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How to Place Text Behind an Image in PowerPoint: Step-by-Step Tutorial

How to Place Text Behind an Image in PowerPoint: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Anuj Malhotra

Anuj Malhotra

March 18 2020

You’ve seen this effect on your favorite magazine cover pages and ads inside its glossy pages.


Magazine covers with name behind image


You’ve also seen this effect on your favorite movie posters.


Movie Posters with title behind image


The text is placed behind an image or object to create a realistic effect. Thanks to the partial cover-up, there is no issue in readability whatsoever. Graphic designers achieve this effect in (no guesses needed) Photoshop. Not everyone, however, is an expert in this tool. Guess what, this effect can be created as easily in PowerPoint! And we are not joking.


All you need is an image with good contrast between the background and the image/object in the foreground. Two or three clicks of a button in PowerPoint and you are on par with a graphic designer achieving that same effect in Photoshop. 


Look at some designs on “Balance” created in PowerPoint in less than a minute-


Design #1-


Creative PowerPoint Slide-1


Download this Creative Design on Ballet Dance


Design #2-


Creative PowerPoint Slide-2


Download this Beautiful Design on Balance & Ballet Dance


Design #3-


Creative PowerPoint Slide-3


Download this Aesthetic Presentation Slide Design


Design #4-


Creative PowerPoint Slide-4


Download this Beautiful Ballet Design


Step by Step PowerPoint Tutorial for Placing Text Behind Image-


PowerPoint has a powerful photo editing tool in-built in its application known as Remove Background. This tool will help us manipulate the image and get the effect we want. Follow these steps to get started:


Step 1- Add Image

The Remove Background tool works best with images that have a lot of contrast between the main subject in the foreground and the background color.


Choose image with lot of background foreground contrast


Also, ensure that you choose a high-resolution image. Insert the image in the slide. You can keep it full screen or smaller depending on your requirements.


Step 1- Insert Image into the Slide


Step 2- Add Your Text

Now, add the text that you want to appear behind the chosen image or object. Keep it limited to one or two words to have the maximum impact.


Choose a font that goes well with the overall message and visual. Place the text in a manner that it falls over the image or object.


Step 2- Add Text over the Image


Step 3- Add the Image Again & Remove Background

Add the same image over the slide again so that it covers the text. Now, go to the Picture Format tab and select the Remove Background button (see the screenshot below).


Locate Remove Background from Picture Format


PowerPoint will automatically detect the background and render it in purple color. This is the image portion that will be deleted.


Background rendered in Purple color


As you can see, the background has been faithfully removed from the image. However, a part of the ballet dancer’s leg and the right corner of the white cloth have also been removed. To retain that portion, select the Mark Areas to Keep button (see the screenshot below). PowerPoint will give you a pen tool to select the areas that you want to be included. Mark on the areas (leg and the cloth) and the same shall be added back to the image.


The background is now perfectly removed from the image.


Mark Area to Keep


You will now have the text behind the image exactly as you had hoped for!


Creative PowerPoint Slide


Download this Beautiful Design on Balance & Ballet Dance


Isn’t it such a cool effect?


P.S. When removing background, if there are certain portions that did not get removed, you can use the Mark Areas to Remove feature to remove those areas. Remove Background is a powerful and very easy-to-use tool as we have shown you. It only fails where the image is too busy or there is no sufficient contrast. 


More Examples of this Effect Created in PowerPoint-


Example #1-


Creative Template Example-1


Download Outdoor Game Skateboard Design


Example #2-


Creative PowerPoint Example-2


Download this Beautiful Paris PPT Slide


Example #3-


Creative PowerPoint Example-3


Download this Beautiful New York PPT Slide


Example #4- 


Creative PowerPoint Example-4


Download New York Creative Slide


Example #5-


Creative PowerPoint Example-5


Download Outdoor Adventure Tourism Slide Design


Example #6-


Creative PowerPoint Example-6


Download Creative Balance Presentation Slide Design


Let us know how you liked this tutorial by sharing your feedback in the comments below.

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