Lights, camera, action! As filmmakers and scriptwriters, we all know the importance of a compelling film pitch. You must sell your idea, the vision, and passion you feel for your project in a few short pages. The highly competitive and ever-evolving landscape, however, is always evolving in terms of technology and audience preferences. In such a dynamic business environment, filmmakers must continuously adapt and innovate to stand out in a crowded market. 


A well-crafted one-page film pitch can be a crucial tool in capturing the attention of investors, producers, and studios, as it presents the critical elements of a film’s concept and potential. Whether you're a seasoned filmmaker or a rookie, having a solid one-page film pitch can make all the difference in bringing your vision to life on the big screen.


If you're in the film industry, you know that time is money, and nobody has time to read lengthy pitches. That's why one-page film pitch templates that SlideTeam offers are the perfect solution. These templates are tools that help you craft a winning pitch and capture the imagination of producers, executives, and investors. With a clear structure, you can easily convey your project's most essential elements, including the cast, length, locations, timeline, and more. 


SlideTeam’s one-page film pitch templates allow you to present your concept, trailer, production process, technical details, budget, cinematography, and plot synopsis in a concise, visually-compelling document. They are designed to help you showcase your project’s unique strengths, convey your vision and communicate your pitch in a simple, effective, and convincing way.


To help you start, we’ve compiled a list of the top five one-page film pitch templates available for download. These templates cover feature films, action films, short films, and suspense films and every other genre. With these templates, you'll have everything you need to create a one-page film pitch that will captivate your audience and land that green light for your project. 


All our templates are fully customizable, so you can tailor them to fit your needs and vision. You also save valuable time and effort with a wealth of structured and content-ready slides. Why not use these powerful tools and start crafting your best film pitch yet? 


Let’s take a tour of these templates and see which is right for you!


Check Out Our Top 5 One-Page Film Pitch Templates!


Template 1:  Feature Film Pitch Deck One Pager Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

This feature film pitch deck template provides an overview of your feature-length film, including the location, production schedule, plot summary, character roles, synopsis, storyline, genre, and casting and production team names to producers, investors, or studios. You can also showcase your marketing strategy and budget on this one-pager PowerPoint slide. Illustrate scenes on a location as well with this wonderful presentation template. Benefit from this great opportunity to make a remarkable first-impression with the use of this template. Grab this Feature Film Pitch Deck Infographic template now.


Feature Film Pitch Deck One Pager


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Template 2: One-Page Action Film Pitch Report Template Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Introducing your film has never been easier, provided you use content ready, PPT Presentation movie pitch in the form of one-pager. This template is ideal for presenting an action film pitch. It includes plot synopsis, character descriptions, production design, and cinematography. Showcase the captivating storyline and the roles and responsibilities of the cast and crew in a professional and engaging way. This meticulously-designed film pitch presentation provides ample space to include details on the filming location, production schedule, and budget. Create an impactful marketing strategy and give your audience an overview of the film, highlighting every aspect of the character. Get started today and make your film pitch stand out.


One Page Action Film Pitch Report Template


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Template 3: One Page Film Pitch with Synopsis Report Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Introducing our game-changing pitch deck film one-pager for presenting a film pitch with a synopsis! This template includes crucial film production details and a breakthrough synopsis that will have your audience eager to learn more. With space to showcase the film's main pointers, like location and production schedule, you can provide your viewers with a crisp overview of the potential blockbuster. If  you’re looking to impress investors or secure funding, this presentation template is ideal to highlight significant elements and the total cost involved in producing and casting the film. Pocket our One-Page Film Pitch with a Synopsis today and take the first step toward success, and see excellence in action. 


One Page Film Pitch with Synopsis Report


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Template 4: One-Page Short Film Pitch Report Template Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

This template is ideal for presenting a pitch for short films, a medium that is gaining increased popularity today. Yet, crafting a professional pitch for your project can be challenging. The One-Page Short Film Pitch Report Template is the solution to this universal pain point of creative personalities like you. Designed to help you overcome this challenge, this template includes essential details required to introduce your short film in an effective manner using a great storyline, the cast and production team, the location, and the production schedule. With this template, you can easily present an overview of your short film. Don’t let the mere matter of a pitch hold you back from showcasing your creativity - download this One-Page Short Film Pitch Report Template now!


One Page Short Film Pitch Report Template


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Template 5: One Page Suspense Film Pitch Report Template Presentation Report Infographic PPT PDF Document

Crafting a suspenseful film that captivates audiences is no easy accomplishment. When it comes to pitching a suspense film, the challenge is even more complex. With so many moving parts, it's crucial to have a professional and engaging pitch highlighting every aspect of the film, from the script and production design to the cinematography, and even the marketing campaign. You need to showcase the story and characters and convince investors and studios to back your project. That’s where our One-Page Suspense Film Pitch Report Template comes in. This template is designed to help you create a concise and impactful pitch that showcases your suspenseful story, production team, location, and budget. With this template, you can pitch your suspense film to stakeholders and investors, giving your project the much-needed boost!


One Page Suspense Film Pitch Report Template


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Bottom Line


In the competitive world of filmmaking, having a winning pitch is critical. It can mean the difference between having your project greenlit or it being left to rot on a shelf. Crafting a successful film pitch, however, is a challenging feat; that’s why it’s essential to have a solid one-page film pitch that effectively communicates your vision and captures your audience’s attention.


With the help of the above one-page film pitch templates, you can streamline the process and focus on what matters most – telling a compelling story. 


If you’re looking for tips on preparing a professional film production company profile, check out our blog post here


No need to wait any more. Just download one of the above templates today and start crafting your breakthrough film pitch!



FAQs on One-Page Film Pitch



What Is the Content of Film Pitch?


The content of a film pitch typically includes:


  • A concise concept or logline
  • A synopsis of the plot
  • A description of the characters and their motivations and
  • A summary of the production process

It should also include information about technical details, such as cinematography and visual effects, as well as the budget and potential revenue. The film pitch aims to persuade investors, producers, and other stakeholders to invest in the film and make it a reality.


How Do You Write a Film Pitch Example?


To write a film pitch example:


  1. Start with a clear and attention-grabbing logline or concept that summarizes the film’s plot in two sentences (at the max). 
  2. Provide a brief plot synopsis, including the main characters and their motivations.
  3. Include any compelling story elements.
  4. Provide details about the production process, including the budget, filming locations, and potential revenue.
  5. Consider including a trailer or visual materials to give investors and producers a taste of the film’s style and tone.


What Should Be in A Film Pitch Presentation?


In a film pitch presentation, it is vital to include necessary information about the film concisely and compellingly. This includes a clear concept, plot synopsis, character descriptions, and technical details such as cinematography and budget. It is also helpful to have visual materials such as a trailer or concept art to give the audience a sense of the film's style and tone. It is also essential to prepare for potential questions or concerns from investors and to have a plan for addressing these issues.