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Presenting change management financial plan PowerPoint presentation slides. This presentation covers 30 professionally outlined PowerPoint templates, all of them being 100 percent editable in PowerPoint. Text fonts size and type, colors and template background of the PPT slides are modifiable. The presentation templates can be downloaded in both wide screen (16:9) and standard view (4:3) aspect dimension. The PPT slides are fully flexibility with Google Slides and other online software’s. PPT templates can be saved in any of the formats such as JPG or PDF. You can personalize the PowerPoint slides by inserting an organization name or logo. Premium product support is provided.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide showcases Change Management Financial Plan. State Your Company Name and begin
Slide 2: This slide presents Change Management Board with these parameters- Change Manager, Finance Manager, Service Level Manager, Secretary Application Manager, Problem Manager, Business Case Representative, Release Manager.
Slide 3: This slide showcases Change Management Sponsors.
Slide 4: This slide showcases Define Role Of Team Members with these four factors- Project Leaders, Release Management Role, Process Co-ordination Role, Performance Management Role, You can edit this slide and mention the responsibilities of key team members involved in the change management process
Slide 5: This slide presents Change Management Cost. This slide helps you in ascertaining the cost incurred in executing various steps of change management process, you can edit it as per your requirements
Slide 6: This slide showcases with Change Control Sheet.
Slide 7: This slide presents Project Change Request Template with different parameters.
Slide 8: This slide displays Project Change Budget with four of the quaters and the month.
Slide 9: This slide showcases Project Change Log with different factors or parameters.
Slide 10: This is a Coffee Break slide to halt. You may change it as per requirement
Slide 11: This slide is titled Charts & Graphs to move forward.
Slide 12: This is a Line Chart slide for product/entity comparison.
Slide 13: This is a Radar Chart slide for product/entity comparison
Slide 14: This slide showcases Clustered Bar with the product comparison.
Slide 15: This slide is titled Additional Slides to move forward
Slide 16: This is a Vision, Mission and Goals slide. State them here
Slide 17: This is an Our Team slide with name, image&text boxes to put the required information.
Slide 18: This slide presents About Us with these three of the factors- Target audiences, Preferred by many, Value client.
Slide 19: This slide shows Comparison of Positive Factors v/s Negative Factors with thumbsup and thumb down imagery.
Slide 20: This slide shows Our Goals for your company.
Slide 21: This slide displays Financial Projections And Key Metrics for customers and employees.
Slide 22: This is a Quotes slide to highlight, or state anything specific.
Slide 23: This is a Dashboard slide displaying- Revenue, Purchase Value, Units Sold.
Slide 24: This slide shows Project Events Timeline with icons and text boxes.
Slide 25: This is a Location slide of World map to show global presence, growth etc.
Slide 26: This is a Puzzle image slide to show information, specification etc.
Slide 27: This slide displays Our Target with a background image.
Slide 28: This slide shows a Mind map for representing entities.
Slide 29: This slide displays a Magnifying Glass with icon imagery.
Slide 30: This is a Thank You slide with Address# street number, city, state, Contact Numbers, Email Address.