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10 Best Project Map Templates To Manage Your Business Systematically

10 Best Project Map Templates To Manage Your Business Systematically

Parul Arya

Parul Arya

April 28 2021

This is the story of William.


Working as a project manager at a reputed firm for two years, William decides to embark on a new project each day. But despite having a creative mind and innovative ideas, he fails to impress his boss. 


The reason… William is absolutely tardy at managing projects. In fact, he plans to continue that mindset for another two years perhaps. No wonder his colleagues have named him lazy project manager


So if you have also been guilty of earning such monikers, it is time to be systematic with the help of a project map.


What is a project map?


A project map is a visual representation of multiple components of a project that are linked with a connector. With a project map, a project manager can easily track the business processes from start to finish. Also, a project map is the best way to synchronize your business activities and data. Project managers or team leaders can use it to:


  • Organize project data
  • Make prudent decisions for each activity
  • Provide the statement of projects
  • Focus on high-priority tasks
  • Create a financial structure for projects


Benefits of a project map


Organizations work on several projects every single day, so it is important to map every activity of a project. Let’s check out the benefits of creating a project map!

  •  Boosts project performance

Several reasons cause project failure. In most cases, employees are clueless about their roles and responsibilities, and can’t find a way to put in their best efforts. A project map helps eliminate this confusion and organize each task, project goals, schedule, etc. It also helps boost project performance and avoid the challenges that cause failure.

  • Saves money

Organizations invest a lot of money in designing a project. Irrespective of the project glitches, delays, and failures, companies incur unnecessary costs. All this happens because of a poorly planned project. Therefore, a project map provides foresight for better project execution. It also helps eliminate wasteful patterns of unnecessary expenditure.

  • Enhances team communication

For a smooth project, effective communication among team members is essential. A project map helps arrange the activities that are beneficial to the employees. With this, team members can discuss with each other their respective responsibilities and work collaboratively to achieve the goals. 

  • Tracks project goals

A project map helps structure the tasks in a step-by-step manner. It will help managers or team leaders to keep tabs on activities that are of high priority and need to be completed soon. By doing this, it will be easier for project managers to track the progress of each activity. Also, it will make the project execution earlier than the estimated time frame.

  • Ensures the best use of resources

If managers create a project map effectively, they will get to know the accurate utilization of resources like staffing, equipment, budget, time, etc. A proper project map helps organizations make decisions in advance on how to assign the resources for every project. 


Top 10 Project Map Templates To Download And Utilize


Being a project manager, boss, or team lead, you need a good design resource to create a project map without any hassle. To address that, we have selected the top 10 project map templates that belong in a taskmaster’s kitty. Let’s take a look at them!


Template 1

Use this slide to jot down the business processes you have to work on. With the help of this template, you can create an appealing project map that improves your business operations. In this, you can tweak the content as per your business needs.


Project Map Depicting Sales And Marketing

Download Project Map Depicting Sales And Marketing Strategies


Template 2

Take advantage of our attractive template to illustrate the key resources of your business. By utilizing this slide, you can manage your business systematically. There are various high-grade icons in the slide that enhance your content.


Project Map Illustrating Key Resources Of Business

Download Project Map Illustrating Key Resources Of Business


Template 3

Grab this template to portray your supplier and customer details with ease. The image shown in the slide represents the project map wherein you can add the content according to your requirements. Tap on the template and download it right away.


Project Map Illustrating Customer Details
Download Project Map Illustrating Suppliers And Customers Details


Template 4

Take advantage of this engaging slide to display your product promotion strategies on a project map. This template lets you organize your information in such a way that everyone can understand it easily. You can alter the features of this slide and personalize it your way.


Project Map Indicating Product Promotion

Download Project Map Indicating Product Promotion Strategies


Template 5

Utilize this template to mention the steps involved in project management. The slide is designed by our experts to save your time and effort. It consists of advanced features that make your project information more digestible.


Project Map Indicating Product Testing
Download Project Map Indicating Product Testing Elements


Template 6

Incorporate this template in your presentation to create a project map for a successful business proposal. This slide comes with ample space wherein you can jot down the content that suits your requirements perfectly. 


Project Map For Successful Business Proposal

Download Project Map Illustrating Key Elements For Successful Business Proposal


Template 7

With the aid of this slide, you can explain the importance of creating a project map. The template allows you to illustrate the benefits of a project map conveniently. You can use stylish fonts and attractive colors to make your content aesthetic.


Project Process Map

Download Scenario Project Process Map PPT Icon


Template 8

Employ this appealing template to mention your upcoming project and business goals. In this slide, you can edit the content as per your needs. Among all the project map templates, it is the most attractive one. You can put an attractive backdrop in this template to enhance the look of your subject.


Project Plan

Download Project Plan Map Indicating Resources And Goals


Template 9

Illustrate the budget plan of your project by utilizing our ready-to-use template. This slide consists of a readymade diagram of a project map that can easily be edited and utilized. So without any further delay, grab this template.


Project Management

Download Project Management Map Illustrating Budget And Plan


Template 10

Monitor your business activities efficiently with the help of our easily accessible template. With the aid of this slide, you can provide your employees with their respective roles and responsibilities. You can download this slide with a few clicks.


Project Benefits Dependency
Download Project Benefits Dependency Map With Change Factors


Projects keep the business moving. Managing them should not be a chore. So take a step ahead and download our professionally designed project map templates to ease your workload in minutes! 


For a fool-proof project that brings optimal results, check out our project planning templates, here

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