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Top 10 ESG Framework Templates to Build an Eco-friendly Enterprise

Top 10 ESG Framework Templates to Build an Eco-friendly Enterprise

Lakshya Khurana

Lakshya Khurana

February 28 2022

Swedish power company Vattenfall, a government-owned utility, is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis that threatens its existence. It wanted to sell electricity from three of its hydroelectric power stations on the bed of the Dalälven river. It is a World Heritage Site.


The Swedish government and the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) were now committed to protecting the site, and power generation there would make these organizations lose face.


The Swedish government was also under pressure from local politicians and environmental campaigners to reduce its stake in Vattenfall. They claimed that the company, among Europe’s largest generators of electricity from renewable energy, was producing more hydroelectric power than the country’s grids could use.


With the government on the verge of issuing an order on reducing its stake, Vattenfall is in the process of implementing its new business model of ESG that will allay all environmental concerns, while allowing it to continue to be in business.





ESG, in fact, is a major go-to way for most businesses today. Why did Vattenfall choose ESG? Let’s understand…


What is ESG and why is important?


The acronym ESG stands for Environmental Social and Corporate Governance. It is the shared responsibility of the three parties involved in the business — government, stockholders/investors, and companies. Not working within ESG policies has damaged the reputation of a number of multinational companies.


ESG practices have been shown to improve both financial performance and business resilience in the long term. The risks that arise from its non-compliance are significant, but so are the benefits in terms of improved reputation and enhanced resilience.


Additionally, the ESG framework is becoming increasingly popular among financial professionals as they seek to provide investors with differentiated products that also consider social values in addition to traditional monetary values.


If you, too, want to benefit from the ESG framework, create a robust plan of action. To help you strategize effectively, we present our visually captivating templates.


Customizable Templates to Bring Your ESG Plan to Fruition


Creating a PowerPoint presentation from scratch is tasking and it might not turn out to be as eye-catching as you would like. This is where our professional PowerPoint services come in handy.


We have selected the most effective ESG framework PPT designs that will help you get started on educating your audience on the benefits of integrating an ESG plan. Let’s take a look at them.



Template 1: ESG Strategies Map Human Rights Product Responsibility


This PowerPoint layout uses an interactive map interface (strategy, KPIs, key constituents, etc) to identify key areas of risk and opportunity, as well as track your progress over time. With this PPT design, you can assess and manage your company's social and environmental responsibilities. So download it now.


Environmental Social Governance Strategies Map Human Rights Product Responsibility


Download this template 


Template 2: Community Impact Annual Report PPT Slides


This PPT deck is perfect for organizations who wish to track their community impact and share the findings with funders and other stakeholders. You can use this design to cover snapshots of major CSR achievements, an overview of CSR initiative outcomes, the corporate profile of the company, etc. Download it now.


Community Impact Annual Report Examples PDF DOC PPT Document Report Template


Grab this template


Template 3: Environmental Stewardship Social Responsibility And Governance Policies For Oil And Gas Industry PPT


This creative PowerPoint set will help you outline your policies and procedures for being a good steward of the environment and acting with social responsibility. Additionally, the design is completely editable and you can tailor it to your specific needs. This one-page document is perfect for sharing the policies of the oil and gas industry. So incorporate it now.


Environmental Stewardship Social Responsibility And Governance Policies For Oil And Gas Industry PPT PDF Document


Download this template


Template 4: Environmental Social And Governance Policies For Oil And Gas Industry Document


This PPT theme is perfect for helping oil and gas companies adhere to the highest environmental and social standards. This design is concise, easy to use, and covers all the key points. This PowerPoint preset contains everything you need to get started, from an overview of ESG policies to a checklist of considerations. Therefore, employ it now.


Environmental Social And Governance Policies For Oil And Gas Industry ESG Template 1 PPT PDF Document


Grab this template


Template 5: ESG Framework With Rating And Score


This creative PowerPoint bundle provides an accurate and timely rating/score of your company's performance in relation to environmental and social responsibility. You can use this design to identify areas of strength and weakness. The PPT layout covers the ESG score, pillar score, and theme score. So get it now.


Environmental Social Governance Framework With Rating And Score


Download this template


Template 6: ESG Strategy For Business Organisation


This PPT preset will help you develop a strategy that is tailored to your specific business needs, so you can make a real difference in your community and the world. You can use it to illustrate the elements for each of the ESG verticals, such as strict standards, people, transparency, regulation, etc. Download it now.


Environmental Social Governance Strategy For Business Organisation


Grab this template


Template 7: Organisational ESG Quarterly Initiatives Summary


This PPT preset provides an up-to-date summary of the latest progress in the key areas, so you can stay informed about the latest developments in sustainability. You can use it to stay ahead of the curve including, an ESG summary, the negative impact risks, and an indicators summary. Download it now.


Organisational Environmental Social Governance Quarterly Initiatives Summary


Download this template


Template 8: ESG Model With Focus Areas


This PPT layout will help you identify and focus on key areas of the ESG metrics and implement best practices to create a socially aware work environment. Some of the focus areas covered in this presentation are waste management, renewable resources, workforce health, safety, etc. This PowerPoint layout also helps businesses identify and address critical sustainability issues. So get it now.


Environmental Social Governance Model With Focus Areas


Grab this template


Template 9: ESG Framework KPIs Mapping


Pick this template to illustrate how ESG is a critical part of responsible investing. In this PPT layout, the KPI mapping will help you track your progress and identify areas of improvement. Besides, this design includes metrics, such as resource use, emissions, human rights, management, etc. Get it now.


Environmental Social Governance Framework KPIs Mapping


Download this template


Template 10: Impact Assessment Chart For ESG Efforts


You can use this PPT design to keep track of your company's environmental and social governance efforts. With this PowerPoint preset, you can see at-a-glance how well your business is performing in terms of sustainability, operations, end product, human capital, etc. Download it now.


Impact Assessment Chart For Environmental Social Governance Efforts


Grab this template




Modern businesses exist only to earn revenue but in this current global economy, that attitude is not enough. Especially if the consumer opinion is anything different, blind profits aren’t received well by the customer base that is more aware of worldwide issues. It is the duty of the companies and shareholders to make good on their investments.


However, many organizations have come under criticism recently because they are struggling to create profit for their shareholders along with minimizing the negative impact on the environment.


But you can use our stunning ESG framework templates to determine whether or not your operations are adequately protecting environmental and social interests. Download these stunning presentations right away and advocate an eco-friendly turn to your business.


P.S: To add sustainability and climate change to the social pivot plan of your company check out these amazing templates featured in this guide.


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