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Top 5 Credit Application Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 5 Credit Application Templates with Samples and Examples

Pooja Kataria

Pooja Kataria

December 1 2022

“A good financial plan is a road map that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future.”

– Alexa Von Tobel


Would you want to invest like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg? From where do you think they get those investments to scale their businesses? Well, yes, they worked hard, but they also worked smart.


Their investments not only came from their hard-earned money but also from the loans they acquired from banks and other investors based on their investment plans and return guarantees. A loan or credit is borrowing money, services, or goods with an understanding that the borrower will return them later with interest.


Credit is an agreement between the lender and the borrower with set terms and conditions that both parties agree to. It is (most often) a written contract signed by both parties, but sometimes consent is arrived at verbally at the lender’s premises. Credit application is a legally binding contract, documenting terms of loan agreement, requisites for loan approval, and criteria to get the loan.


Why is credit necessary? Well, credit gives you the financial power to invest more with expectations of growing and benefitting businesses. Credit is beneficial to both the lender and the borrower; the lender earns through agreed interest rates and the borrower through investments.


Let’s have a look at some of these templates.


Top 5 Credit application templates with samples and examples


Before applying for credit or loan, it is important to learn about the process of application and essential requirements, from analysis to fund approvals.

Here we present to you well-organized and easy to use PowerPoint Templates to simplify your Credit application process that help the audience gain better understanding to your audience when learning this process.

The link to download each template is provided for your convenience.


Let’s explore these customizable PowerPoint Templates.


Template 1: Credit Process Analysis Origination Processing Application PPT


This PowerPoint Presentation covers all business needs for Credit Process Analysis. The PowerPoint Slide is 100% editable and has the right images, graphics, and icons to intensify your message. It includes detailed representation of stepwise credit analysis process for customer in a flowchart. A framework of essential steps required, from analysis to fund approval and review of credit control is covered in a distinct way.  The template focuses on identifying the buyer’s needs and explains steps for the application process. This template lets you credit controls with documentation and management action for business structure. Each template provides ample space to incorporate changes like text size, font and color.

Download now!


credit process analysis origination application wd

Download the Link


Template 2: One-page bank credit application report PPT


The below mentioned PowerPoint slide is a one-page bank credit application presentation report. This PPT Template gives ample space to write down business information including Business name, Business type and its address. This PPT document is an A4 size template is designed in PowerPoint and is editable and displays the details in crisp, clear, and appealing format. This PPT Template provides a comprehensive view to your audience with credit details including the amount, interest rate, and payees’ details. This one-credit application is used for business expansion by entrepreneurs seeking credit from banks for growth and development of their business. It contains applicant information, business overview, trade references, bank references, credit terms, and repayment terms. This PPT template has a section to capture signature, and contains information related to credit and its cost. Download this template with application for a hassle-free credit request.


one page bank credit application presentation report infographic ppt pdf document wd

Download the link


Template 3: One-Page Business Credit Application PPT


This PPT Template is used for business expansion, by entrepreneurs seeking credit from the bank to develop their business, captures their business information, and other details like name, phone number, email, address and so on. This PowerPoint Slide also gives you space to jot down principal owners, references, and terms of credit. It throws light on terms of credit and repayment details. The template also mentions the person who will guarantee that the applicant will pay credit amount as per agreed conditions.  This comprehensive template will communicate your message to the audience with minimal efforts.

Download this PPT template from the link below.


one page business credit application presentation report infographic ppt pdf document wd Download the link


Template 4: One-Page Credit application for Business expansion PPT


This credit application template used by business sectors helps them in seeking credit. The slide provides ample space to capture the business information such as Business name, Business type, Business address, and Postal Code. This PowerPoint Slide captures the credit details and purpose for the credit.  It also mentions the property that is to kept as collateral guarantee and the applicant references. This completely editable slide also has a section to capture payee details, agreement, and signatures. Grab this one-page credit application for business expansion presentation from the link below.


one page credit application for business expansion presentation report infographic ppt pdf document wd Download the link


Template 5: Credit application Template with Consumer details PPT


The PPT Template mentioned below captures Consumer details for Credit application. It is structured to record personal details of consumers like their name, address, social security number, phone number, and zip code. The slide mentions the consumer’s employment history, their source of income, and their monthly expenses. Other topics discussed in the slide are their investments, credit card details, or any bankruptcies. This PPT template is editable. Grab it now.


credit application template with details wd

Download the link




What makes money grow is time and the idea takes turns into a profitable business venture. Credit has, thus, rightly been called the lifeline of businesses. Use it well and gain from the power of ideas you may have. Our templates make sure that credit is never denied to you, as you convince financial institutes to back your dream.


PS If you are looking for mortgage, instead of credit, this is again the best place to find these. Click here to download the best-in-class templates on mortgage loan origination process flow.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a credit application?


A Credit application is a standardized, legally binding contract documenting terms and conditions that a consumer or a prospective borrower uses to lend credit from lender.


What is the importance of a credit application?


The credit application is an ideal way to help credit professionals collect valuable information about the customers and make informed decisions about a customer’s ability and willingness to meet obligations within credit terms.


What do you need for a credit application?


The general requirements for Credit application are your demographic details like name, age, phone number, address, and social security number. Other requirements include your income proof, type of business, sources of income and your credit history. Make sure your application showcases your confidence in being debt-free as early as possible. Also, if you have any ratings from credit agencies that are in favor, make sure you publicize these.

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