We have all hooked ourselves to fitness tracker apps to get in shape. The cherry on the cake is the opportunity to track all our daily physical activity. It helps you burn those calories, drop those pounds, and watch your progress. The regular reminders on your watch or smartphone are too helpful to miss.


Similarly, keeping a record of your day-to-day workplace activities is essential to building forward-moving habits and creating the belief and expectation to achieve your goals. Daily Activity Reports have become a piece of solid evidence to measure your daily performance and the much-needed quality, keeping stakeholders informed about what is going on in the office. These reports are helpful for individuals, team leaders, managers, HR, and many others to keep a tab on the daily work done.


Streamline the preparation of team reports and instill responsibility in your workplace with our exclusive Daily Report Templates.


Daily activity reports include the date and time of the information, a summary of the activity performed during the day,

list completed and pending tasks etc., to provide more visibility to business operations.


This blog provides you with the critical ingredients of a perfect daily activity report to track variables in your business. Use SlideTeam’s list of ‘Must Have Daily Activity Report Templates’ as a one-stop shop to assess performance, work routine, and completion of projects. These templates will help you set and consistently achieve realistic goals.


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The 100% customizable nature of the templates provides you with the flexibility to edit your presentations. The content-ready slides give you the much-needed structure.


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Template 1: Marketing Employee Daily Activity Report PPT

Need a daily update on marketing? Use this PPT Template to track team success against marketing objectives. This well-structured marketing daily report is an excellent resource for the business to gain an overview of the finished and rolled over activities scheduled for the next week. These reports are valuable for integrating data from marketing teams in real-time to demonstrate performance outcomes. With this download, you get a current marketing report anytime. Get it now!


Marketing employee daily activity report


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Template 2: Six-Value Automated Daily Activity Report Template

Use this PPT Template to create a visual record of your daily activities at work to detect and remove process bottlenecks. This template visualizes an employee's hours worked. Employ this presentation to emphasize work priorities, projects, meetings, and timelines in reports dependent on end-user needs. This is an excellent tool for managers to find pertinent information and eliminate repetitive chores or intake. Download now!


6 value automated daily activity report diagram infographic template


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Template 3: Daily Activity Report and Time Record for Employees PPT

Use this PPT Template to track your employees’ everyday activity. This slide comprises activities, total hours worked, approved overtime hours, sick leave hours, yearly leave hours, and other hours to summarize how employees spend their time every day. It provides a straightforward and rapid summary of the activity record to increase productivity. Evaluate these activity records to make the most effective use of your employees’ talents. Save it now!


Daily activity report and time record for employees


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Template 4: Daily Business Activity Planner Report PPT

Obtain the most fantastic tool for tracking your everyday performance. Get a complete list of the daily activities scheduled at work with this PPT Template. This one-pager covers daily project status, scheduled events, today's schedule, emergent tasks, supporting tasks, and remarks to be considered for organizational and operational tasks. Use this presentation to hold each person accountable for their efforts and project development. This download lets you track team performance and pinpoint areas that want action. Download now!


Daily business activity planner report presentation report infographic ppt pdf document


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Speed up your reporting system.

Daily activity reports (DAR) are the finest instrument for tracking each employee’s progress and successes, assessing employee productivity in the workplace, and monitoring employees' adherence to set regulations and procedures. Use SlideTeam's PPT Templates to provide daily job specifics or as a reference for the employee's training and development actions.


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1.  What is the importance of a daily activity report?

A daily activity report details an individual's performance, activities, successes, and achievements throughout a workday. A company must get information about employees’ efficacy and efficiency at work.

a) These reports provide brief updates for management or stakeholders to guarantee transparency.

b) It fosters excellent communication to track project progress and efficacy. This creates a strong work ethic and excellent target acquisition.

c) It allows the team to collaborate on many levels. It delivers an accurate estimation of current and future task.


2. What is a daily activity report in security?

Daily activity reports in security are a compendium of daily activity reports, incident reports, repair requests, truck logs, and a slew of other information. Security personnel or guards update these reports at regular intervals of time or shift-change. These reports include:

a) The officers’ time on/off duty.

b) Shift-change information.

c) Record every activity throughout the shift, including regular patrols.

d) Any unusual behavior or activity.


3. How do you write a daily activity report?

a) Determine your target audience before deciding what content to provide.

b) Your report should be easy to read and absorb. It should contain a title, summary/abstract of the report's content, tasks assigned, completed, or scheduled, and conclusion or suggestion.

c) Summarize the pertinent facts in clear, formal language.

d) Proofread your report to remove any extraneous material and ensure it is as efficient and effective as possible.