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Top 10 Employee Appreciation Templates to Boost Productivity

Top 10 Employee Appreciation Templates to Boost Productivity

Malvika Varma

January 14, 2021

Who doesn’t like to be appreciated for their hard work? Well, everyone does. 


Ever thought about why the top talented employees leave the company despite the fancy perks? The possible answer could be a lack of employee appreciation. 


It is human nature to like the feeling of being valued for who they are and how they contribute. Employees are undeniably one of the strongest pillars of any organization. It is their well-being and efficiency that directly impacts productivity and business revenue. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift to work-from-home culture has taken a toll on the employees’ sentiments with the constant fear of pay cuts or, even worse, layoffs. 


Such unprecedented times have increased the need for employee appreciation more than ever. With workspace going virtual, a common feeling nowadays is being less connected to fellow employees and employers, and lack of appreciation of efforts one puts in. Appreciation is something employees usually crave for. The magic of a few kind words of appreciation and encouragement cannot be underestimated. Appreciation is deserved all the time whether the work is remote or on-site. The more the better. 


Rightly said, 


“You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.” - Zig Ziglar


Appreciation towards employees and colleagues not only uplifts their morale but also boosts their productivity. Genuine appreciation for top performance, work ethics, teamwork, collaboration, project or goal completion, anniversaries, and milestones helps foster trust, build a strong bond, and give a sense of belonging. 


According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, 53% of employees feel appreciation from their bosses would help them stay longer in the organization. This clearly shows that employee retention is directly linked to employee appreciation. 


To help you keep your employees inspired and motivated to achieve goals, we have curated the top 10 employee appreciation templates. These ready-made templates are all you need to boost productivity and become the number one choice of the top talents of the market. So scroll below, download the templates that suit you the most, and show your organization’s strong value of appreciating employees. 


Top 10 Employee Appreciation Templates to Download

Template 1

Employee AppreciationDownload Employee Appreciation Template


Discuss the advantages of employee appreciation with this pre-designed complete deck. By downloading this striking employee appreciation template, you can list the employees who have performed exceptionally well and deserve appreciation for their dedication and hard work. 

Template 2

Employee RecognitionDownload Employee Recognition Template


Showcase your company’s revenue per employee and various other business stats to amplify the need for employee appreciation at the workplace using this template. Comprising 50 well-researched slides, this complete deck is crucial to discuss the reasons for low productivity and dissatisfaction with the job. Download our employee appreciation template and address issues effectively.

Template 3

Employee Recognition ProcessDownload Employee Recognition Process Template


Incorporate this visually-appealing employee appreciation template to showcase the benefits of recognition and appreciation at the workplace. The high-quality illustrations in this complete deck effectively portray the subject matter and serve the purpose. 

Template 4

Project Coordinator Appreciating Team MembersDownload Employee Appreciation Template


Highlight how employees can be encouraged by downloading this content-ready employee appreciation template. List the key points of each element and have an effective brainstorming session with your colleagues to boost employees’ morale.

Template 5

Benefits Of Employee AppreciationDownload Benefits Of Employee Appreciation Template


Demonstrate the benefits of employee appreciation for boosting productivity by utilizing this amazingly-designed template. The role of constant motivation to uplift employees can be discussed in detail by introducing this contemporary template.

Template 6

Appreciation Icon With EmployeeDownload Appreciation Icon With Employee Template


Emphasize the importance of employee appreciation by downloading this attractive template. Demonstrate the steps your company adopts to ensure every employee is valued by incorporating this creative design.

Template 7

Reasons Employee Appreciation To Be PriorityDownload Reasons Employee Appreciation To Be Priority Template


Highlight the reasons why employee appreciation is the number one priority for employees using this customizable template. Mention the key points and devise a strategy to have a healthy work culture using this employee appreciation template.

Template 8

Employee Appreciation Icon With A StarDownload Employee Appreciation Icon With A Star Template


Appreciate the star employee of the month by downloading this employee appreciation template. Using this customizable template, you can list the achievements and motivate other fellow employees to work towards their goals.

Template 9

Boost Employee Motivation Via Communication And AppreciationDownload Boost Employee Motivation Via Communication And Appreciation Template


Showcase the significance of employee motivation by communication using this professionally-designed employee appreciation template. Illustrate the focus areas and encourage employees for their accomplishments by downloading this template.

Template 10

Ways Of Employee AppreciationDownload Ways Of Employee Appreciation Template


List how your company appreciates its employees by downloading our employee appreciation template. This editable template is all you need to highlight the significance of encouraging your employees and make them feel valued. 


Empower your team with our top 10 employee appreciation templates. These contemporary templates are a must to showcase the significance of employee appreciation to boost productivity. Download these templates and make your office a happy place to work at!


For more productivity tips that HR managers can use, check out our 2021 guide here.


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