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20 texture backgrounds to elevate your presentation designs


Publish on : 15 October 2019

Pages : 32

Infuse freshness into your slides and evoke the right emotions with a textured slide background. We have handpicked 20 beautiful texture backgrounds for you. Grab them via this eBook and make your presentations sizzle!

A background may be relegated to the back of a design, but it plays a very important role in designing. Even a white background can be a great background for a slide depending on the way white space is being used. However, many a time, this plain vanilla background looks weak and non-inspiring.

A good slide background can be the factor that turns an otherwise ordinary presentation into an impactful one. It can make you stand out in a sea of similar presentations. It also makes you in tune with the latest presentation design trends and puts you in the league of professional PowerPoint designers.

Texture background is one such artistic background that can elevate your designs by adding energy and mirroring the textures seen in real life. It adds warmth and liveliness to a distant, lifeless presentation.

But not all textures can be easily applied to presentations. Some may be too loud and steal all the attention that your content deserves.

So, through this eBook, we will show you:

  • 20 breathtaking yet professional texture backgrounds suitable for PowerPoint presentation
  • 20 sample designs showing the texture in action in a presentation
  • How texture can be tweaked on text slides to make it less overpowering

We are giving away these 20 curated texture backgrounds for instant download so that you can apply them to your presentation and create vivid presentation slides starting today!

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