of inventory or overstock compared to what was planned or expected.

2. Weekly Sales:

A line chart tracking sales performance over a year, showing an upward trend, suggesting increasing sales volume as the year progresses.

3. Purchases by Region:

A donut chart breaks down purchases by region, with North America accounting for the largest share at 58%, followed by Latin America and Europe.

To the right of the gauges, there's a bar chart titled "Performance VS Quota," presenting three products against their sales quotas, with Product 1 exceeding its quota at $120.14, followed by Product 2 and Product 3 at lower values.

Overall, this dashboard provides key performance indicators (KPIs) for sales, allowing the viewer to quickly assess various aspects of sales performance, from overall progress to regional distribution. It's designed to be a visual tool for managers and teams to monitor and discuss sales strategies.

Use Cases:

This sales dashboard is an essential tool for visualizing key performance indicators and can be customized for a variety of sectors focusing on product sales and market reach.

1. Retail:

Use: Tracking product sales and inventory levels.

Presenter: Sales Managers.

Audience: Store Managers and Sales Teams.

2. Automotive:

Use: Monitoring car model sales and regional dealership performance.

Presenter: Regional Sales Directors.

Audience: Dealership Owners and Sales Staff.

3. Pharmaceutical:

Use: Analyzing medication sales trends and stock levels.

Presenter: Pharma Sales Analysts.

Audience: Pharma Representatives and Distributors.

4. Technology:

Use: Measuring software and hardware sales progress.

Presenter: Product Managers.

Audience: Sales Teams and Tech Partners.

5. Real Estate:

Use: Assessing property sales and regional market performance.

Presenter: Real Estate Brokers.

Audience: Sales Agents and Real Estate Developers.

6. Consumer Goods:

Use: Evaluating fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sales and stock.

Presenter: Brand Managers.

Audience: Retail Partners and Marketing Teams.

7. Financial Services:

Use: Presenting financial product sales and client acquisition metrics.

Presenter: Financial Advisors.

Audience: Sales Representatives and Branch Managers.

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