Build a playbook that represents the best practices in sales. Lay out clear objectives and strategies to your sales team that they would need to close a deal. In simpler words, sales playbook will help you train your salespeople regarding methodology, customer’s buying process, engagement experience and more.


Creating a sales playbook can take a lot of time. And which is why, we present you a content-ready professionally designed sales playbook to train your sales team and encourage them to focus on their core i.e. sales.


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Templates that are must in a sales playbook are:


  • Our Customers:

Our Customers


Give a clear and an explicit information of who your customers are, key buyers and influencers. Identify the market and key trends. Analyse the pain points of your consumers, what message to give and how do you provide value. In short, conduct an extensive customer analysis.


  • Ideal Customer Profile:

Ideal Customer Profile


What your ideal customer should be like? Sketch out the ideal customer profile so that your sales team targets the right customers. Choose whom you want to do business with. List out their demographic, psychographic, behavioral and environmental characteristics. Answer some basic questions such as who they are, how they think and how they act. In short, the feasibility of buying process. This slide covers the components that will help you create a perfect customer profile for your business.


  • Value Proposition:

Value Proposition


This is the part where you have to explain why your company exists and what are the services or products that you offer. Showcase how your company makes a difference to the customers. This slide should help you answer why and how than the competition. Let your sales team learn customers’ needs and pain points using this template.


  • Customer Journey Mapping:

Customer Journey Mapping


Customer Journey Mapping Template


Educate the team about the customers. Understand customers and improve their experience. Create customer journey roadmap to talk about user’s feelings and key interactions that customers have with the company. Portray customer’s experience with your organization showcasing major and minor touch points.


  • Buying/Sales Process:

Buying Process


Basically, the way you plan to get your customers on-board is what this slide is about. Showcase every step of your sales process. Include all the minute details from first connect to final closing of a deal. Use this slide to talk about the key activities involved in each step such as buyer description, action, duration and more. Provide guidelines on what information needs to be collected at every stage, identify the key players in each step such as the rep, manager, prospect, buying, etc. and how to assess the opportunity.


  • Content and Sales Tools:

Content & Sales Tools


Now you have your sales process planned, use relevant methods and tools that will provide resources to the customers helping them buy your products without second thoughts.


Download Content-Ready Sales Playbook Complete Deck


Communicate sales methodology to your sales team using this ready-made sales playbook PowerPoint presentation. Improve sales effectiveness and productivity. Assess the weaknesses, leverage the strengths, enhance your profit ratio, and prove business value.