When I was younger, whenever my parents asked me where I wanted to go out, my instant response was almost always “McDonald’s!”. When they would ask why McDonald’s, I used to fumble a bit and then would say how the food was really delicious there. Now, as I have become older and wiser, I can remember that just because McDonald’s used to give toys in Happy Meals, my decision was primarily influenced by the variable reward given at the end of the meal. It was a conditioned preference influenced by repeat exposure, but that is exactly how a clever advertising ploy works!




The World of Advertising 


Advertising is a paid form of communication from an identified source that draws attention to ideas, goods, services, or the source itself. It is usually directed towards groups rather than individuals. It is a subset of marketing used as an umbrella term to connect with the audience. 


Advertising is a very old style of promotion with its roots going back to ancient times. The most aged piece of advertising was a printed ad back from 3000 BC in Egypt, promoting the arrest and return of an escaped slave. The piece also mentioned the address of the slave owner’s shop. Though the slave was never caught, the owner discovered a new method of bringing traffic - advertising. 


When you hear advertising, what do you think of? Do you think of billboards, banners, hilarious commercials, or posters in the subway stations? Most of us have a pretty good idea of what successful advertising looks like, but we often struggle to pin down exactly how to implement it. From the printing press to pop-up notifications, advertisements have indeed been changed with time. However, the need for advertising is still the same. Let’s look at the different types of advertising that marketers and advertisers can engage in to create awareness of their brand, product, or idea. 

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  1. Print advertisements 
  2. Billboards and public transit ads
  3. TV commercial
  4. Radio
  5. Event advertisements
  6. Direct mail
  7. Digital advertisements (paid search advertising, social media advertising, native ads and sponsored content, banner and display ads, pay-per-click advertising, mobile advertising)


There are plentiful tips and tricks when we say advertising. However, in this section, we have shared five different advertising concepts that you can apply, regardless of the method or medium selected for your business. In addition, to help you design an inspiring and successful promotional campaign, we have presented 5 well-crafted advertising templates with each strategy. So let’s explore them one by one and understand their nifty little advantages. 

1. Appeal to emotions

It is proven that people rely on emotions while associating with a brand. An emotional response to the advertisement persuades a person to purchase the product more than the actual ad content. So let your target audience feel your message and not merely read or hear it. Here are the templates for that.

Template 1

Spur growth in the telecom sector by creating a booming digital advertising plan. The template is easily editable. So, you can utilize it for any industry and reach larger audiences. Download and take the opportunity to tell your brand’s story at scale and in context.


Digital Advertising Plan For Telecom Sector Template

Download Digital Advertising Plan For Telecom

Template 2

Doctors can pick this internet advertising template to appropriately use social media marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This design will help them increase their patient population reach and engage them for better clinical solutions. So grab it immediately!


Internet Doctor Advertising PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Internet Doctor Advertising PPT PowerPoint Presentation 

Template 3

You can use this innovative template to design an effective advertising strategy. Inform the potential customers about your brand and the products that you offer. Download the template and make required adjustments in the format.


Original Types Of Advertising Strategies PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Original Types Of Advertising Strategies PPT PowerPoint Presentation 

Template 4

Advertising channels create utility, boost exchange efficiency and help match supply and demand. Every channel has its potential to increase sales. Therefore, it is crucial to choose them. This template will help you select an advertising channel that corresponds to your company’s mission, vision, and goal.


Our Mission Advertising Channels PPT Infographic

Download Our Mission Advertising Channels PPT

Template 5

This visually appealing template helps share the budget associated with different advertising channels. It includes a chart and graph that will ensure the delivery of a logical presentation. So download it and achieve a capstone of success.


Social Media Budget Template Social Advertising PowerPoint Presentation

Download Social Media Budget Template Social Advertising PowerPoint Presentation 


2. Create a positive pursuit

When the customer associates with a feeling of happiness, motivation, or achievement, they are more likely to pick your product or service. So while weaving an advertisement, consider the feeling with which you want your brand to be perceived. Also, look for the influencers that associate with your brand’s core values. Organize your thoughts and ideas in the following templates.

Template 1

If your idea can capture the audience’s attention, influence their emotional response, and inspire them to take action, this template is the correct pick for you. Download it and dramatize the product-related information to be conveyed. 


Bulb Or Idea Advertising Channels

Download Bulb Or Idea Advertising Channels PPT

Template 2

Coronavirus has led to an immediate fall in ad spending. Therefore, it is paramount to display the agenda of the advertising channel selected. Download this invigorating template and present a lucrative media proposal.


Agenda Advertising Channels PPT Infographic

Download Agenda Advertising Channels PPT Infographic

Template 3

Advertising channels help you promote your business among potential customers. With this template, you can elucidate the channels profitable for your organization in the form of a business puzzle. The design is easy to edit. So download and hook the viewer’s attention. 


Business Puzzle Advertising Channels PPT Infographic

Download Business Puzzle Advertising Channels PPT Infographic

Template 4

An interactive ad can change people’s perceptions and attitudes towards the product or service. Pick this template to create a distinctive brand for your business and achieve an edge over the competitors. Download it to share your valuable information and increase business sales. 


Advertising On Business Sales Template PowerPoint

Download Advertising On Business Sales Template Powerpoint

Template 5

To reap the benefits of real estate advertising, it is important to market yourself online. Choose this template to design an internet advertising campaign for your property firm. Download it to make a dynamic shift in your presentation.


Property Online And Internet Advertising

Download Property Online And Internet Advertising PPT Slide Template


3. Create a bandwagon effect

People do not feel good when they are left out. This is human nature. They find value in their associates’ opinions and certainly do not want to be the one not using the latest technology or product. So use this concept to your advantage by incorporating the templates below.

Template 1

This is yet another example of a budgeting template to compare the actual budget with a projected estimate. So download it and discuss how to manage your entire advertising budget from start to finish. 


Budgeting Template Advertising Planning PPT

Download Budgeting Template Advertising Planning PPT

Template 2

Advertising incorporates the data and research collected by marketing strategies to communicate the brand in the best light. Choose this well-researched template to discuss efforts such as diversification, corporate objective, market share, and improvement in profit. 


Advertising And Marketing Efforts Template

Download Advertising And Marketing Efforts Template 

Template 3

Select this template and craft an advertising plan that researches the correct customers, uses an effective marketing message, and stays within the assigned budget. It is a great tool to attract more investors, all thanks to its edgy design. So grab it immediately!


Advertising Plan For Consumers Template PowerPoint

Download Advertising Plan For Consumers Template PowerPoint Images

Template 4

This template can be used to keep your brand ahead of the bounce rate game. So download it to make the customers more familiar with your brand and present a bird’s-eye view of re-advertising.


Re Advertising The Product PowerPoint Templates

Download Re Advertising The Product PowerPoint Templates

Template 5

Industrial or B2B advertising is majorly done for the companies that act as outsourcing partners. So pick this template to make more distribution channels and increase sales. Instantly grab the design and use it in any advertising presentation. 


Industrial Science Advertising Service Template

Download Industrial Science Advertising Service Template


4. Look for benefits not features

Features and benefits are different. Features tell about the appearance or characteristics of the product, like ingredients of a protein bar. However, benefits tell why you should use the protein bar. If you design a creative and benefit-packed advertisement, the customer will subsequently search for your product’s features. Use the following templates to execute this concept.

Template 1

An advertising agency knows best for your business based on their previous experience. Ad agencies can use this slide to save their clients’ time. Apart from this, you can also personalize the icons, text, and images included in this template. 


Advertising Agency Icons Template PowerPoint Ideas

Download Advertising Agency Icons Template PowerPoint Ideas

Template 2

This advertising campaign proposal includes 45 slides that can be used to reach customers, clients, and leads efficiently. The template is easily editable, so download it instantly to explain your services and promote your brand further. 


Advertising Campaign Proposal Template PowerPoint Presentation

Download Advertising Campaign Proposal Templates PowerPoint 

Template 3

This is yet another advertising proposal template that ad agencies can use to pitch an exciting campaign. Use it and set out your recommendations to attract more clientele. Download it and generate consumer demand for a particular product or service. 


Advertisement Proposal Template PowerPoint Presentation

Download Advertisement Proposal Templates PowerPoint Presentation

Template 4

To use Facebook for promoting your product, you need to post regularly on it. Pick this starring template and create Facebook advertising clues. Download it and share the insights with other team members as well. 


Use Facebook Advertising Clues Template PPT Sample

Download Use Facebook Advertising Clues Templates 

Template 5

Shed light on the different types of online advertising channels such as email marketing, website blogs, content marketing, social media marketing, relationship, and search engines. Download this design and target the audience that is more likely interested in what your business is selling. 


Online Advertising Techniques Template

Download Online Advertising Techniques Templates PPT Samples Professional

5. Storytelling

A story helps paint a bigger picture for any brand. Create your own story that illustrates your brand as “necessary, believable, and integral”. With this, you can discuss your brand in all marketing areas and not just advertising. To execute your storytelling strategy with panache, you can use the following templates.

Template 1

Statistics play a critical role in all aspects of advertising. You can pick this creative template to use statistics and identify the most cost-effective ways to attract a new customer base. Therefore, download it and edit as per your data. 


Media Advertising Statistics Template PowerPoint

Download Media Advertising Statistics Templates PowerPoint Slide

Template 2

Internet advertising is an essential digital marketing strategy. You can use various channels under this, such as social media, display, and paid search, to reach customers affordably. Therefore, download this advertising diagram design and promote your business to increase revenue. 


Internet Advertising Diagram Template

Download Internet Advertising Diagram Templates 

Template 3

Choose this influential template to plan, engage, implement, audit, discuss, decide, optimize, and manage an online advertising technique. You can create a comparison between different advertising techniques and let your marketing team select the most viable option. 


Online Advertising Techniques Template

Download Online Advertising Techniques Template 

Template 4

Advertising efforts often make it easier for salespeople to deal with already warmed-up prospects who have an existing awareness of the company. Therefore, download this template design to ultimately help the salespeople close more deals and make new connections. 


Sales Objectives Of Advertising PowerPoint Templates

Download Sales Objectives Of Advertising PowerPoint Templates

Template 5

This template will help you create a reputation advertising plan for monitoring and improving how your business is viewed in the market. It analyses what a potential customer, partner, or reporter will discover about your brand on conducting a Google search. So download now and use it as per your requirement. 


Reputation Advertising Example PowerPoint Templates

Download Reputation Advertising Example Powerpoint Templates


There is a lot more to explore in the constantly progressing advertising world. Apply the tried and tested techniques covered in this blog and create a magnetic advertisement for your brand. 


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