Have you ever reached a point when you feel as if you need a To-do list for your already existing To-do list? This can happen when tasks get jumbled in heaps together. It’s always better to sub-task your to-do tasks. Isn’t it? This is what a 30 60 90 Day Communication Plan offers.


Whether you are a newcomer or a pro, having a 30 60 90 Day Plan is essential. Simply put, it is a segmented plan for the upcoming 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. It helps to make sure the targets are met. Moreover, this plan is not only confined to one process but can be used for various processes.


What is 30 60 90 Day Communication Plan?


This plan essentially helps you or your company/clients break down your goals into manageable chunks for each 30-day period.


Here is the basic idea-


  • First 30 Days (Foundation): This is the time to observe and understand.


  • Next 30 Days (Build): After understanding how the tasks are to be performed and what is needed, it’s time to build. Develop plans and strategies that will help in the successful implementation of the plan.


  • Last 30 Days (Launch & Refine): Lastly, it’s time to implement the plan and measure its effectiveness. This phase allows you to act on any feedback you get for the strategy.


Why 30 60 90 Communication Plan?


By breaking down big tasks into various phases, such plans help to focus on particular tasks at a time. This allows one to give 100% to the task and ensure that it will be a success. This also allows us to make any adjustments as there is a continuous loop of feedback in the process.


30 60 90 Day Communication Plan



If you are looking to implement such a plan, you are at the right place! Use this PowerPoint Presentation to present this plan to your team or clients effectively. Each slide in the bundle is professionally designed after thorough research of the topic. So, deliver your message in style and with confidence.


Also, these templates are 100% editable in case you want to add any personalized touches. Let’s peek into some of the templates from this PPT Bundle and see why they are important.



This is the cover slide for the PPT Bundle. Simple and sleek!


It clearly presents what the audience will see in the presentation. A good cover slide acts as a perfect backdrop. Introduce yourself and deliver any necessary introductory remarks before diving into the main material.



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30 60 90 Day Digital Marketing Communication Plan

This slide presents a 30 60 90 day digital marketing communication plan. The professionally designed table clearly explains the tasks to be done. These tasks will help marketers to meet social expectations.

This slide outlines how to engage via social media marketing, mobile marketing, and email marketing.


Such plans ensure consistency, which allows the business to deliver valuable content. This display is a great way to maintain transparency and progress between various teams working together.


30 60 90 Day Digital Marketing Communication Plan


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30 60 90 Day Strategic Communication Plan for Lead Generation

Before we get into the PPT template, let’s understand lead generation. Lead generation is the lifeblood of any business. It is the process of identifying and attracting customers.


This PPT template presents a 30-60-90-day strategic communication plan that assists managers in building a database of potential customers and targeting potential leads. It covers elements such as goals, focus, and success metrics.


We have already discussed how breaking down big tasks into smaller ones is extremely useful. Lead generation is already a tedious task. Thus, to ensure smooth functioning, it is important to have such open blueprints for all the teams working together.


For example, consider lead generation for a beauty or skincare brand. The marketing team must work with other teams, such as content writers and designers. Each team plays a vital role in generating Leads for the business.


Gone are the days when the important advertisement sources were TVs and billboards. Now, not only do you need to manage your offline stores and marketing, but you also need online marketing. Having a floor plan is very useful when it comes to solving any issues.


30 60 90 Day Strategic Communication Plan for Lead Generation


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30 60 90 Day Communication Plan for Executives

While working together, leadership and employees can disconnect. To tackle this, not only the employees but also the executives need to have a game plan. This PPT slide consists of a 30-60 90-day plan that executives can use to improve communication effectiveness.


This plan divides the executives' roles and responsibilities into three distinct phases. For example, in the last 30 days, the executives should spend time participating in conversations about team building, feedback, etc.


Taking these steps makes it possible to create an environment of transparency and trust between the executives and employees. Clear communication from leaders helps to develop team spirit, and it is extremely important for a leader to be a source of trust in a working environment.


30 60 90 Day Communication Plan for Executives


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30 60 90 Day Communication Plan Timeline

“A picture can speak a thousand words!” This expression has been true since the first records of human existence were observed on the planet. Undertaking big projects and dividing them into various phases is not an easy task. To make this task easier, we can use visual data representation options such as graphs and timelines.


This PPT template presents a 30 60 and 90 day communication timeline that will assist managers in formulating a delivery model and improving performance. The key elements are past sales analysis, delivery model formulation, map targets, etc.


The timeline's visual representation makes it clear to see the segmented parts together. This gives various teams a sense of time to determine how quickly they need to do their part in order for another process to start, and so on, like a domino effect.


30 60 90 Day Communication Plan Timeline


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Marketing Communication Plan For 30 60 90 Days

30 60 90 Day plan is an already proven system for growth. Having such a plan delivers measurable results while the process is undertaken. This ensures the end result is in alignment with the goals. This PPT slide consists of a marketing communication plan to achieve the manager's marketing objectives. The key elements include learning, documenting, and presenting.


Displaying the plan ensures scalability and adaptability, along with reduced risk. How?


As you can see in the template, the 2nd phase, according to the plan, or the documenting phase, ensures that both online and offline marking channels are handled. However, both of these things require different inputs during the same phase. Dividing these tasks ensures all teams are in the same place and doing coordinating work.


Marketing Communication Plan For 30 60 90 Days


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30 60 90 Day Communication Plan for Managers

Slow and steady wins the race! Dividing Tasks into various phases brings structural improvement to the whole plan. Such a gradual process allows for gradual improvement while progressing.


This PPT slide consists of a 30 60 90 day communication plan that will assist managers in documenting and following the steps to increase communication expectations. Key elements include overall, process, customer, personal, and product.


Such plans allow managers to elevate communication standards. This is achieved by communicating and focusing on specific areas such as process updates, customer service interactions, and more.


30 60 90 Day Communication Plan for Managers


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Ending Slides

These slides are at the end of the PowerPoint bundle. You can change them however you want. Add your own signature or new ideas to the presentation. Finish with this nice thank-you slide to make a good impression.


Ending Slides


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In a Nutshell


Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list? 30 60 90 Day Plan is the solution!


In this blog, we discussed how dividing your tasks into smaller manageable chunks, as suggested by the 30 60 90 plan in general, can be beneficial. Implementing this plan in communication channels among teams helps to achieve goals. Not only in a stress-free way but also in a fun way!


Clear communication leads to team members having fun with the work and an overall increase in productivity. Start your planning today. Save more time by downloading these professionally designed slides and achieving your goals!


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Q. What's a 30-60-90 day communication plan?

Ans. It's a structured strategy for conveying information over time.


Q. Why is it important?

Ans. It ensures consistent messaging and progress tracking within specific timeframes.


Q. Who typically uses it?

Ans. New hires, project managers, or leaders implementing change.


Q. What should it include?

Ans. Clear objectives, audience analysis, channels, and evaluation metrics.


Q. How do you create one?

Ans. Start by setting goals, then outline tasks and communication methods accordingly.