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PowerPoint presentation slides

Presenting Water Management Powerpoint Presentation Slides. Our slideshow is easy to download and can be presented in standard screen(14:6) and widescreen (16:9) ratios. You can alter the font style, font color, and other components. This presentation is compatible with Google slides. This PPT can be transformed into numerous documents or image formats like PDF or JPEG. High-quality graphics ensure that the picture quality is maintained.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

On March 22 every year, humanity marks World Water Day. According to the United Nations, water is the most precious resource around and managing it sustainably is the key to the shared future of humanity. On its website, the UN says that individuals and communities benefit from water management, a roughly $15billion market. Potential gold mines for businesses exist in sectors, such as health, food and energy security, protection from natural hazards, education, improved living standards and employment, economic development, and a variety of ecosystem services.

Understand urban water management here.

As a business wanting to tap into the opportunity of water management, it is essential to understand, present and convince stakeholders. SlideTeam is aware of a major pain point that smart business owners and managers face in doing this right. Mostly, such talented individuals lack the time and resources to create such a formal presentation from scratch.

If you are into sustainable water management, this presentation template from SlideTeam is for you.

Our PPT Templates are the answer that resolves your problems. We have curated content-ready presentations with a clutter-free design that you can showcase before any audience. The 10 templates below, part of a complete deck on water management, allow you to relax and focus on the presentation. We take care of the visual element and address all major questions in this slide.

Even better, each of the templates is 100% editable and customizable, adding to the appeal. You can add your own information, while getting a readymade structure.

Let’s explore!

Template 1 Global Water Treatment Market by Industry

This slide showcases the division of wastewater treatment market by industry type. The wheel-chart, a pie-chart, divides the total water treatment market into operational opportunities.  The largest chunk is taken up by Industrial Water Management Costs at $9billion, with waste water treatment operations coming in next at roughly $8billion. Ultrapure water treatment systems is also a huge business opportunity. The design and color-coded illustration is a treat to watch for professionals for its clarity.

Template 2 Water Industry Growth Drivers PPT Template

This decade is expected to see manifold growth in Water Technology & Solutions Market. This PPT Template includes the leading factors that will affect the performance of this market. The slide lists the prominent one as stronger environmental clearance required and gradual migration towards market pricing for water delivery and treatment.

Template 3 Natural Processes Affecting Water Quality PPT Template

With the use of this slide, the idea is to provide four different process types affecting water quality along with their sub-categories. Choose the one that suits your requirement. The PPT Template lists these as hydrological, physical, chemical, and biological.

Template 4 Pollutants that Deteriorate Water Quality on Global Scale

To ensure we preserve enough water for our future generations, basic knowledge of common pollutants is necessary. This PPT Template showcases some of the common chemical and biological pollutants that deteriorate water quality. The tabular format also touches base with the sources each pathogen makes its home.

Template 5 Variables Used in Water Quality Monitoring Program

Water quality is the base of the entire entrepreneurial edifice around the management of this precious natural resource. Businesses may use this PPT Template to dig deep and depict, in a clutter-free manner, into variables used in water quality monitoring. A cross in the table indicates that the variable is not used in the monitoring of a particular type of water body.

Template 6 Detailed Waste Water Treatment Process

With over half of the business opportunity in water management related to treatment of waste water, mastering the process, as this PPT depicts, is critical to user success. In the slide, each step is explained. From the screening of raw waste-water (sewage) to odor control, the Layout illustrates each task to be done.   The icons add to the ease of reading the slide, with most steps clear just in a jiffy.

Template 7 Technical Details of Wastewater Treatment PPT Template

Use this slide to detail the impurities and technical chemicals added to water as it is purified. The table compares the values in terms of Low Total Dissolved Solids (LTDS), High Total Dissolved Solids (HTDS) and Standard Treated Water. This is a sample data. You can replace the data with your own findings. The values, however, have to align with the calibration as per the standard water.

Template 8 Constituents to be Rechecked in Treated Water

In this slide, a comparison of standard and measured data is done to check the quality of water.  The PPT Template’s USP is its column on what we tested for, where the water management firm can aim to differentiate itself on, based on the quality of checks and the number of checks. The columns of standard, measured and notes make the slide very useful.

Template 9 Water Quality Monitoring Trend Template

Do you really want to know what is the iterative opportunity for water quality monitoring? This PPT Slide helps you showcase this in the most capable manner. This slide shows how many times quality monitoring needs to be done for different water resources. For instance, every major water resource needs monitoring, from groundwaters to streams and rivers. The monitoring must account for particulate matter, and water. Biological monitoring is also needed.

Template 10 Water Management KPI Dashboard Showing Impurity Levels


This PPT Template helps users map regions across a geography to impurity levels, using a map and color-coded legend. Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Sulphates and Chlorides are all calculated and represented in this wonderful, clutter-free PPT design. The Ph and temperature also recorded, along with the date and time when the sample was taken. A second sample is taken, if necessary.



It is clear that water management is a limitless opportunity for businesses, provided we don’t overexploit it commercially. As the UN has already noted, and this blog has backed, sustainable water management is the way forward. The sooner businesses grasp this concept, the better for their own bottom lines and for the shared future of humanity as well. Without water, there is no life.

PS There is already cutting-edge technology available for water management. Experience it through our PPT Template on Internet of Things (IoT) Water Management here.

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