How would you like it if the path to success were revealed to you? A map that not only points you in the direction of maximum benefits but also warns you against malicious activities?


The solution is a thoroughly researched action priority matrix template! It acts as a guide that identifies your team's profitable activities and warns against harmful risks and investments.




Using an action priority matrix, an organization's ongoing or future activities are analyzed by plotting them against the efforts required and the impact expected. By weighing these two parameters for different organizational activities on this X-Y plane, prioritization of tasks is done for the team to execute.


For instance, let’s look at a sample template.


Priority ranking action matrix sample of PPT


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This PPT layout provides a clear picture of how you should go about your pursuits by classifying tasks as small quick wins, no-brainers, major projects, and not worth it. When you distribute responsibilities under these four sections, the team can focus better on their priorities and aim for fruitful results. 


Note: An Eisenhower matrix is sometimes used in place of an action priority matrix, as both serve the purpose of aligning tasks based on their urgency and importance. This matrix additionally helps in time management, especially when prioritizing tasks. So you can say that it serves a broader purpose.


Now that we have seen a sample action priority matrix template, let's explore the coming up eleven best PPT designs to help efficiently manage tasks and thereby achieve goals.


Template1: Action Priority Matrix PowerPoint Template Bundle


A compilation of 9 matrices in this 15-slide PPT presentation will serve you well in aligning activities per their priorities and impact level. The diversity will allow you to identify tasks with scattered map look, sectional look, or post-it note look embedded in the four sections. This is a delightful template and serves its purpose efficiently and powerfully. Download it right away!


Action Priority Matrix PowerPoint PPT Template Bundles


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Template 2: Action Priority Matrix Presentation


Delve a layer further while prioritizing tasks with this action priority matrix presentation. This PPT layout set offers a spectrum of diagrams, including matrices, graphs, upward pyramids, and infographics. It will provide an in-depth understanding of why prioritization needs to be done. A sectional matrix diminishes the actual priorities among its sections. This PPT compilation will come in handy by aligning more than four activities in their correct order of execution. Hurry, download this utilitarian design now!


Action Priority Triangle Grid Speedometer Pyramid Matrix Scales


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Template 3: Action Priority Matrix With Impact and Urgency


If you are looking for a single slide to map and prioritize your organizational activities, this PPT layout will do you wonders. With this template, you can not only classify activities under the four stipulated regions but go a step further in ranking them within each region, such as high priority, can delegate, and can postpone. The map tracer will help you identify the exact precedence of tasks to be done, and you can draw a more accurate alignment of your day-to-day tasks. Download this versatile design now!


Action priority matrix with impact and urgency


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Template 4: Action Priority Matrix for Business Management


Time to manage business tasks with this practical PPT design. Assign labels to four different tasks: do immediately, plan to do asap, delegate, and eliminate/postpone. List all organizational activities under these categories to understand how you should go about doing them. It is a vividly designed PPT layout waiting to be used. 


Action priority matrix for business management


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Template 5: Action Matrix to Prioritize or Determine the Impact of Action


Here is a scattered matrix layout to cover your organization's ongoing and futuristic activities. The circular pointers for individual tasks can be identified via color-coded indexing placed beside the matrix. There is no need to wait around and pass on this template; download it from the link below!


Action matrix to prioritize or determine the impact of action


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Template 6: Action Priority Matrix With Impact and Effort


This is another practical and easy-to-edit template with which you can categorize tasks as quick wins, fill-ins, major projects, and hard logs. These four sections are segregated and under each label, you can enlist major responsibilities at stake. Furthermore, you can elaborate on executing these four categories of tasks in the sideways index section. Explore this template through the download link below.


Action priority matrix with impact and effort


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Template 7: Action Priority Matrix List Notes


Here is another action priority matrix template variant that creatively lets you assort activities as list notes. This will build the interest in what you want to convey and is an excellent template when there aren’t enough tasks to clutter a single layout. Still, you can alter the color, alignment, and even the number of notes under the four sections. Classify tasks based on their urgency and importance with this PPT design. Download now!


Action priority matrix list notes


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Template 8: 4x4 Priority Matrix Chart for Project Team


Here is a simple yet effective design for displaying your project priorities to the team. Plot tasks according to their urgency and importance within the color-coded quadrants of this action priority matrix template. Download this editable slide now!


4x4 priority matrix chart for project team


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Template 9: Importance Matrix With Task Priority Management


This is another PPT diagram to showcase your project priorities in an organized manner. Assort tasks under important and urgent constraints and add side comments to share your plan of action, particularly their execution. Download this comprehensive PPT slide now!


Importance matrix with task priority management


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Template 10: Action Priority Matrix PPT Template


This is another bold PPT layout to classify your activities and convey them effectively to your team. Additionally, you can highlight the other key features of the four quadrants, like duration, investment, ROI, etc., to present the basis of your classification. Visit the link to download this PPT layout below!


Action priority matrix quick wins PPT PowerPoint presentation outline ideas


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Template 11: Action Priority Matrix Tasks PPT


Here is the final creative design for this session to organize your activities. Enlighten your teammates on the expected ROIs, investments, etc, via these four major groups to help them better direct their efforts and efficiency. Download this impressive design now!


Action priority matrix tasks PPT PowerPoint presentation inspiration infographics


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Download from our collection of 11 best action priority matrix templates and begin simplifying your day-to-day activities. Our PPT designs are of top-notch quality and completely editable for individuals and organizations to mold however they like. So without further ado, explore now!


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