You must have heard the saying, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer?" Well, in the business world, it means keeping a close eye on your direct competitors with a motive to scan their every move. Did you know that businesses that conduct regular competitor analysis reports can grow their sales by up to 25% compared to those that don't?


Analyzing the market and researching your competitors is like playing Chess. You wouldn't want to inch a step further without knowing where your opponents are positioned, right? Here’s when our competitor analysis report templates slide in. 


Spotlight what sets you apart and master the art of competitive landscape with our Top 5 Competitor Analysis Framework Templates!


Want To Turn The Tables In Competition?


In this blog, SlideTeam provides you with content-ready competitor Analysis Report templates that give you a framework for organizing research about your business's competitors. They help:


  • Gather Information: A competitor analysis template helps you identify your direct competitors. It analyzes all relevant aspects of your competitors, from their target market to their marketing channels.


  • Facilitate Comparison: Know what they're good at. Our templates are packed with tables, graphs, and charts to compare your stuff (offerings/ services) with the competitor’s, making it easier to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.


  • SWOT Analysis: Most of our templates feature a SWOT analysis section, prompting you to assess your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This allows you to track your performance status amidst the competition.


  • Inform Strategic Decisions: By clearly understanding the competitive landscape, you can tweak your product development, marketing approach, and pricing strategy better.


  • Customizable: Last but not least. Our templates are 100% customizable and editable, allowing you to fine-tune your data according to your business goals. They also help refine your SEO strategy and optimize your website analytics.


Let’s get to the good part, then!


Acquiring accurate competitor data is no longer a hurdle! Try out these Top 7 Competition Analysis Grid Templates to simplify competitor analysis and make smarter business decisions.


Template 1: Competitive Analysis Report PowerPoint Presentation

Gain the upper hand on the market by knowing your enemy by using this all-in-one bundle! This presentation offers pre-designed slides to help you understand your market. Identify key players, analyze industry trends with tools like Porter's Five Forces, and tailor your strategy to your target audience. The slides go beyond competitor analysis, allowing you to explore distribution channels and emerging rivals. Use this template to get a clear picture of the market landscape (industry's size and trends) before they even become a ‘thing!’ Grab it now!


Competitive Analysis Report


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Template 2: Competitor Analysis Market Positioning Product Development Business Strategy

This presentation deck is your one-stop shop for crafting a winning strategy. Packed with 12 slides, it tackles competitor analysis, market positioning, product development, and overall business strategy. Its pre-made charts, graphs, and templates help you understand how people find your website and who your competitors are so you can make smarter decisions. Highlighting the importance of data analysis, the template also helps to present complex topics with a bang, empowering you to brainstorm, discuss, and present a cohesive plan to dominate your market. Get it now!


Compettitor analysis


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Template 3: Product-Based Competitor Analysis Report

This product-based report is like having a spy in your competitor’s camp. It whispers all the secrets about their products. By dissecting competitor offerings, you can learn who your rivals are and what they excel at. This enables you to pick out your strengths and weaknesses, craft winning marketing messages, and determine unmet customer needs that your product/ service can address. The template’s built-in report insights section lets you tailor your product policies, like warranty or return options, sustainable fees, sustainable production, and product recalls to better align with the market. Get access to it now!



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Template 4: Healthcare Company Profile Competitor Comparison Analysis Report

The slide provides the competitor analysis on the basis of– basis ratings, number of employees, funding, market capitalization, revenue, net profit, and total assets. These metrics help you gain a 360-degree view of your company's position in the global healthcare industry. Use this template to make better choices about resource allocation and market positioning. Set benchmarks and track progress against competitors to measure the effectiveness of their strategies. Download it right away!


Competitor comparison analysis report


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Template 5: Competitors Analysis Report on Key Success Factors PowerPoint Topics

Imagine you're about to enter a video game competition but have no clue what kind of game it is. That's what facing or entering into a new market can be like for a small business! This report gives a sneak peek at the game and your opponents. It showcases various success factors, such as extensive distribution, customer focus, economies of scale, and product innovation. There’s more! The report compares competitors to these key success factors, allocating each a rating (1-10), with 10 being the best, which is displayed under the ‘total weighted score’ section. This score helps pick out the most successful competitor in the industry and come up with strategies to face the competition. Get it now!


Competitors Analysis Report On Key Success Factors PowerPoint Topics


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Template 6: QBR Report Showing Competitor Analysis Based on Net Revenue

This competitor analysis slide reveals positive trends for a company. The net revenue section highlights the net revenue performance across multiple quarters for a company along with its key competitors. Use this template to reflect your specific financial metrics and market trends, enabling you to compare and analyze revenue graphs with precision. The structured format of the template helps visualize net revenue data at a glance. It empowers your company to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities relative to competitors, facilitating strategic decision-making and driving growth. Download it now!


QBR Report Showing Competitor Analysis Based on Net Revenue


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Template 7: Industry Cost Structure

Understand your cost dynamics, outsmart your competition, and simplify your industry's cost allocation with this template. The featured pie chart provides a breakdown of key cost components, including wages, purchases, depreciation, rent and utilities, marketing, and other expenses. Classifying such distribution of costs enables companies to understand their cost structure and spending habits in a jiffy, giving them room to invest in the most important areas. Use this template to analyze your company's cost allocation or benchmarking against industry peers, identifying areas of potential optimization and driving efficiency. Grab it now!


Industry Cost Structure


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Template 8: Key Success Factors

Understanding the key success factors in competitor analysis isn't about directly copying your rivals; it's about learning from the best and identifying opportunities to shine brighter. This template is designed to spotlight the crucial elements driving success in your industry. Use this template to outline the key success factors, such as understanding your target audience, cultivating a strong brand identity, delivering high-quality products or services, providing exceptional customer service, creating a positive brand image, and implementing a well-defined marketing strategy. Such a roadmap lets you see what areas your competitors are doing well and where there might be gaps you can exploit. Get it now! 


Key Success Factors


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Template 9: Competitor Analysis Events Pricing Product Locations

This deck is divided into 15 sections: events, pricing, press releases, product features, locations, customer logos, hiring plans, social media, etc. Each section has space for text and icons to illustrate your points. This template is your action guide to decode your competitor’s events, pricing, features, social media channels, executive team structure, and locations. Analyze your competitor’s online presence, hiring plans, and customer base to stay ahead of trends, identify opportunities, and craft a winning strategy. Know what they are bragging about and record it under the newsletters and social media channels section. What features do they offer that you don't? What amazing features are they missing? Mention it all under the pricing section. Get it now!


Competitor Analysis Events Pricing Product Locations


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Template 10: Competitor Analysis Framework Market Positioning

Dominate the competition with this powerful tool that goes beyond features, uncovering your rivals' secrets through in-depth profiles and win-loss analysis. Divided into three key sections: product features, competitive profile, and win-loss analysis, it offers a crystal-clear market view for analyzing competitors and identifying opportunities for differentiation. Sections like market positioning, business strategy, competitive sales cycles, product development, and potential M&A activity help businesses understand the market and identify growth areas and strategic partnerships. Grab it now!


Competitor Analysis Framework Market Positioning Business…


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Who's the Competition? Not You if You Reached Here!


Alright, prepping up that competitor analysis report shouldn't be a chore anymore! You've got enough frameworks and samples to pick apart your competition and craft a winning strategy. 


Get out of that business world spy game, trying hard to get noticed. Always stay two steps ahead with these templates by gaining valuable insights into the competitive landscape and developing a data-driven strategy. 


So, go pick up your favorite one to gather information, facilitate comparisons, and conduct a SWOT analysis that fits your specific industry and perfectly aligns with your business goals.


Remember, competitor analysis is an ongoing process. By regularly reviewing and updating your competitor analysis reports, you can actually spy on your competitors and outmaneuver them in no time.


Don't play blind! See how your features measure up with these Top 10 Website Competitive Analysis Templates, which will help you better understand your competitors!