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Top 20 Business Continuity Plan Templates To Tide Over The COVID Crisis

Top 20 Business Continuity Plan Templates To Tide Over The COVID Crisis

Parul Arya

Parul Arya

January 15 2021

Flash floods in Indonesia, volcanic eruption in the Philippines, explosion in Beirut, and whatnot! The list of natural disasters in the year 2020 was nothing short of unending. But the calamity that truly emerged as the vexing constant was the COVID-19 pandemic. This unusual disaster, which has carried forward its devastating hues into 2021 as well, has throttled lives as well as the business spectrum entirely. Small businesses have come to a halt and global economies have nosedived.


But despite the shutdowns and restrictions, organizations have already started gearing up to hit their missions. And how? By reinventing their business continuity plans, or BCP for short. And since there is uncertainty on how long the pandemic will last, for businesses, much depends on effective and proactive strategizing for the virtual work culture. And BCPs are the only reliable option to do that. But first, let us know what BCP entails. 


Business Continuity Plan


Every other organization has a business continuity plan framework which minimizes risks that occur due to a crisis. It majorly outlines some protocols for continued business functionality during and after a threat. In a nutshell, BCP is a process to mitigate risks associated with the destruction of a myriad business operations. It covers every aspect of the business, including employee safety, operation management, client relationship, customer engagement, communication strategy, human resource functionality, and many other activities. 


BCP requires extensive steps. From business impact analysis to plan and recovery strategies, the protocols will become even more crucial. Though businesses are reeling from the disruptions, they can still deploy business continuity plans to get ahead of the pandemic. Therefore, this blog offers a carefully-curated list of our 20 most downloaded business continuity plan templates using which you can devise the new protocols and share them with the respective authorities to avoid further risks. Whether you run a small enterprise or an organization, our templates will assist you throughout. The impeccable designs and valuable content in the templates will leave your viewers in awe!


So without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the business continuity plan templates!

Top 20 Business Continuity Plan Templates To Download And Use

Template 1

This visually-appealing template helps entrepreneurs create an effective plan that works even during the time of the pandemic. The deck consists of editable slides with informative content and suitable graphics. You can apply this template to your business presentations to let your employees know the importance of business continuity strategies. In a few clicks, you can get access to this deck with which the creation of a proactive plan will become even more effective.


Business Continuity Plan
Download Business Continuity Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 2

This business continuity plan template has been designed by our experts with utmost care and perfection. The deck comes in a fully-customizable format where you can edit colors, content, and fonts as per your convenience. You can cover the various topics in BCP like disaster management, scenario planning, hazards control, etc. By utilizing the template, you can elaborate on these topics and share them with your fellow employees.


Effective Business Continuity Plan
Download Effective Business Continuity Plan PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 3

Take the assistance of this template to make viewers aware of the business continuity plan. This content-ready template comes with magnificent images and attractive colors that make your content stand out. Also, there is relevant content stored in the deck about the topic. All you need to do is download the template and start personalizing it right away.


Business Continuity Planning
Download Business Continuity Planning PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 4

Take advantage of this slide and tick mark all the empty checkboxes of your business continuity strategies. In this, you can discuss with your bosses how to re-organize business operations during a crisis for better results. Use advanced features and highlights to make your information even more interesting.


Business Continuity Planning Example
Download Business Continuity Planning Example Of PPT

Template 5

Incorporate this template into your presentation and give spectators a brief overview of the business continuity framework. The slide comes with enough text room for you to write about the advantages of BCP and why it needs to be implemented in every business. Jot down innovative plans in this template that act as a permanent fixture for your business.


Business Continuity Policy Framework

Business Continuity Policy Framework Management PPT

Template 6

Employ this readily-available template to showcase the business continuity plans effectively. In this, you can add different backgrounds to enhance the look of your subject. Moreover, the template can be used to educate the viewers on how to manage risks during a crisis. 


Business Continuity Management

Download Business Continuity Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 7

Utilize this deck to portray key steps that ensure business continuity plan during and post the pandemic. With this template, you can talk about the core subjects like risk management, disaster management, disaster recovery, and many more. Also, the deck consists of 46 editable slides with amazing designs and graphics that make your content more attractive.


Audit Of Business Continuity

Download Audit Of Business Continuity Management PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 8

Create an outstanding presentation to let viewers know how to tackle threats and ensure organizational safety during the crisis. The deck consists of informative content, but you can modify it as per your understanding. Keep the topics of business continuity management well organized by incorporating our ready-to-use template.


BCM Framework

Download BCM Framework PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 9

Take the assistance of our template to present a well-defined business continuity audit report before your bosses. You can adjust the deck according to your needs and start tweaking the content with ease. Download this visually-appealing template and present your information with confidence.


BCP Audit

Download BCP Audit Scope And Objectives PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Template 10

Devise business continuity plans to avoid post-COVID-19 consequences. In this slide, you can bring to the table the topics like security management and disaster recovery. You can tweak the content of this slide as per your business needs. 


Three Level Business Continuity Planning

Download Use Three Level Business Continuity Planning PPT Slides

Template 11

Use this template to showcase the measures that help reduce the COVID-19 impacts on business activities. You can use the impeccable features present in the template to enhance the look and feel of your presentation. 


Business Continuity Planning

Download Business Continuity Planning Against COVID 19

Template 12

Take the assistance of this template to focus on flexible work arrangements amid coronavirus outbreak. You can edit the colors, fonts, and content as per your convenience and make your subject visually strong.


Business Continuity Plans

Download Business Continuity Plans Determining PPT

Template 13

Keep your information well structured and share it with your colleagues by utilizing our engaging business continuity plan template. In this, you can cover a myriad topics involved in business continuity management. 


Business Continuity Plan

Download Business Continuity Plan Showing Business Impact Analysis

Template 14

Business continuity plans help your companies get prepared for unexpected threats. In this template, you can formulate the BCP strategies and implement them to make your business secure. The slide comes with ample space where you can jot down the BCP steps conveniently.


Business Continuity Plan Steps

Download Business Continuity Plan Steps PPT

Template 15

This customizable template consists of a four-stage diagram in which you can showcase the sub-topics of your business continuity plan. In every box, you can tweak the content that matches with your BCP framework perfectly. You can place the background of your choice in this slide to make your subject more attractive.


Business Continuity Planning

Download Business Continuity Planning PPT

Template 16

Take the assistance of this slide to create a presentation on a threat recovery strategy. You can share this information with your colleagues and explain to them the need for BCP adaptation. Use the different features present in this slide to make your subject more interesting.


Business Continuity Plan

Download Business Continuity Plan Showing Risk Analysis Recovery Strategy

Template 17

By utilizing this template, you can mention the steps that show how your organization will supply goods and services to the customers during the crisis. Make your information professional and understandable that it holds everyone’s attention at once.


Business Continuity Plan

Download Business Continuity Plan To Ensure Supplies To Customers

Template 18

Incorporate this template into your presentation to show viewers the purpose of implementing the BCP framework. In this, you can highlight the BCP policy elements and write their descriptions with ease. Download this slide and get your work done instantly.


Business Continuity Policy

Download Business Continuity Policy Framework Roles And Responsibilities

Template 19

Use this template to design an outstanding BCP model for the wellness of your organization. The slide comes with attractive icons for you to display the effective measures your company will take to tackle the crisis outcomes. Modify the colors and fonts of the slide as per your choice to make your content more recognizable.


Business Continuity Plan Model

Download Business Continuity Plan Model Corporate Wellness

Template 20

Improvise your business continuity plans to overcome the pandemic situation effectively. In this slide, you can portray the steps that help you recover from the innumerable disruptions caused by the crisis. Use the slide to organize each BCP steps chronologically so that your viewers can easily understand them. 


Business Continuity Planning

Download Business Continuity Planning To Overcome Pandemic Situation


COVID-19 has brought business processes under scrutiny. And to get ahead of this situation, organizations need to formulate thorough and well-organized business continuity plans. You can devise an effective BCP framework and share them with your colleagues by using our professionally-designed business continuity plan templates. Go ahead and grab the templates! 


Our experts have also designed some impeccable risk management templates that help your business grow in unprecedented times. Just have a look and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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