Gone are the days, when there was heavy dominance of cash-based and physical transactions. The 21st century is all about digitalization, which is now being reflected in payments and monetary transactions as well. Digital payments have encouraged remote alliances and have helped to do away with the fear of losing cash or falling prey to fake currency. The best part about digital payment solutions is that multiple alternatives are available and you can choose the one that best suits the nature and scale of your business. All you need to do is lay down a full-proof, safe, and secure digital payment mechanism.


As a new entrant in the digital payment arena, you are likely to be ignorant about the many aspects that add completion to this kind of payment structure. This is exactly where our templates come into the picture.


Each template deals with a different subject and offers you a step-by-step guide right from the point of inception, execution to the successful termination of every initiated digital transaction.


Likewise, our templates focus on helping you build a digital payment platform that secures data and helps maintain high-level privacy of crucial information for your organization, vendors as well as each and every customer.


Template 1


Companies both big and small have now turned to cost-effective and time-saving digital payment mechanisms. As you enter the market, you can exercise better control and strategize smartly with our market entry report for the transformation of payment solutions through digital mediums PowerPoint template.


Market Entry Transformation of Payment Solution Through Digital Medium

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Template 2


Market overview aims to offer you an in-depth understanding of the ongoing market trends, which assists you with spot-on decision-making. Turn to our content-based template as it covers multiple sub-heads namely market overview, industry trends, drivers, challenges, and solutions, and introduces the topics covered in the given deck.


Table of Content

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Template 3


Global digital payments have become the need of the hour in order to streamline payment transactions across borders. Get to know more about the functioning of this concept internationally and its overall impact only with our global digital payment market overview template.


Global Digital Payment Market Overview

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Template 4 


Digital payments can be initiated across various mediums, with each player trying to outperform his rivals. We present to you our graphical template that rightly places the future of digital-key players in the industry. Take assistance from this template to settle for nothing, but the best.


Key Players of Industry

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Template 5


While introducing one or more digital payment options, you need to know which industry trend i.e., digital payment practice has attracted the most eyeballs. Get to know the market trends with respect to the digital payment industry with our template that touches upon contactless card acceptance, mobile contactless users, mobile payments, and e-commerce sites.


Market Trends of Digital Payment Industry

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Template 6 


The digital payment industry has been on the rise as it offers multiple advantages such as a rise in non-banking payment institutions, real-time payments, the ability to meet customer demand, etc. By turning to our template, you can list out and convey the Digital Payment Industry's key growth drivers.


Digital Payment Industry Key Growth Drivers

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Template 7


Based upon the nature and operation of a business unit, they need to zero down on a personalized payment processing solution. With the help of this digital payment mechanism template, you can compare between the available digital payment solutions and select the most suitable alternative.


Payment Processing Solution

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Template 8


The digital payment mechanism has a close interaction with payment wallet solutions, which deal with the storage of payment credentials. This template of ours aims to precisely describe each wallet, whether it’s a pull or push payment as also use of PAN or token.


Payment Wallet Solutions

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Template 9 


Digital payments involve a certain level of risk, which needs to be guarded by exercising on-point security measures. We present our payment security and fraud management solutions template that explains security solutions before, during, and after a digital transaction.


Payment Security and Fraud Management

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Template 10 


In order to smoothen your digital payment processes, you need to focus on turning to new technologies and overcoming all software integration challenges. Our Digital Payment system integration services template helps bring harmony between your existing applications and external systems.


Digital Payment System Integration Service

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Template 11


Deployment of digital services involves sharing analytical across your organization, integrating with existing infrastructure, automating processes, and securing your data. Our template lays down a step-by-step procedure for you to centralize, and secure storage. It also focuses on advanced capabilities for the management and control of predictive analytic processes.


Digital Payment System Deployment Services

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Template 12 


You can choose to give your digital payment structure a touch of private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud. You can also transform the virtual cloud into a hybrid cloud to meet the demands of the digital economy.


Global Digital Payment Market Overview

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Template 13 


Introducing digital payment operations isn’t the end, it is equally important to understand its architecture and functioning. With this template, you get exposed to a graphical representation that talks about IPN and your administrative processes.


Digital Payment Architecture

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So, bag these lucrative templates to diversify your revenue stream and get a better understanding of digital payment platforms.