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Bulls**it points! 27 deadly ways to fight the bullet point plague


Publish on : 17 September 2019

Pages : 49

Bullet Points are the death knell of a presentation. Not if you know how to present them in the right way! Discover simple yet powerful 27 ways to turn bullet point slides into attention-grabbing designs.

PowerPoint’s default layout includes a title on top and bullet points below. Without thinking twice, presenters dump content on slides (as much as they can fit into that white space) and turn them into those dreaded dot points. A difficult-to-read, ugly looking Word document puts the audience in a miserable situation. That is Death by PowerPoint!

Why do presenters inflict such misery on their audiences? Lack of time and design skills are chiefly to blame for PowerPoint disasters, deals lost and scorned presentations. Say goodbye to this bullet point plague. Never again will you throw dot points at your audience. This eBook will give you the solution to presenting content without succumbing to the desire of putting dot point after another.

Through this eBook, you will learn how to:

  • Turn long bullet points into crisp messages
  • Arrange bullet-point lists into interesting layouts
  • Enhance the overall slide look and feel with design hacks
  • Leverage professional layouts for showcasing content-heavy slides
  • Add visual communication for a memorable look
  • Present crisp, eye-catching slides that engage rather than bore

Hundreds of presenters are following our tips to create powerful presentations that hold the audience’s attention. They have mastered the art of presenting a list of points without resorting to those old-fashioned dots. It’s time you embraced the 21st century presenting and turn your erstwhile bullet-point slides into world-class designs!

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PowerPoint is a powerful visual aid and can be a game changer for your business once you learn to use its full potential. But most are conditioned to use PowerPoint in the conventional way. It’s time to unlearn the wrong and learn to be a visual storyteller. Your slides are a canvas to create beautiful visual stories that engage audience and deliver your message convincingly. Learn the art and craft of visual communication that holds the attention of audience. Forget the dreaded experience of audience sliding out of their seats and out of the room or simply tuning you out. Keep them riveted to their seats with slides they have never seen before. Time to embrace the new ‘you’ and new style of presentations!

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