Are you also one of those who think CRM is just for the customers? Then let us burst your bubble. “Customer relationship management is only for the customers” is a myth. CRM brings many more benefits to the table such as optimizing marketing strategies, improving upselling efforts, enhancing customer relationships, and more.


Let us change your perception of usage of CRM for better. Showcasing you some major benefits of CRM that will help you boost sales for your business. Impact your business and sales process with adoption of CRM.


7 key benefits of CRM:


Systematize the Sales Process:


Streamline your sales process with CRM. Without CRM, the sales process is haphazard. Excel sheets and mails are not enough to track the leads and customers. You would not know the sales funnel. You will lose your customers since there is no static tool to track the customer’s journey. But with CRM, keep a tab on your customer’s journey using sales funnel. From their point of entry to the purchase and after. CRM fine tune the sales process.


Lead the Leads:


Forget struggling to remember each lead. Find that one lead you need to contact, interact and manage with CRM. Rather tracking manually and sifting leads in the system, CRM helps you locate the leads in your system without any hassles. Not just this, assess each lead and their interaction with your company and predict the closure of the lead with CRM.


Compile your Callers:


With thousands of callers, you don’t know which caller is beneficial for your business. Someone who is worth bringing you business might have lost interest in making a purchase with you since there were no follow up calls or emails. CRM helps you prioritize your calls. Get enough data, group them in a list, track their activities, and then communicate with them. Once the list of the callers is complied, offer them fancy discounts and coupons to nurture your relationship with the customers.


Intensify your Interaction:


You would not know what your customers want from you unless you read their minds, or if they tell you on your own. It becomes hard to judge their buying choices. Since CRM can help you gauge their likings and choices, you can offer them exactly what they want. Track which pages are being visited on your site, which category they click the most, analyze their conversations with your team and as a result, enhance your interaction with the customers. Personalize your interaction, offer products and services they like, clinch deals and generate revenues.


Set Routine Tasks:


As a salesperson, your hands are never empty. You have got to do tasks other than selling. Filling order forms, reminder emails, updating status and owners manually are tedious tasks and take much of your time. However, take it easy with CRM. Automate these tasks and you focus on your primary goal which is selling.


Encourages Teamwork:


Boost teamwork in your organization and motivate your salespeople to work harder. CRM streamlines the entire process, automatically assigns leads and maintains a transparency. This way, everyone is in the loop and know who has hit the home-run with accurate sales.


Analysis of Sales Process:


Dig deeper into the sales activities with CRM. Track best lead sources, analyze email campaigns and more. Locate which customer is getting you the business, asses the performances of the sales people, etc. Determine the sales activities and make informed decisions with detailed analytics of sales process.


Sales Reports:


Segregate your weekly, monthly and yearly sales reports with CRM. Collect information and data about the leads and prospects. Manage better deals and contacts with CRM. With proper sales dashboard, everyone is aware of the sales activities. Even the managers and VPs can monitor the amount that is generated.


Scale Up your Sales Process:


CRMs let you keep a tab on emails, calls, meetings, and more such activities. You can see which sales process is working for you and which one needs an improvement. CRM will help you scale up your sales and grow your business.


Thinking to add a CRM to your business? We bring you professionally designed CRM PowerPoint templates that you can use to improve your sales process.


Professionally Designed CRM PowerPoint Templates:


PowerPoint Template 1:


CRM Dashboard Current Lead Status

Click here to download this CRM current lead status dashboard PowerPoint template.


PowerPoint Template 2:


CRM Dashboard Opportunity by Rating

Download CRM dashboard showcasing opportunity by rating PPT slide.


PowerPoint Template 3:


CRM Dashboard KPI PPT Slide

Grab access to CRM dashboard KPI PPT slide.


PowerPoint Template 4:


CRM Dashboard Template

Click here to download CRM dashboard PowerPoint template.


PowerPoint Template 5:


CRM Dashboard Top Customers PPT Slide

Grab CRM dashboard showing top customers PPT slide by clicking here.


PowerPoint Template 6:


CRM Dashboard Expected Close Date PPT Template

Download CRM dashboard showing deals by expected close date PPT slide.


PowerPoint Template 7:


CRM Dashboard Lead and Deal Acquisiton PowerPoint Template

Get access to CRM dashboard showing lead acquisition and deal acquisition PPT slide.


PowerPoint Template 8:


CRM Dashboard Leads by Source PPT Template

Download CRM dashboard showing leads by source PPT slide.


PowerPoint Template 9:


CRM Management Initiatives PPT Template

Click here to download customer relationship management initiatives PPT slide.


PowerPoint Template 10:


CRM Sales Rep Dashboard PPT Template

Download CRM sales rep dashboard PPT slide.


PowerPoint Template 11:


Lead Management CRM PPT Slide

Download CRM lead management PPT slide.


PowerPoint Template 12:


CRM Strategy and Planning Process

Download CRM strategy and planning process PPT template.


PowerPoint Template 13:


Customer Relationship Management Procedure PowerPoint Template

Download customer relationship management procedure PPT template.


Incorporate these CRM PowerPoint templates to make informed business decisions and encourage sales team to set realistic sales goals.