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Best Templates to Strengthen Your Employer Branding; Attract and Retain The Best Talent

Best Templates to Strengthen Your Employer Branding; Attract and Retain The Best Talent

Deepika Dhaka

Deepika Dhaka

August 10 2022

The most talented members of the workforce either create their own niche businesses or settle for nothing but the best as their employer. An illustration of this is that the job-seekers for today hunt for a vacancy over the internet through search keywords as below:


  1. Best company to work for in 2022
  2. Fortune 100 best companies to work for
  3. Forbes list of the world’s best employers


For an employer looking for people who can take his/her business forward, branding is important. No wonder, Employer Branding has emerged as one of the most talked-about areas in the dynamic field of human resources.


What is Employer Branding?


Employer branding is the process of marketing your business to job seekers and internal staff. The better you are at employer branding, the more attractive and tenurable top talent you will attract and retain. This idea has permeated all industries and is on most businesses’ minds.


Edelman Trust conducted a survey in 2022, which stated, that every three of five members of the public will choose a place to work, based upon their beliefs and values. A decent salary isn’t enough; employees want to work for an employer they can be proud of—one they are glad to mention on their LinkedIn profile and talk to their friends about.


A latest LinkedIn report states, “The number one obstacle in the application process is not knowing what it’s like to work at an organization.” It’s true that unless you know someone on the inside, it’s tough to comprehend what life is like behind closed corporate doors. As a result, individuals seek out company reports, the website, and social media to make a more informed decision.


They’re most likely to read comments about your company on sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and Monster, among others since, employee reviews are perceived to be three times more trustworthy than the company itself.


A 360-degree look into organizational culture, employees, pay range, stories, and overall workplace experience is only a click away. As a result, it has become critical for businesses to maintain their reputation as the place to work in.


How is Employer Branding Done?


If you are struggling to maintain a positive employer reputation in your industry or maintain some level of employer branding, you have come to the right place. SlideTeam has a helpful solution to offer in the form of PowerPoint templates to structure efficient employer branding strategies.


Employer Branding Templates


We will walk you through a PPT complete deck that combines the best recruitment marketing and human resource practices for acquiring and retaining talent. With this employer branding PPT template, you can save your time and effort and occupy a niche where talent comes scouting for you.


We are sure you can’t wait to explore it now. Let’s begin!


Slide 1: Employer Branding Strategy Template


Consider this slide to develop marketing strategies to enhance your company’s image as a great employer. Four strategies to do this are:


  • Start a company blog
  • Do more than just compensation
  • Hire diversity
  • Use diversified media channels


It also lists activities needed to make each method a success. Download it now!


Employer Branding Strategy Template


Download this presentation


Slide 2: Employer Branding Factors PPT Template


This PowerPoint presentation discusses elements that your company must consider while enhancing employer branding. It covers the topics of advocacy, culture, values, and more. The relevance of each is also showcased. You can use this PPT slide as your guide to achieving the desired outcomes.


Employer Branding Factors PPT Template


Download this presentation


Slide 3: Employer Branding Framework Template


Before you start working with recruitment marketing, you should establish a framework for it. This slide can help you increase brand recognition and exposure and conveys your corporate culture. It encourages employers to promote their brands via job websites, applications, social media, and other channels. Get started now!


Employer Branding Framework Template


Download this presentation


Slide 4: Employer Branding Tips PPT Sample


This PowerPoint presentation is ideal for getting some fantastic reputation-building advice. It offers valuable suggestions to arouse interest, leading to job-seekers enquiring about your firm. Using this PPT template also gives you insights on things you may overlook throughout your hiring process. Recruitment marketing strategy results when this template is understood and displayed. Get it now!


Employer Branding Tips PPT Sample


Download this presentation


Slide 5: Employer Branding Process Template


Here’s an important slide if you are struggling with defining the process for building your employer brand. The five-step guide answers the key question of How do you create an Employer Brand? The five steps are:


  • Become a familiar name through advertising or sponsorships, based on your budget
  • Write and design an Employer Value Proposition
  • Employee engagement
  • Audit your brand
  • Recruitment marketing

This PPT template guides you on creating an effective and full-fledged employer branding process to get started right away!


Employer Branding Process Template


Download this presentation


Slide 6: Employer Branding Implementation Framework PPT Template


Employer branding planning, development, and execution is not a simple process. Here we present a creative PPT design to serve as a guide for putting it all together. This slide provides an overview of the procedure for the correct and result-oriented implementation of plans.


Grab it today and see the difference manifest in better talent acquisition and retention!


Employer Branding Implementation Framework PPT Template


Download this presentation


Slide 7: Employer Branding Framework Template


Use this PPT design to highlight the elements of your recruitment marketing and branding. It includes components based on the three variables:


  • Things you can control
  • Things you directly influence
  • Things you indirectly influence


Grab this slide right away to enhance your image as an employer and get yourself included on the top employer list when people search for “The best company to join.”


Employer Branding Framework Template..


Download this presentation


Slide 8: Culture and Advocacy PowerPoint Template


Here’s a very important slide that entails the need for advocacy, diversity & inclusion, and culture in improving your brand as an employer. This PPT template showcases values, beliefs, and principles that your organization adopts to promote a healthy workplace. It is a must-have template and design to create awareness about your employer brand.


Culture and Advocacy PowerPoint Template


Download this presentation


Employees who are pleased and motivated with their job can drive your business to higher profitably and earn some goodwill as well; they inspire others and spread a positive atmosphere. A happy work environment is one in which people do meaningful work in a corporate culture that encourages creativity, responsibility, and trust. Investing in establishing a pleasant working environment for your employees is critical.


You can make a move in this direction with the download of any or all of these stunning templates on Employer Branding. All these slides are content-ready, easy to edit and incorporate the latest and proven industry research.


P.S. If you want to provide Diversity & Inclusion training for corporate employees here’s a complete guide with some amazing training material.


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