At the heart of advancing technology lies increasing sophistications in software, a general trend we are observing with the changing times. Organizations and individuals are continuously seeking creative and unique solutions for the smooth running of business operations aimed at enhancing productivity. To do this effectively, we must know about software evaluation criteria to determine the best vestment for our businesses.


Software evaluation can be defined as the determination of utility and quality of your software solutions or applications that’ll resolve specific business issues. Since purchasing new software can involve a huge purchase, its decision-making needs to be given proper thought and research. The question that organizations find themselves at crossroads is whether they should buy a new software, build one, or make changes to the existing one. This is where software evaluation criteria must be explored.


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The software evaluation checklist is a tool for evaluating the quality of software and its components. It includes certain criteria for assessing the software's performance, usability, security, scalability, etc. 


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Our software evaluation criteria templates will help you in choosing and integrating the right software for your business. These presentation designs will help you in process’s evaluation and choosing specific preset criteria as per your business needs. Here are our pre-built PPT Slides covering the requirements for the ideal and proper functioning software development. The presentation slides are free to edit and customize as deemed fit for your business. Download now and advance your company toward success.


Let’s take a tour of the top-rated “Software Evaluation Criteria” templates.


Template 1: Evaluation Criteria for ERP Purchasing Analytics Tools and Techniques

This presentation template starts by displaying evaluation criteria for ERP purchasing analytics tools and techniques. It showcases the software requirements to operate the procurement process. This PPT Layout encompasses KPIs such as the number of ERPs/source systems, the number of taxonomy levels required, the number of invoices and purchase orders, etc. The entire data is shown in a tabular format to deliver an understandable presentation to the audience. Get it now and use it as a crucial tool to discuss and navigate overall analytics, taxonomy levels, and more.



Template 2: Evaluation Criteria to Select Market Research Software

Conducting efficient market research is an essential part of the business, as it gathers important details for launching products or services in the market. Being a professional market researcher, market research software can be your most potent weapon. It is an application that helps you to collect, scrutinize, and make informed decisions. Use our well-structured PPT Layout that outlines must-have attributes of market research tools efficiently in a colorful format. Recognizing the prospects, creating survey forms, data collection, etc., are the critical characteristics shown here that make market research tools more important to corporations and this presentation layout will help you with that.  



Template 3: Market Analysis of Information Technology Evaluation Criteria to Select Marketing Analytics Software

We are presenting an essential resource for marketing specialists who want to gain insight into their marketing performance. Marketing analytics tools are used for tracking campaign performance, aligning business goals, predicting market trends, and monitoring ROI. This innovative PowerPoint Preset showcases vendor selection criteria for market analysis, which helps professionals choose trusted partners. The benchmark is done on the basis of evaluation criteria, which include total cost of ownership, ease of use, data export, etc. Moreover, it also provides vital descriptions with weightage to equip you with a greater understanding of data for selecting the ideal marketing analytics software. Grab it now!



Template 4: Weighted Evaluation Scorecard of Software Product

Are you getting confused with countless ideas and features of software product management during the decision-making process? Our organized PPT Preset would be perfect for helping you streamline product features and improve product roadmaps. This weighted evaluation card can be your decision matrix for a software product. Use this PPT Design to portray software evaluation necessities to detect unused and dysfunctional software. It will help present information like program information, career development process, user interaction, technical aspects of software and material, etc., along with their reviewer requirements, score, software qualification, and comments. Grab it today and craft your presentation with the utmost professionalism.



Template 5: Software Vendor Offering Evaluation and Selection Matrix

Use this PowerPoint Slide to understand the necessity of the vendor evaluation process to ensure successful procurement and project management. This modern vendor evaluation and selection matrix template is designed to establish a side-by-side comparison of potential vendor offerings. The purpose of this presentation layout is to assess the vendor service, support, and implementation process. Moreover, it also displays criteria such as features, support, etc. This tool is optimal to simplify and standardize the vendor offering evaluation process. So, get it right away and captivate your audience with an enticing presentation.



Template 6: Evaluation Table for Multiple Software Tool Comparison

This PPT Slide offers an evaluation table to compare different software tools. It provides critical information to users so they can make informed decisions about a software tool. You can use this layout for a structured framework for evaluation. This PowerPoint Framework demonstrates topics like criteria, software A, software B, etc. Transform your knowledge into a visually alluring presentation with this multicolor presentation of data and enchant your audience within minutes. Get it now.



Template 7: Entry and Exit Criteria for Software Selection Process

The software selection process can often be a challenging and frustrating task with several organizations. Therefore, to address your pain points, SlideTeam has introduced a user-friendly and comprehensive template for the “Entry and Exit Criteria for Software Selection process." Users can demonstrate the process stages like defining evaluation criteria, searching, screening, evaluation, result analysis, and so on with a dark-themed background. Apart from the process stages, you can also identify the objectives, output, entry and exit criteria with brief depictions for a better understanding. With the help of this intuitive presentation template, you can avoid going off track.



Apply Evaluation Criteria Thoughtfully


The software evaluation process emerges as a crucial factor for businesses seeking to invest in efficient, secure, and dependable software. Ease out your software evaluation process with our evaluation criteria. Think of our presentation designs as a robust tool, and empower yourself to make data-driven decisions. With these expert-backed PPT Tools, your business can elevate its capabilities and align smoothly with multiple operations.


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