Business owners who achieve success understand the importance of having a carefully planned and considered business strategy. It helps them see the steps they need to take to realize their vision, attract investors, raise capital, make wise decisions, and handle the inevitable challenges of running a business.


The One-Page Business Plan infographic is a practical, streamlined alternative to comprehensive business plans to effectively communicate the business ideas. It is a perfect solution for startups, small businesses, and anyone seeking a clear and focused roadmap for success.


Our list of Top10 One-Page Strategic Plan Templates for Business Management can be beneficial for moving through decision making and execution processes more quickly.


Gone are the days of exhaustive reports and complex documents. Our one-page business plan PPT templates are carefully crafted to capture the essential elements, ensuring a focused approach to success.


Here is the list of Our 25 One-Page Business Plan PPT Templates that are the epitome of the efficient business management of a company.


Template 1: One-page Business Plan for Non-Medical Home Care Services

This is a content-ready PPT template showcasing business objectives and strategies for a non-medical home care service. This well-crafted PowerPoint template also includes details on the organization's business overview, goal statement, list of goods and services, SWOT analysis, target market, competitive advantage, projected and actual financial performance, etc. Grab this professional and appealing PowerPoint template to attract investors and grow your business.


One Page Business Plan For Non Medical Home Care Services


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Template 2: One-page Business Plan for Successful Restaurant Franchise

The next PPT preset is highlights how the company intends to use interesting promotional content to attract online consumers. It exhibits business strategies, marketing activities, finances, milestones, etc. to get onboard the clients and investors. It is a pre-designed PowerPoint template outlining your goals, strategies, and financial projections. Navigate the complex world of business with confidence using this ready-made PowerPoint slide.


One Page Business Plan For Successful Restaurant Franchise


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Template 3: One-page Woodworking Business Plan Presentation

Our next infographic PPT deck outlines the organization's objectives, operations, industry positioning, marketing goals, and financial forecasts. This PowerPoint slide includes the executive summary, mission statement, unique selling points, competitors, distribution channels, market segmentation, and financial projections. With all the essential resources, showcase your expertise and sales to maximize your woodworking business!


One Page Woodworking Business Plan


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Template 4: One-page Guest House Expansion Business Plan

Our next PPT preset is a One-Page Guest House Expansion Business Plan, including all the necessary components to ensure success. We've covered everything that you need in a comprehensive business plan. From an overview of the property to expansion goals, suggestions, and introducing new products and services. Target markets, interim and long-term goals, value proposition, branding strategy, recruiting strategy, financing alternatives, and financial projections are all included in this infographic PowerPoint layout.


One Page Guest House Expansion Business Plan


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Template 5: One-pager Business Plan for Buying Residential Real Estate

Introducing our powerful one-pager PowerPoint layout to empower real estate managers with winning acquisition and strategic planning capabilities. Experience a comprehensive corporate overview and explore exciting commercial prospects as a valued stockholder. Elevate your business with an extensive target market analysis, industry insights, and a strategic marketing plan. Get this PPT slide today!


business plan for buying residential real estate


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Template 6: One-page Business Plan Including Values, Vision, Mission, and Goals

Say goodbye to confusion when presenting complex data to your audience with our content-ready template. It includes values, vision, mission, and goals, all condensed into an infographic for easy understanding. Deploy this pre-designed PowerPoint template and use it as a powerful tool that can guide you on the path to success. Download today and provide your audience with structure, clarity, and guidance while saving time and effort. With a well-crafted business plan, communicate your vision effectively, attract investors, and set yourself up for exponential growth.


Company's Business Overview with Vision and Mission


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Template 7: One-page Lean Canvas Business Plan of Coffee Shop Presentation

Our next PPT preset is a specialized one-page template to create a complete business plan suited to your organization's goals. It addresses crucial topics which includes problem, your solution, target market, competition, revenue, milestones, and team responsibilities. You may simplify complex business issues by providing a clear and succinct picture of your company's activities. Instead of traditional plans, our one-page editable PowerPoint slide ensures targeted, well-defined tactics that prioritize your



One page lean canvas business plan of coffee shop


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Template 8: 1-3-5 Cafe Business Plan One-pager Presentation Report

Achieve your goals easily with our ready to use template that allows small coffee shop owners present their business plans for expansion. Showcase your cafe's images, name, and logo while guiding your team on task prioritization and goals. This concise one-pager is the perfect solution for your presentation needs. It provides ample space for strategies and summarizes all necessary information on a single page. Streamline your presentations and impress your audience with this elegant infographic today!


1 3 5 cafe business plan one pager


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Template 9: One-pager Lean Business Plan for Gear Company Presentation Report

This is a ready to use PowerPoint template perfect to attract investors or stakeholders. It emphasizes your business’s value proposition, target market, and financial predictions. A well-written one-pager may grab your audience's attention and make a lasting impression. It covers topics such as, problem, solutions, target market, competition, revenue, milestones, and team responsibilities. Get our one-pager today to simplify business planning.


One pager lean business plan for gear company


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Template 10: One page for Cafe Bistro Business Plan Template

Achieve your business goals with our professionally designed, one-page PowerPoint preset. Personalize it with your cafe's images, logo, and name to present your vision effectively. This PPT template helps prioritize tasks, set goals, and strategize, all condensed on a single page for easy reference. Perfect for coffee shop owners looking for a streamlined approach to success. Make it uniquely yours and showcase your brand in the best possible way. Grab and customize it to reflect your company's identity and values.


One page for cafe bistro business plan


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Template 11: Two-weeks Manufacturing Business Planner

Stay on top of your weekly deadlines and tasks with our one-page PowerPoint template. Plan and list all the activities you must accomplish within the given timeframe. Whether for personal or professional use, this PPT template helps you track completed and pending tasks. Managers, employees, and individuals can prioritize meetings, appointments, events, and sessions using this ready-made weekly planner. Customize it to your preferences by highlighting rows with different colors. Streamline your marketing campaign and achieve success with this professionally designed infographic.


Two weeks manufacturing business planner of january 2020 in one page summary


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Template 12: One-page Non-profit Youth Services Business Plan

Maximize the impact of your nonprofit organization with our concise one-page business plan PowerPoint template. Present your objectives and mission and condense vital information into a single slide that captures attention. Highlight significant yearly accomplishments with a bar chart and showcase market segmentation using a pie chart. Communicate your vision and key success factors to your audience with our content-ready PPT slide. Enhance your presentation with this business planning one-pager PPT deck.


One page nonprofit youth services business plan template


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Template 13: One-pager Business Plan Proposal Template

Elevate your business proposal game with our expertly crafted PPT template. This PowerPoint preset is thoughtfully designed to provide a visually stunning backdrop to your business plan. Elevate your presentation skills with this PPT deck and shine like a pro.


business plan proposal


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Template 14: Lean Business Plan One-pager for an e-commerce Company

Use our one-page PowerPoint template to write a business plan that achieves your goals. Customize it to the needs of the gear industry and include different sections on company such as, market, competition, revenue, milestones, and team responsibilities. Give a detailed account of your company's current state to tackle pressing business concerns. This one-page plan PPT deck is an efficient alternative to the voluminous documents often used for planning.


Lean business plan one pager for e commerce company


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Template 15: One-page Business Plan for Non-profit Organizations

Use our one-page PowerPoint template to develop a comprehensive and efficient business plan that aligns with your company's objectives. This PPT preset is tailored to meet the needs of gear companies and focuses on crucial aspects such as purpose of the company, team members, milestones, etc. Our one-pager infographic offers a more concise and efficient alternative to traditional lengthy plans, simplifying the planning process.


One page business plan for nonprofit organizations template


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Template 16: One-pager Real Estate Start Up Business Plan

Our next one-page business plan PowerPoint template will help you map a path to your company's success. This infographic plan includes key topics such as company identification, issue resolution, target market, competition, revenue, milestones, and team responsibilities, developed with equipment firms in mind. Clearly and simply presenting your company's background can help you tackle pressing business concerns. Our infographic resources provide an efficient alternative to time-consuming, in-depth planning.


One Pager Real Estate Start Up Business Plan


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Template 17: One-page Strategy Plan showing Business Plan

This is a content-ready business plan template designed to be adaptable to various industries and business models. Whether you're launching a tech startup, opening a retail store, or offering professional services, use this PPT slide that suits your specific needs. The flexibility of templates allows you to focus on the core aspects of your business while tailoring the plan to reflect your unique value proposition.


One page strategy plan showing business plan


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Template 18: One-page Business Plan for Fiction Authors' Presentation

The Ultimate Business Plan for Book Authors: a complete book launch solution. Customize this PowerPoint template with your company name and logo. Add your photo and a brief author description to grab attention. Target your marketing and financial strategy to the right audience by name, age, gender, and region. Highlight blogging and bestselling author competition. Present your fundraising, fund allocation, and financial goals—project marketing expenditures and results.


One page business plan for fiction authors


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Template 19: One-Pager IT Startup Business Plan Presentation

Unlock the Power of Success with Our One-Pager IT Business Plan PowerPoint layout. This comprehensive infographic encompasses all vital aspects: an executive summary, company overview, mission, objectives, market analysis, success factors, key requirements, and more. Gain instant access to drive your business forward. Grab it today!


One Pager IT Start Up Business Plan


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Template 20: One Page Executive for Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan

Unleash the Recipe for Success with Our One-Pager Fast-Food Restaurant Business Plan PPT slide. This powerful infographic outlines your small restaurant's objectives and the path to achieving them. It includes a comprehensive business overview, mission and vision statement, product offerings, market size, customer segmentation, competitors, marketing and sales plan, USP, distribution channels, marketing strategies, and more. Access it now to propel your fast-food restaurant to new heights.


One Page Executive for Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan


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Template 21: One-page Business Plan for Book Authors Presentation

Our next PowerPoint deck is a game-changing tool, the One-Page Business Plan for Book Authors. This dynamic PPT template empowers you to craft a flawless book launch. Personalize the experience with your image and text. Solidify your finances, strategize your fundraising, set your goals, and allocate your funds. Light up your business plans with this sleek one-page PPT slide.


One page business plan for book authors


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Template 22: One-page Day Beauty Spa Business Plan Presentation

Get set to launch your luxury spa. Use the ultimate guide with our one-page Day Spa business plan PPT template. Our PowerPoint layout has everything you need to get started, including a plan for the future, a financial forecast, and a full catalog of services. Get your spa started on the road to being a first-rate salon. Let's create a success for your spa together.


One page day beauty spa business plan


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Template 23: One-page Day Spa Business Plan Presentation

Introducing our One Page Day Spa Business Plan Presentation Report Infographic the ultimate one-pager PowerPoint template. This PPT deck helps spa owner to create a sound business plan. It's your guide to developing winning strategies, establishing a strong foundation, and transforming your spa into a premier salon facility. It covers everything: introduction phase financials, keys to success, and a comprehensive list of services. Grab it today and start your spa journey with confidence!


One page day spa business plan


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Template 24: One-Page Hotel Business Plan Presentation Report Infographic

Our next PowerPoint deck is One-Page Hotel Business Plan Presentation Report Infographic. It helps managers prepare for success and entrepreneurs find industry potential. In this PPT set objectives, mission, USP, customer analysis, values, company data, SWOT analysis, and business strategy are covered. Get it today and grow your business!


One Page Hotel Business Plan


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Template 25: One-Page Clothing Store Business Plan Presentation Report

Put together a winning plan to launch your clothing store. Our professional one-pager PPT preset summarizes your company's goals and strategies. Essentials, including history, goals, products, audience, money, and distribution, are covered in detail. Unlock exclusive access today and pave the path to your company's triumph. Don't let this opportunity slip away.


One Page Clothing Store Business Plan


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Experience the advantages of an easily understood and visually captivating SlideTeam’s one-page infographic business plans. Our PPT deck captures attention, effectively communicates vital information, and promotes better understanding. By integrating your distinct branding message, you can solidify your business identity and make a memorable impact on stakeholders, paving the way for triumph. Take the first step towards your entrepreneurial ambitions now!


FAQs on Business Plan


Can a business plan be 1 page?


Yes, a business plan that fits on a single page is called a one-page business plan. The main areas of emphasis are the purpose, objectives, target market, value offer, and fundamental financial predictions. A one-page business plan delivers a succinct overview without offering the same depth as a detailed business plan, making it an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs looking for a simplified and understandable explanation of their business strategy.


What is a one-page plan for a business plan?


One-page plans are simplified versions of complete business plans that may be summarized on a single sheet of paper. It gives you a high-level picture of the company's goals, market, USP, strategy, and financial predictions in one document. For rapid reference, investor pitches, or internal communication, a one-page plan may be an effective tool because of its clear and brief overview of the business's direction and goals. It fills the role of a strategic plan but needs more depth of a comprehensive business plan.


How do you write a business idea on one page?


To write your business idea on one page, focus on capturing the key elements concisely. Start with a clear, compelling vision highlighting your organization's purpose and impact. Describe your target market and customer needs, followed by a brief description of your unique value proposition. Include an overview of your business model, revenue streams, and marketing strategy.


Finally, we present financial projections and snapshots of key milestones. Keep your language clear and concise, and ensure each section contains essential information to communicate your ideas effectively.