Most marketers consider their job done once the sale is made from a single customer. No, that’s when you need to measure a customer lifetime value to know the total revenue a business can expect from a single customer account. The longer a customer continues to purchase from a company, the better and greater their lifetime value becomes.


Rather than tracking the old customer activities, marketers go on a hunting spree to acquire the next customer and work towards making another sale. This is natural but no business can sustain themselves by forgetting their old customers entirely. Marketers must keep engaging the existing customers to retain them. So, they send out newsletters, offers, and more to bring them back or keep them hooked.


Acquiring and retaining the customers are two sides of the same coin. Of course, a customer wants personalized engagement and an unforgettable experience. However, measuring a customer lifetime value also becomes an important metric in marketing and advertising.


Luckily, with artificial intelligence (AI), you don’t have to calculate the CLV yourself. AI will not only help you calculate the customer lifetime value but will also help you improve clv. Measure, analyze and understand all with AI.


Measure and monitor massive amount of data over a customer’s lifetime and build a stronger customer relationship than ever.


How AI helps in business growth:


Build a Stronger Relationship with Customer:

Deliver relevant and useful content to the customers because AI does a deep listening and help you provide what is best for the customers. AI will give you precise data and insights to decide where and how much money and time you need to invest in. AI will also tell you when to put a full stop when a certain customer is not showing any interest.


Long Term Loyalty:

These days customers expect larger than life experiences. AI will help you provide your customers personalized engagement; wow offers and an amazing experience. Create tailor made offers that will make your customers want to come back to you. AI encourages customers to buy more products and services from you and ultimately converting short term conversions into a long-term commitment.


Focus on the Existing Customer and Renew Quickly:

With AI, understand your customer better. Get to know what he wants or needs next. When a customer feels understood, he is likely to grow into a loyal customer. Focus on the existing one and grow his CLV. This will benefit you more than acquiring a new customer.


Convert and Commit:

AI helps you in scrutinizing your best customers. You can give rewards to your best customers. And in return, your high valued customers will recommend your products to others, which will help your business grow. In a way, the customer is committed to your brand.


AI can sort data and customize emails for you. It will get you the results faster than a human ever could. AI is soon going to take over the digital marketing. Companies and brands are using AI to track, analyze and provide benefits to one customer who in return buy products and refer others about the same company or brand that they are committed to.


Below are some artificial intelligence PowerPoint templates that you can use for your business. These are generic AI PPT templates that can be applied for any industry.


Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Templates:

PowerPoint Template 1:


Robotic Process Automation Process Showing Start Read Email and End

Click here to download robotic process artificial intelligence PPT template.



PowerPoint Template 2:


Machine Learning Data Train Test Improve

Download machine learning artificial intelligence data PowerPoint template.


PowerPoint Template 3:


Machine Learning Cluster Classification Supervised Regression

Get access to machine learning artificial intelligence cluster classification PowerPoint template.


PowerPoint Template 4:


Machine Learning Reinforcement Deep Image with Nodes Bulb

Grab machine learning artificial intelligence deep learning PowerPoint slide.


PowerPoint Template 5:


Artificial Intelligence Process Data Generated to Actionable Insights PPT template

Download artificial intelligence data generated PPT slide.


PowerPoint Template 6:


Robotic Process Automation showing Time to Market and Use Existing Application

Click here to download robotic process artificial intelligence PPT slide.


PowerPoint Template 7:


Robotic Process Automation showing Increased Efficiency and Improved Customer Experience

Download artificial intelligence with improved customer experience PPT template.


Grow your business and nurture your customers effectively with our artificial intelligence ppt.