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PowerPoint presentation slides

Fully editable in PowerPoint. Can be appeared in standard and widescreen. The presentation layout offers premium customer support. Perfect for branding, brand image, brand building and more. Template well adaptable with google slides. Presentation covering 30 slides. Fast download.The stages in this process are Brand Advertisement, Brand Awareness, Brand Marketing.

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With attention spans shorter than ever, it is more than necessary for brands in today’s age to curate content that helps them stand out. Brand marketing is the way to do this as you can engage your target audience and make them familiar with your goals and principles. Once these customers identify, recognize and trust your brand, they will become loyal followers and recommend your brand to others as well.

But in order to market your brand effectively, you need to come up with strategies, campaigns and awareness pyramids. You also need to track your metrics and effectiveness to see which campaigns are working and which need improvement. This is where our brand marketing templates come in, as they provide a structured format to describe your brand’s vision, ideals, and selling points with systematic clarity.

According to studies, with effective branding you can even raise your revenue by 23%! This is why it is important to ensure consistency, focus on content and create crisp visuals with these templates for a successful brand marketing strategy.

Also you can manage your brand identity with our Annual Brand Marketing Activities Planning Calendar Toolkit.

Brand Marketing Templates

Our brand marketing templates are 100% editable and customizable, and help simplify the process. These templates help you rework, track and measure your brand marketing strategies with editable formats, creative graphics and  sleek designs. Start enhancing your brand marketing strategies with these tools and make your brand a recognizable name!

You can also create effective digital brand strategies with these marketing strategy framework tools.

Let’s start exploring these brand marketing templates!

Template 1: Brand Awareness Pyramid

It is important to make your brand stand out. As people notice your brand more, they will start to recognize it and become familiar with it and hence will engage more with it. To track this engagement and ensure your customers stay loyal  to your brand, you can use this brand awareness pyramid. With this pyramid, you can see how consumers who are unaware of your brand start hearing about it, and how they become more informed by aided and unaided awareness. Eventually, you can note how your brand is dominant in their minds turning them into loyal customers. This will help you prepare short and long-term strategies to move up in the ladder.

Template 2: Brand Awareness Steps

Become the go-to choice for your customers by creating interest in your brand, maintaining that interest and eventually rewarding that interest. These steps help people to first become aware of your brand through your story and positioning. Once you have established their interest, you can turn them into trustworthy customers by using social media marketing channels, leveraging influencers, and creating vibrant content themes. You must then reward these loyal customers with promotional packages, loyalty programs,and discounts, and hold campaigns and events to ensure they stay true to your brand. You can stay on track of these steps to create brand awareness by using our template and keep building on these ideas to make your brand bloom.

Template 3: Steps to Build Brand Awareness Online

Online platforms are now a key player in a business’ success and it is important to leverage tools such as social media sites, SEO and brand marketing to grow your brand. With our Steps to build brand awareness template, you can assess the reach of all your online tools like your Youtube Ads, Facebook posts, email blasts, search advertisements, social posts and retargeting measures. You can highlight the key metrics like the reach and conversion rates of these tools and see how it helps build awareness, enhances repeat visibility and engagement, and improves sales. This helps reach and build a rapport with your target audience.

Template 4: Brand Awareness Roadmap (Layout)

In order to help your brand gain the loyalty and trust of consumers, you need to create a connection with them. This is only possible if you strategically plan your brand building campaign with a structured roadmap. Here is where our Brand building roadmap layout templates come in, as they are helpful tools that you can edit. You can create strategies like choosing the brand name, slogan, developing brand campaigns, promoting the brand on social media and more. This roadmap will help you create a compelling narrative and ensure authenticity and consistency across all touchpoints.

Template 5: Brand Awareness Campaign PPT Template

Make sure your brand is etched in the minds of your consumers by creating a detailed brand awareness campaign. Our template offers you the option to lay out your entire structure from expected ROI to goals, target audience, duration, budget, campaign name, and more. This will help you create a strategy to leave a lasting impression on your customers that will translate into conversions and sales. You can also note what isn’t working for you and try to rectify that so that your brand becomes one of the most recognizable and sought-after names.

Template 6: Brand Awareness Metrics

In order to ensure you are having meaningful conversations with your consumers and creating a deep connection with them, you need to track your brand awareness metrics. Our Brand Awareness Metrics template helps you do just that as you can note down how people hear about your brand. Track monthly tweet mentions, Twitter followers, Facebook posts, branded search, new links, branded search, and more. These metrics will help you understand what impact your strategies are having and will also show you where you stand amidst your competitors.

Template 7: Effectiveness Measurement

If you want to know whether you are on the right track or need to course correct, you need this template. With this tool, you can see what campaigns are working well for you and whether your target audience is seeing your posts and content and up to what percentage. It gives you a clear picture about your content marketing strategies and operational procedures and pinpoints areas that need improvement. Use this template to make informed decisions with data-driven analysis and focus your efforts on the right places.


Elevate Your Brand Marketing

Create a strong impression in the minds of your consumers with a carefully crafted and strategic brand awareness campaign. You can use our templates to plan your every move, create a roadmap, track your metrics and see the effectiveness of your campaigns. By using these visually compelling templates, you can establish trust, loyalty, credibility and create memorable content. This will mark the difference between being just another brand among the crowd or one that resonates with your target audience. So, strive to be a brand that people remember and return to time and again.

PS: You can also level up your brand marketing skills and campaigns with these employee goals for brand marketing templates.

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