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Top 10 Control Strategy Hacks For Monitoring Your Business (Templates Included)

Top 10 Control Strategy Hacks For Monitoring Your Business (Templates Included)

Kanica Sharma

Kanica Sharma

August 9 2022

“In real life, strategy is actually very straightforward. You pick a general direction and implement it like hell,” Jack Welch, the ex-CEO of General Electric, says in his book, ‘Winning’. The implementation that the multi-billionaire Welch refers to does not come through knowledge, passion, or profit alone. There is another management skill needed to complete the success story of any business. This is control, also called control strategy. 


As an illustration, a courier business targets 100% on-time delivery. As a control mechanism, it has to keep two variables in mind: the distance and the cost. The company will have to live with slightly lower figures for delivery to remote places and charge more for nearby destinations. Kindly remember that this is just one kind of control strategy.


In its essence, a control strategy makes you aware of whether your business is headed towards profitability. Are you on track? Get a tour of control strategies in this blog and judge for yourself.


What Are Types Of Control Strategies?


1- Premises Control- Focuses on how certain events will take place in the near future.

2- Implementation Control- It gauges implementation activities, events, and results step-by-step and ensures if any changes are needed. 

3- Special Alert Control- Help you to assess business during certain circumstances such as natural disasters.


Let’s try and understand how exactly a control strategy works!


How Does It Benefit You?


A control strategy provides you with a detailed and objective analysis of your enterprise and strives to maximize the latter’s strength and capitalize on market opportunities. 


We’re here to offer you a detailed presentation of control strategy templates that’ll assist you in steering your business towards its long-term goal by taking charge of all activities. 


Template 1: Control Strategies PowerPoint Deck


Use this control strategy creative PPT set and foresee all possible risks and their estimated impacts. We cover risk in its entirety, from its identification to assessment. You can easily highlight types of risks and their respective treatment plans for a better outcome. Grab it right now.


Control Strategies PowerPoint Deck


Download this template


Template 2:  Key Financial Control Strategies PPT Template 


Incorporate this ready-to-use design and have a clear image of all the strategies to improve your finances. This template includes four subjects: flexible budget, statutory audits, parta system, and divisional performance control. Exhibit all the necessary data and boost your business revenue by downloading it immediately.


Key Financial Control Strategies PPT Template


Download this template 


Template 3: Control Strategy for Product Improvement PPT Design


Showcase a well-thought-out five-year roadmap with this PowerPoint theme to refine your company’s product. The presentation puts you through a few steps like identifying quality target product profiles, determining critical quality attributes, and so on. Increase work efficiency and have a better insight into the process. Employ it immediately. 


Control Strategy for Product Improvement PPT Design


Download this template 


Template 4: Control Strategy for Pharmaceutical Development PPT Slide


Meant specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, Incorporate this effective control strategy PPT theme to develop new products. The subject matters of this template are the factors attributed to parameters, range studies, and a lot more. This layout gives your audience detailed information and attracts more clients. Employ it instantly. 


Control Strategy for Pharmaceutical Development PPT Slide


Download this template 


Template 5: Control Strategy Planning PPT Template 


Having a well-maintained strategy plan is the key to growing a business. Deploy this expertly made control strategy planning PPT layout and display effective master plans to your clients. This slide discusses areas like retail strategy planning, etc. Edit it as per your requirement. Get it right now.


Control Strategy Planning PPT Template


Download this template


Template 6: Quality Control Strategies PPT Layout


The company’s success isn’t promised until you adopt the best possible strategies for the same. Hence, this quality control strategies PPT design is your escape. We, in this presentation, bring to you a proper franchise success cycle that holds the concept and value proposition, and market plan. Customize it as and when you want. This is definitely a steal. Download now.

Quality Control Strategies PPT Layout


    Download this template 


Template 7: Control Strategy For Risk Assessment PPT Design


Incorporate this detailed PowerPoint theme and compile all the possible risk factors in your business. This slide not only helps you evaluate the risks but also assists you in controlling these. Risk analysis, risk prioritization, and risk action are a few things that are a part of this presentation. Get your hands on this one now.


Control Strategy For Risk Assessment PPT Design


Download this template


Template 8: Control Strategies For Mass Customization PPT Theme


Begin your PowerPoint slideshow with this exemplary PowerPoint template that’ll guide you in managing your goals and paradigm integrations. This layout puts you through a seven-stage process to ultimately create a mass customization construction model. Make the best use of this template by modifying any project in your enterprise. Employ it now.


Control Strategies For Mass Customization PPT Theme


    Download this template


Template 9: Control strategy For Operation Management PPT Layout


Include this PPT slide and have complete control over your business process in order to bring out maximum output. This tailor-made design discusses inputs, control process, output, and a lot more. Create the highest level of efficiency within your organization with this template. Hit the download link below.

Control strategy For Operation Management PPT Layout


    Download this template 


Template 10: Control Strategy for Inventory Management PPT Design


Enjoy the benefits of resource efficiency with this control strategy for inventory management PPT template. Ensure inventory management at minimum cost.This slide is beneficial in terms of focusing on location and storage as well. Incorporate it ASAP.


Control Strategy for Inventory Management PPT Design


Download this template


Now that you’ve had an insight into our control strategy collection of templates, it's now time to put these into practice and download. You can also go to this vast collection of PowerPoint slides which serves your purpose.  


With these designs, you can timely take actions to ease your control process and make it more effective. 


Go, get them!


PS: Do you wish to create long-term value for your company? Check out this blog and learn how a definitive sustainability strategy helps your organization to boost its profitability.


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