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Top 10 Corporate Training Templates to Upraise Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Top 10 Corporate Training Templates to Upraise Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Kritika Saini

Kritika Saini

January 6 2021

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” - Benjamin Franklin

After pouring thousands of hours into mentoring, teaching, and documenting, the members of senior management in a company often wonder — what if they train an employee, and the latter just leaves after that? Would all the money and effort be a waste of time? If so, why train them then? 


The answer to this rumination is simple — train the employees well and keep them suitably engaged. And they will not leave you! In fact, to boost comprehension ten folds, try engaging in different approaches to corporate training. The returns from a well-trained employee will be far more substantial than the monetary investment. 


Let us have a bird’s-eye view of corporate training


Corporate training, more recently known as workplace learning, is a system of professional activities designed to train and educate employees. It not only helps employers but also is beneficial for employees as it helps them hone their skills and acclimatize to progress professionally and personally. 


Running corporate training in a large organization is the duty of the learning and development/training department and, in the smaller organizations, that of the human resource department. Employees are the powerhouse behind any organization’s actions. So it is important to identify their training needs; develop a training program for them; and make it available to them.


Corporate training often initiates a robust relationship between the employees and the company. Still, many businesses are not aware of its actual importance.


Some vital benefits of a good training program


  • Increases efficiency: Training programs help employees work effectively in their current roles and prepare them for future ones. It’s a lucrative measure for a company’s growth. 
  • Imbibes motivation: It helps teams and departments to unite as an organizational structure. It helps the employees understand how their job roles contribute to the overall mission and goals of the company. 
  • Reduces turnover: Young professionals of today crave more than a paycheck. They look for professional development opportunities; flexibility; and a sense of purpose. With training programs, a company can provide satisfaction and motivation to employees and keep them engaged and productive. 
  • Strengthens corporate culture: Jack up the corporate values and strategy of your company by providing high-quality training. Showcase the prospects (jobseekers, investors) that your organization is willing to invest in its staff over a long period of time. 
  • Addresses internal weaknesses: Lack of internal awareness in an organization is hazardous for any employee. Corporate training overcomes this and educates the employees to avoid any internal issues. It also helps the employees become part of a sharing environment and learn from their superiors (or peers). 

Better-trained employees make more productive team members, and as a result, serve the customers best. So design your employee training strategy with our well-structured 10 corporate training templates. Increase the return on investment, with the implementation of a stellar training and development program. 


Let us explore them one by one!

Template 1

Help your employees strengthen their skills and knowledge with this corporate training plan template. This layout will also help you remove any weak links which rely heavily on other employees for basic tasks. Therefore, download instantly and edit conveniently.


Corporate Training Plan Template PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Corporate Training Plan Template 

Template 2

Roadmaps make each training session resonate more with the audience and reduce the need to restrain. Select this template to substantially increase the employee’s interest in learning, and improve their future growth within the company. Pick the template and manipulate it for precision.


Roadmap Template For Corporate Training Sessions Proposal PPT Templates

Download Roadmap Template For Corporate Training Sessions 

Template 3

Training a corporate workforce is one of the most critical investments that an organization can make. Choose this template design to develop online learning guides for in-person training meetings. Download the presentation slide and step up your training game!


Corporate Development Training Solutions PPT Slide Templates

Download Corporate Development Training Solutions

Template 4

This is yet another corporate training template that can be used to establish leadership. Teach effective ways to the superiors so that they can give feedback to their peers or subordinates. Add methods that can motivate the employee and increase their skill level. Download and deploy! 


Corporate Leadership Training Sample PPT Slide Template

Download Corporate Leadership Training Sample Ppt Slide Template

Template 5

If the employees of an organization receive relevant training, they will deliver better results and, thus, improve the company’s bottom line. Download this easy-to-edit template design to help your employees get equal access to the information. 


Corporate Business Training PPT PowerPoint Presentation Infographic Template

Download Corporate Business Training PPT PowerPoint Presentation Infographic Template

Template 6

Diversity training is crucial for the success of every organization. Pick this corporate diversity training template and train your employees to become more aware of unconscious bias, and other barriers to diversity and inclusion. 


Corporate Diversity Training PPT PowerPoint Presentation Summary Template

Download Corporate Diversity Training PPT PowerPoint Presentation Summary Template 

Template 7

A company is the sum of all the activities that each employee performs individually. Ensure smooth execution of the training process by using a 6-month roadmap. Download this template to ensure transparency and precision in the execution stage of the process. 


6 Months Roadmap For Corporate Training Execution

Download 6 Months Roadmap For Corporate Training Execution

Template 8

Attract your clients to take your training company’s services by picking this corporate training workshop template design. Exhibit the pointers that your company includes like the provision of training for company development; a new project; or an incumbent issue in the company work ethic. Download and attract customers!


Corporate Training Workshop Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Download Corporate Training Workshop Proposal PowerPoint Templates Presentation Slides

Template 9

This is another proposal design that can be used for collecting funds and taking approvals. Pick the template and help your employees to ameliorate their personal and professional performance.


Corporate Training Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Download Corporate Training Proposal PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Template 10

It is paramount to take the right training investment. A well-trained sales team can generate better opportunities, which, in turn, can increase the returns for the company. So download this corporate sales template and train your sales team. 


Corporate Sales Training PPT PowerPoint Presentation

Download Corporate Sales Training PPT PowerPoint Presentation 


It is time to empower your employees; boost their productivity; and establish satisfaction. Pick different blended learning methods, and incorporate them in these well-crafted corporate training templates to establish process consistency and cost-effectiveness in your company. Train well and reap success! 


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  1. Charry
    Amazing Thanks for sharing such an amazing article. Now, this is called 100% use of the brain. I would like to see more.
    1. Kritika Saini
      Hi Charry, Thanks for appreciating our Blog. Stay tuned for more!
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