Even global bellwethers like Apple faced some after-effects of the recent re-emergence of Coronavirus cases in China, and subsequently in some other parts of the world. With Apple's supply chains structure all about outsourcing and collaborations, the rise of the virus disrupted the supply chain management of the company.


There were shortages in chips, lower willingness and availability of third-party vendors to deliver manufactured phones to the store, poor communication, etc.


All this meant that the launch of the 14-iPhone series was delayed.


If it can happen to Apple, it can happen to your business as well, the threat of supply chain disruptions.


Therefore, it is vital to restructure your supply chain management periodically and be ready to cope up with unprecedented times to smoothen the process and deliver goods to the customers with efficiency.


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Supply Chain Strategy Templates to Optimize Operations


Corona cases are increasing. Looking at the sequence of events in the 2019, it can affect businesses this time too. Thus, it is crucial for you to be pre-warned and proactively curate a strategy that simplifies the supply chain management for your business. Take this time as an opportunity to revamp the supply chain strategy to keep your company's operations up and running. SlideTeam brings you content-ready and custom-made supply chain strategy PowerPoint Templates to emphasize every phase of the supply chain and restructure these, if needed. Whether it is sourcing goods, logistics, delivery, customer service, etc., deploy SlideTeam's actionable PowerPoint Slides and outline an action plan to meet your customers' expectations with your exceptional services in the tough times.


Browse the collection below and craft a robust supply chain strategy for your business.


Let's begin!


Template 1: Supply Chain Management Strategy PowerPoint Template

This ready-made PowerPoint Template is showingcasing ways to curate a robust supply chain strategy for the business. This PowerPoint includes steps and methods for building a flexible logistics strategy that brings business. Use this ready-made PowerPoint Template to highlight problems that your company faces in terms of supply chain and showcase some valuable solutions to curb gaps. This PowerPoint Template also highlights logistics planning process for smooth functioning of operations. Download now!


Supply Chain Management PPT Template


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Template 2: Supply Chain Performance Framework PPT Slide

Want your team to understand the supply chain system? Grab this ready to use PowerPoint Template and use it to showcase to your team the complete framework of the supply chain. This PowerPoint Slide lists supply chain strategies and KPIs that exhibit internal processes and functions. Incorporate this flexible and predesigned PowerPoint graphic and educate your audience on supply chain management and create a well-structured system for your business that increases revenue and growth. To know more, click on supply chain kpi powerpoint templates


Supply Chain Performance PPT Template


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Template 3: Supply Chain Strategy PowerPoint Template

Want to outpace your competitors in this digital era? Use this professional and appealing PowerPoint Template and demonstrate ways to gain a competitive edge in the market with the streamlining and upgrade of your supply chain strategy. This ready-made PowerPoint Slide showcases techniques that can help you improve your digital presence and smoothen the supply chain to improve your products, services, and customer value. Deploy this PPT Diagram to engage your audience. Download now!


Supply Chain PowerPoint Diagram


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Template 4:  Customer-Oriented Supply Chain Strategy Template

Looking for ways to improve the customer satisfaction? This is a content-ready PowerPoint Template to provide end-to-end visibility on your supply chain, highlighting loopholes and inefficiencies in your system. Grab this actionable PowerPoint Slide and use it to optimize shipping processes and better-quality control to attract more customers. This ready to use PowerPoint Diagram is perfect to help you outline strategies that allow you to develop a supply chain system that caters to customers’ expectations. Download now!


Supply Chain Strategy PowerPoint Slide


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Template 5: Inventory and Supply Chain Strategy Structure PowerPoint Template

Here is another PowerPoint Template to develop effective plans and strategies for efficient supply chain operations. Grab this predesigned PowerPoint Diagram to create a well-defined supply chain plan that improves your enterprise’s performance and productivity. This ready to use PowerPoint Slide outlines a supply chain and inventory structure to streamline the planning, design, control, and execution of business activities associated with your organization’s distribution and other sales functions. Grab this PPT template and manage the movement of products and services across locations. Download now!


Supply Chain Structure PPT Slide


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Template 6: Supply Chain Strategy PPT Template

Want to create a supply chain management ppt for your business? With this professional and appealing PowerPoint Template, walk your audience through the key points of the supply chain and develop a system that brings revenue and improve customer value for your business. This PowerPoint Diagram highlights major elements that play vital role in streamlining the processes of bringing products to the market and delivering them to customers. Deploy this ready to use PPT Slide to develop a robust supply chain strategy for your organization. Download now!


Supply Chain Strategy PPT Diagram


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Template 7: Logistics and Supply Chain PowerPoint Template

Showcase variables of international logistics strategy and outline a transparent supply chain strategy using this actionable PPT Template. This PowerPoint Slide highlights components of a logistics strategy to assist companies in coordinating plans, objectives, and policies. These components are international sale, international output, and international network. Use this ready-made PowerPoint Slide and streamline your global logistics network for smooth delivery of goods. Download now!


Logistics and Supply Chain PowerPoint Template


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Template 8: Supply Chain Management Strategy Template

This is a content-ready PowerPoint Template to help you simplify the phases of the supply chain strategy. Use this actionable PowerPoint Slide and walk your audience through sourcing of goods, logistics, delivery, etc. This professional and appealing PPT Slide showcases steps to outline a plan for running the supply chain operation with efficiency. Incorporate this ready to use PowerPoint Diagram to increase your financial success by escalating your supply chain function. Download now!


Enterprise Inventory and Supply Chain PPT Template


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Template 9: Supply Management Strategy PowerPoint Template

Here is another PowerPoint Template to help you create and deliver products for the consumers. It is a predesigned PPT Slide showcasing elements of the supply chain management strategy to grab audience’s attention towards your products and services. Increase your consumer reach and improve your sales by streamlining your company’s supply chain management strategy. Download now!


Elements of Supply Chain Strategy PPT Template


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Template 10: Key Supply Chain Strategy PowerPoint Template

This is a content-ready PowerPoint Template to create a centralized system to smoothen the processes that transforms raw materials into final products and efficient delivery of goods. Deploy this actionable PPT Slide and use it to outline strategies to drive customer value, improve responsiveness, and build a network. This is a ready-made PowerPoint Slide to curate an action plan for your business that helps you reach consumers faster and facilitate financial success. Download now!


Supply Chain Strategy PowerPoint Layout


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Supply chain management helps businesses stay afloat and drive success by reaching consumers in every corner of the world. Thus, it is essential that you develop supply chain strategies and streamline its functions to deliver premium goods and services to the customers. From collecting raw material to manufacturing the products, supply chain also improves efficiency, quality, minimizes costs, and delivers best possible experience to the audience. Therefore, deploy SlideTeam’s content-ready and custom-made PowerPoint Templates to up notch up the scale of your supply chain management and grow your business.


PS: Browse this exclusive guide to learn the top hacks for supply chain risk management for smooth and effective logistics operations.

FAQs on Supply Chain Management


What are the goals of supply chain management?


A supply chain strategy outlines the journey of your product, from pre-production to the moment it makes its space in the market, and finally in the hands of the consumers. It highlights activities such as production, supplier management, inventory management, and transportation. Building an effective supply chain management strategy improves the efficiency and value of your product’s journey. A strategic supply chain management consolidate shipments and reduces transport costs to ensure deliveries can be made faster. Other than this, the primary benefits of a supply chain management are:


  • Reduce costs by improving the processes efficiency
  • Build better relationships by working closely with suppliers
  • Drive bigger profits by cutting costs


What are the functions of supply chain management?


Supply chain management is about operations that involve procurement of raw material, it transformation into finished goods, and distribution of these products to consumers. A robust supply chain management helps you maintain a balance between demand and supply. The five functions of supply chain management provide you with an insight on ways to improve the efficiency of your operations. These are:


  • Purchasing
  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Resource management
  • Information workflow


What is a supply chain planning?


Supply chain planning is a forward-looking process of collaborating and coordinating processes to optimize the delivery of goods, services, and information from supplier to customer, balancing supply and demand. It is about ensuring that the chain of business operations can functional seamlessly, with little storage or other costs being added on to ecosystem. As times have evolved, it is have become imperative to include elements of environmental sustainability to the operations of supply chains as well.