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This complete deck can be used to present to your team. It has PPT slides on various topics highlighting all the core areas of your business needs. This complete deck focuses on Introduction To Digital Marketing Models Complete Deck and has professionally designed templates with suitable visuals and appropriate content. This deck consists of total of thirty nine slides. All the slides are completely customizable for your convenience. You can change the colour, text and font size of these templates. You can add or delete the content if needed. Get access to this professionally designed complete presentation by clicking the download button below.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide introduces Introduction to Digital Marketing Models. State Your Company name and begin.
Slide 2: This slide displays the Table of Contents.
Slide 3: This slide depicts Traditional 4 Ps Model of Marketing Mix.
Slide 4: This slide presents 10 Cs Digital Marketing Model by Richard Gay.
Slide 5: This slide represents Applying 10 C Model to Your Digital Marketing.
Slide 6: This slide showcases 4C Marketing Model by Bob Lauterborn.
Slide 7: This slide presents 4C Marketing Model Example.
Slide 8: This slide describes about Applying 4C Model to your Digital Marketing.
Slide 9: This slide depicts 4C Model by David Jobber & John Fahy.
Slide 10: This slide represents Forrester’s 4 I Model of Customer Engagement.
Slide 11: This slide showcases Applying 4 I Model to your Digital Marketing.
Slide 12: This slide presents GISTICS Model of Customer Engagement.
Slide 13: This slide showcases Nigel Hollis 5 Step Model for Creating a Strong Brand.
Slide 14: This slide depicts Dave Chaffey 6C Model for Developing Online Value Proposition.
Slide 15: This slide showcases Applying 6C Model to Your Digital Marketing.
Slide 16: This slide displays Kevin Kelly’s Digital Value Proposition Ideas.
Slide 17: This slide showcases Hofacker’s 5 Stages of Information Processing.
Slide 18: This slide presents Technology Acceptance Model by Fred Davis.
Slide 19: This slide depicts Example of Analysis of a Portal Using Technology Acceptance Model.
Slide 20: This slide showcases McKinsey Customer Decision Journey.
Slide 21: This slide is continued with McKinsey Customer Decision Journey.
Slide 22: This slide is continued with McKinsey Customer Decision Journey.
Slide 23: This slide showcases Capabilities to Drive Value by McKinsey.
Slide 24: This slide showcases Applying McKinsey Model to your Organization.
Slide 25: This slide presents Honeycomb Model of Social Media.
Slide 26: This slide presents Generic Digital Marketing Funnel.
Slide 27: This slide depicts Generic Digital Channel Strategies.
Slide 28: This is Introduction to Digital Marketing Models Icons Slide.
Slide 29: This slide is titled as Additional Slides for moving forward.
Slide 30: This slide depicts Clustered Column with product comparisons.
Slide 31: This slide depicts Stacked Column chart with product comparison.
Slide 32: This slide showcases Welcome to Our Agenda.
Slide 33: This is Venn slide.
Slide 34: This is Our Goal slide with Company Goals.
Slide 35: This is Financial slide to showcase finance related stuff.
Slide 36: This slide displays Magnifying Glass to display important content here.
Slide 37: This slide depicts Timeline process.
Slide 38: This is Idea Generation slide to showcase ideas, information and facts.
Slide 39: This is Thank You slide with Address, Contact number and email address.

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