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Check SlideTeam’s editable collection of Harvey ball PowerPoint templates and unlock amazing ideas to engage audience. Harvey balls are circular ideograms which act as a universal language and aid to display qualitative information during PowerPoint presentation. Abstruse data not available in numerical form can be easily demonstrated in pictorial manner with help of these ppt graphics. Moreover, displaying information in form of pictures and graphics precisely penetrates audience to make enduring effect. Percentage or degree of black colour in the circular shape ideogram is directly proportional to the quality of a specific feature. Also, specifying the level or grade of a particular criteria business executive can incorporate Harvey ball chart as PowerPoint background to represent their business performance. Prices and weights of different commodities hence can easily be compared by applying these PowerPoint themes in presentations. In addition, pie chart format of Harvey balls helps audience to understand even the abstruse market, consumer or research data. Apart from this, our ppt designs aid to point up percentage values or give product / service ratings, thereby helping presenter to make a visual communication like never before. Biggest advantage of working with our Harvey ball in PowerPoint is that you can edit colour, layout, background or resolution as per your own choice. Don’t miss this opportunity! You can download amazing themes for ppt from our gallery of All Harvey Balls PowerPoint flat designs and Slides. Besides these you can also download free PowerPoint images available on our portal to conceptualize self-speaking ppt.

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  • ms_seven_staged_circle_infographics_with_percentage_and_icons_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    ms Seven Staged Circle Infographics With Percentage And Icons Flat Powerpoint Design

    Modifiable PPT Slide with pie graphs with rate and symbols. Good with various organization alternatives like JPEG, JPG or PDF. Gives an expert viewpoint to your PowerPoint introduction. Symbols are additionally be included. Customization of each PowerPoint realistic and content as per your craving and need. Accessible in Widescreen slide estimate too. Flexibility to redo it with organization name and logo.

  • pie_graph_for_result_analysis_in_chart_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Pie Graph For Result Analysis In Chart Flat Powerpoint Design

    We are proud to present our pie graph for result analysis in chart flat powerpoint design. Graphic of pie graph has been used to craft this power point template diagram. This PPT diagram contains the concept of result analysis. This diagram can be used for business and marketing presentations.

  • harvey_balls_for_data_representation_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Harvey Balls For Data Representation Flat Powerpoint Design

    Basic theme yet it can modified with respect to font, color and layout. Attractive and professional color scheme. PPT graphic offers font size which can be read from a distance. High resolution is offered by the presentation visual. Easy to download and instant use of pre designed PPT layout adds to its advantage.

  • multistep_planning_table_for_business_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Multistep Planning Table For Business Flat Powerpoint Design

    We are proud to present our multistep planning table for business flat powerpoint design. Concept of planning has been displayed in this PPT diagram. This PPT diagram contains the graphic of multistep planning table. Use this PPT diagram for business and marketing related presentations.

  • four_pie_charts_for_result_analysis_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Four Pie Charts For Result Analysis Flat Powerpoint Design

    High quality visuals with splendid resolution. 100 percent editable PPT slide templates. Aesthetically designed and professionally proficient. Include or exclude the slide content at your ease and requirement. Compatible with several software options. Harmonious with numerous format options life JPEG, JPG or PDF. Ease of personalization with your company specific name, logo and or trademark.

  • financial_performance_analysis_data_ppt_images_Slide01

    Financial Performance Analysis Data Ppt Images

    Presenting financial performance analysis data ppt images. This is a financial performance analysis data ppt images. This is a three stage process. The stages in this process are business, success, strategy, finance, management, analysis.

  • use_quarter_percentage_track_record_powerpoint_slides_Slide01

    use Quarter Percentage Track Record Powerpoint Slides

    Presenting use quarter percentage track record powerpoint slides. This Power Point template slide has been crafted with graphic of percentage icons. This PPT slide contains the concept of data record analysis. Use this PPT slide for business and sales related presentations.

  • sales_review_presentation_background_images_Slide01

    Sales Review Presentation Background Images

    Presenting sales review presentation background images. This is a sales review presentation background images. This is a four stage process. The stages in this process are business, marketing, success, strategy, process, management.

  • business_result_analysis_mobile_application_flat_powerpoint_design_Slide01

    Business Result Analysis Mobile Application Flat Powerpoint Design

    We are proud to present our business result analysis mobile application flat powerpoint design. Concept of business result analysis on mobile has been displayed in this power point template diagram. This PPT diagram contains the graphic of mobile and pie graph. Use this PPT diagram for business and finance related presentations.

9 Item(s)