You brand is not just logo and colors, it’s more than that!


It is how you connect with people, how you represent yourself and your consumers.


In simple terms, it is life or death of your business, so it is of utmost importance that you get it right!


Before you started your business, you researched a lot and planned for your brand to be a perfect one.


Though it wasn’t easy, but you still kept on finding the ways to enhance your business and beautify it’s face with all the brushes available.


But, have you given a thought?


Why is it that so many businesses rebrand their identity, create new branding strategies and tactics to alter their brand’s appearance?


Before getting into the intricacies, let’s first understand what is rebranding.




It is a marketing strategy in which a new name, logo, design, symbol and term is created for an established brand with an intention of developing new identity in the minds of stakeholders.


This also includes change in brand’s name, logo, image, marketing and advertising strategies.


In other words, it is an initiative in which brand identity i.e. the look and feel is changed for influencing how the audience perceives the brand.


Though this process may be a bit expensive, but when done successfully, it can make your company stand out from that of your competitors.


Not only this, you get a chance to align it with the needs and wants of your customers.


Let’s have a look at some of the reasons you should go for rebranding-


Benefits of Rebranding


  • Helps you Connect with a New Audience


One of the biggest advantages that one can get from refreshing the look and feel of a brand is the ability to reach new customers. It can offer stimulation your business needs to create in an ever-evolving market.


  • Makes you Stand out from your competitors


Rebranding can help you set your company’s offers and approach apart. This way you can showcase your clients that your brand is unique and that you’re the experts. Rebranding will give an entirely new look to your business and will help you establish as an industry leader.


  • Aids you keep your brand current


The design of your brand plays a major role in how your brand is perceived by your customers. By changing the look and updating your brand you can show your customers that you are keeping up with the industry trends and paying attention to what’s coming new in the market.


  • Boost Your Bottom Line


The benefits of changing your brand will not only impact the strategy, but would also make your company profitable. Reaching new markets, showcasing your expertise, and expanding the reach of your products are some of the ways to increase the profits to give your brand a new look.


Rebranding PowerPoint Templates


To help you give your brand a new look and identity, and introduce the same in front of your audience, we have come up with a ready-made deck.


This rebranding – retaining brand value while building a fresh face PowerPoint deck will not only arm you formulate strategies and tactics to beautify the brand, but will also help you earn more profits.


Right from assessing the different rebranding levels to highlighting the goals, benefits and challenge this deck will completely help you serve the purpose. SlideTeam’s professionals have gathered the data so that you can put this to use if you are looking to give a newer look to your brand.


Download it now!


Cover Slide


Rebranding - Retaining Brand Value

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What can be a better way to improve your brand awareness, attract new audience, and stand out among your competitors?


Cater to your target audience by putting your hands on this amazingly designed ‘‘Rebranding – retaining brand value while building a fresh face’’ PowerPoint slide.


In order to create a brand image in the market, you must be backed up with such presentation slides that communicate your brand idea and image to your audience. This is where the given template holds importance.


Add your company name and a suitable image and you are all set to represent your brand, plan and its strategy.


Following slides will arm you create a new brand identity for your business and reach untouched potential markets.


Key Stats Related to Brand Transformation


Key Stats Related to Brand Transformation

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Marketing team can get their hands on this creatively designed brand management set of PowerPoint templates to talk about the stats related to brand transformation.


The slide incorporates enough space for you to jot down the major stats related to your brand that will help you establish a new brand identity.


It showcases the key reasons for rebranding and some of them are-

  • Most businesses spend 6 to 8 months for brand transformation.
  • 82% of clients feel more positive about brand showcasing customized content.
  • Brand recognition increases by 80% with the usage of signature color.
  • B2B businesses spend around 10%-20% of their marketing budget on rebranding on an average.
  • 72% of best brand names are made up words or acronyms
  • Brand consistency across different platforms increase revenues by 33%.


Assessing Different Types of Rebranding Levels


Assessing Different Types of Rebranding Levels

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Assessing different types of rebranding levels has now become easy thanks to this customizable rebranding levels template.


To evaluate the strength of your brand you would need to assess different branding levels on the basis of timeline and budget.


The slide showcases 3 levels, along with their nitty-gritty–


Brand refresh – This is a basic branding level which is suitable for businesses with simpler requirements and includes components such as brand discovery, identity, website, copywriting, etc.


Partial reboot – This goes with the intermediate level of branding and is suitable for businesses with systematic issues related to growth. Brand reboot includes components such as – customer research, brand identity, marketing collateral, etc.


Brand Overhaul-  This is the final rebranding level suitable for firms with wide range of complexities. Some of the components included in brand overhauling are internal brand research, brand rollout, brand guidelines, etc.


Essential Reasons Highlighting Why Firms Opt for Rebranding 


Essential Reasons Highlighting Why Firms Opt for Rebranding 

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Acquaint your audience with the reasons of opting rebranding with this readily-available template at your disposal. The slide displays information regarding the reasons for firms to prefer rebranding.


Business organization usually go for rebranding because of the following reasons.

  • Outdated logo
  • For expanding business scope and entering into new markets.
  • For capturing future growth opportunities through rebranding when firm outgrows the original mission
  • When brand aesthetic is no longer associated with company’s value and products
  • When there is outdated branding or poor reputation across marketplace.


Strategic Brand Refresh


Strategic Brand Refresh

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You can grab your audience attention by talking about strategic brand refresh taking the assistance of the given slide. It includes every detail about the goal, benefits and challenges.


Highlight the changes that you want in your company’s goal be it modernized font, altering logo design, tagline section or any other change.


Some of the benefits associated to rebranding are –

It attracts user attention

Refreshes brand’s visual image

Offers more appeal to website and app


Some of the challenges that companies face because of which they go for rebranding are –

  • Issuing in updating all brand interfaces
  • Enabling consistency of brand image across all the channels and mediums
  • Ensuring logo scalability
  • Hiring suitable web designer that managers user experience


Brand Reboot 


Brand Reboot 

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This slide gives you information regarding brand reboot. Focusing on goals, benefits and challenges the purpose of this slide is to enhance brand ideology to meet newer standards and relaunch to evolved audience.


While deciding the goals – you can keep some aspects similar while changing the others –

  • Redesigned logo
  • Typeface makeover


What are the benefits of brand rebooting?


  • It enables strong impact as compared to brand refresh
  • Enhance brand relevance
  • Allows reconnection with existing customers
  • Assist firm in attracting potential new leads


Some challenges related to brand rebooting are


  • Cost optimization
  • Alignment of firm’s values with customer’s expectations
  • Determine necessary causes for reboot




Ways to Strategically Reboot Brand's Content Marketing


Ways to Strategically Reboot Brand's Content Marketing

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The given slide provides information about the ways to strategically reboot brand’s content marketing through various ways which are –


Modernizing value proposition – It includes recognizing customers’ requirements and identifying core values.


Detecting new channels for content distribution – it includes catering various channels of content distribution and publishing such as – blog, social media accounts, email, guest post.


Incite controversy – controversy enables buzz and virality to get brand under spotlight.


Showcasing diverse, high-quality content- It focuses on providing interesting and trending topics to cater customers’ attention.


Essential Steps Involved in Successful Rebranding Process 


Essential Steps Involved in Successful Rebranding Process 

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Acquainting your audience with the necessary steps that are involved in rebranding is of utmost importance. This is where the given template holds importance.


Following series of steps are involved in rebranding –


1st Step- building brand identity questionnaire


2nd Step- Understanding the ideal customers


3rd Step- Assessing competitors


4th Step- Determining brand’s story and voice


Develop Rebranding Guidelines for Improved Brand Performance


Develop Rebranding Guidelines for Improved Brand PerformanceClick Here to Download 


This slide provides information regarding rebranding guidelines for improved brand performance.


Some of the guidelines talked about in the slide are –

  • Determining Logo design
  • Managing Brand typography
  • Handling brand color
  • Mentioning image source and sizes
  • Administer social media


Brand Naming Criteria Evaluation Sheet 


Develop Rebranding Guidelines for Improved Brand Performance

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This slide provides information regarding brand naming selection through evaluation sheet. Brand name would be selected on the basis of different parameters, namely -


  • Does it cater story appeal?
  • Is the name easy to read?
  • Does the name sounds good?
  • Is it memorable?
  • Can it be used internationally?
  • Is it registerable?

Considering all the above questions, one can easily evaluate the brand name is suitable to go with or not?


Responding to Audience Reaction for Rebranding Marketing Campaign


Responding to Audience Reaction

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This slide provides information regarding the response to audience’s reaction for rebranding marketing campaign.


It showcases types of audience reactions namely, enthusiastic, positive, mixed, neutral and negative


Also, by having a prior knowledge of audience responses one can easily devise the strategies and tactics to respond accordingly.


Awareness Campaign for Customer Outreach 


Awareness Campaign Plan

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Showcase the awareness campaign plan for customer outreach through rebranding utilizing the given template.


The formulated plan includes elements such as


Campaign name – Like Facebook Ads, SEM Campaign, Analytics Campaign


Objectives – includes building awareness, showcasing advance level of analytics.


Duration -  here you can mention number of days for which the campaign will run.


Components – talk about the campaign components that you wish to use – display ads, webinars, whitepapers, AdWords, etc.


Similarly, you can talk about other components for customer outreach through rebranding.


Corporate Rebranding Activities Tracking Timeline 


Corporate Rebranding Activities Tracking Timeline 

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To track the activities progress, you must be backed up with a tool that helps you do so. Corporate rebranding activities tracking timeline PowerPoint slide includes information using which you can evaluate the brand’s performance.


Roles and Responsibilities of Rebranding Implementation Partner and Branding Agency


Roles and Responsibilities of Rebranding Implementation Partner and Branding Agency

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This slide gives information about roles and responsibilities of rebranding implementation partner and branding agency.


Some of the responsibilities mentioned in the slide are –

  • Audit and strategy
  • Plan and Produce
  • Rollout and manage

Having backed up with this template can arm you delegate authority and responsibility related to rebranding implementation.


Marketing Goals Associated with Co-branding Partnered Campaign 


Marketing Goals Associated with Co-branding Partnered Campaign 

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This side provides information regarding assessment of marketing goals associated to co-branding partnered campaign based on different parameters.


These objectives are-

  • Associated cost
  • Duration
  • Marketing activities
  • Branding partner
  • Result achieved, etc.


Wrapping up


Rebranding is an important aspect of digital marketing strategy; in some way it determines the success or failure of your business. So make sure you rebranding is on your business plan for digital marketing.


Our PowerPoint templates will help you in promoting your brand more effectively. In rebranding your company, the best marketing strategy is these PowerPoint templates. These branding templates will give your brand an image makeover and help you meet your marketing goals.


Download now