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This complete deck is oriented to make sure you do not lag in your presentations. Our creatively crafted slides come with apt research and planning. This exclusive deck with thirty seven slides is here to help you to strategize, plan, analyse, or segment the topic with clear understanding and apprehension. Utilize ready to use presentation slides on Supply Chain Management Outline Powerpoint Presentation Slides with all sorts of editable templates, charts and graphs, overviews, analysis templates. It is usable for marking important decisions and covering critical issues. Display and present all possible kinds of underlying nuances, progress factors for an all inclusive presentation for the teams. This presentation deck can be used by all professionals, managers, individuals, internal external teams involved in any company organization.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1: This slide presents a Supply Chain Management Outline. State the name of your company and proceed.
Slide 2: This is an Introduction slide showing- Supply Chain Components, SCM Implementation Steps, Goals, SCM Introduction, SCM Process Flow, Advantages.
Slide 3: This is also an Introduction slide with points as mentioned by us.
Slide 4: This is yet another Introduction slide showing Supply Chain Management stages.
Slide 5: This slide shows the Components of the Supply Chain which involve- Distribution & Warehousing, Manufacturing, Retail, Supply, Consumer.
Slide 6: This slide also shows Components of Supply Chain divided into three types of logistics- Outbound Logistics, Inbound Logistics, Internal Logistics.
Slide 7: This slide shows the Company Timeline which demonstrates the flow of Material, Information & Money across the value chain and also shows all the important steps in the SCM process.
Slide 8: This slide shows Supply Chain Management Advantages such as- Develops better customer relationship and service, Creates better delivery mechanisms for products and services in demand with minimum delay, Improvises productivity and business functions, Minimizes warehouse and transportation costs, Minimizes direct and indirect costs, Assists in achieving shipping of right products to the right place at the right time, Enhances inventory management, supporting the successful execution of just-in-time stock models.
Slide 9: This slide shows Supply Chain Management with three main phases- Concept Phase, Conversion Phase, Execution Phase.
Slide 10: This slide showcases Supply Chain Management Goals.
Slide 11: This slide shows Supply Chain Management Bifurcation into Supply Chain Strategy, Supply Chain Planning, Supply Chain Enterprise Applications, Asset Management, Procurement, Logistics, Product Life Cycle Management.
Slide 12: This slide shows Supply Chain Management & Logistics, Lean Logistics, Layout Planning, Material Flow Optimisation, Material Staging Design, Warehouse Logistics, Supply Concepts, Spare parts Logistics, Network Planning, Distribution Logistics, Transport Optimization, Resource & Performance Planning, Logistics Audit, Production/ Assembling, Procurement, Retailer/ Distribution, Supplier, Consumer.
Slide 13: This slide shows Supply Chain Management Control Tower with some important areas as highlighted by us.
Slide 14: This is a Coffee Break slide with a coffee mug icon to take a break. You can alter the image as per your business requirement.
Slide 15: This slide is titled Additional Slides to move forward. You can change the slide content as per need.
Slide 16: This slide displays Supply Chain Management Outline Icons. Alter as per need. 16
Slide 17: This slide is titled Our Maps representing that the upcoming slides contain different maps which can be used as per your business need.
Slide 18: This slide displays Indian Map imagery. Add relevant text and use it.
Slide 19: This slide displays African Map imagery. Use it as per your business needs to show growth, presence etc.
Slide 20: This slide displays USA Map imagery. Mark specific locations for company growth, market etc. here.
Slide 21: This is a Pie Chart slide to show product/ entity comparison, specifications etc.
Slide 22: This is a Bar Graph image slide to show product comparison, growth etc.
Slide 23: This is a Stacked Line Chart slide to show product/ entity comparison, specifications etc.
Slide 24: This is Our Mission slide. Show your company mission, vision and goals here.
Slide 25: This slide showcases Our Team with Name and Designation to fill.
Slide 26: This is an About Us slide showing Target Audiences, Valued Client, and Preferred By Many as examples.
Slide 27: This is an Our Goal slide. State them here.
Slide 28: This slide displays Comparison on the basis of gender. It shows Man and Woman image compared in terms of percentages.
Slide 29: This slide showcases Financial score in terms of Minimum Medium Maximum.
Slide 30: This slide presents Quotes. State your inspirational quotes here.
Slide 31: This is a Puzzle image slide to highlight or present important information.
Slide 32: This is a Dashboard slide to show information in percentages etc.
Slide 33: This slide presents a Timeline to show growth, milestones etc.
Slide 34: This slide shows Our Target along with Idea, Vision and Success.
Slide 35: This is a Mind Map image slide to show behavioural segmentation, information or anything relative.
Slide 36: This is a Bulb or Idea slide to state a new idea or highlight specifications/ information etc.
Slide 37: This is a Thank You slide with Address# street number, city, state, Contact Number, Email Address.

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